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Appendix:Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity walkthrough/Chapter 1

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... ...
... ... ...
Wh-where... I...?
... ... ...
Is this...a dream...?
Am I... Am I dreaming...?

Those are the opening words of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. A voice asked if you are a human and asked you to save the Pokémon world. You then heard someone screaming for help and saw Munna being chased by Hydreigon. After selecting your character, you enter a hole and fall from the sky to the ground. You wake up dizzy and confused, as you hear another Pokémon calling you. After selecting your partner and explaining your situation to him, your partner realised that he had forgotten an important meeting. He enlisted your help to get through Ragged Mountain.

Ragged Mountain

When you and your partner arrives, your partner saw that the bridge had collapsed. Thus the only way is the go through the cavern. After going through the cavern and arriving at the plateau, you find a tree trunk. Interacting with the tree trunk will cause the tree trunk to collapse, forming a bridge for you and your partner to walk over.

Pokémon list

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
572 Minccino 2, 4 3 Unrecruitable
574 Gothita 2, 4 2 Unrecruitable

Post Town

After clearing the dungeon, you and your partner arrived at a barren wasteland. Your partner decided to buy the land from Quagsire. After buying the land, you decided to join your partner.

Stony Cave

Hazy Pass

Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
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