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After completing Miracle Sea, all you'll have to do is optional jobs. After three or two, you'll want to go to the guild to pick another job, right? So when you go there, you'll realize no one is on that floor, not even Chimecho! This is quite mysterious. So, head to the next level!

You'll see the guild members crowded around three Pokémon. Your partner will wonder what's going on, and wonders why everyone's here. The two of you walk closer. Sunflora will say her famous phrase and say something's unbelievable. Bidoof is surprised that the three Pokémon they were surrounding were the real deal. Surprisingly, Loudred asks for an autograph.

Upset that everyone is leaving the two of you out of this, your partner asks Chatot who those Pokémon everyone is so in love with who they are. Chatot is extremely surprised, saying that it's "sticking its foot in its mouth again". The "lovely" trio is Team Charm, the ultrafamous treasure hunters! They've earned the Master Rank, which is reserved solely for teams of extraordinary skills at exploring. As expert treasure hunters, they've discovered numerous treasures. Moreover, they don't just find treasures--the three of them are strong, smart and beautiful. The style of their treasure hunting is enough to make them celebrities.

In the middle is Lopunny--she's the gorgeous one (ooh!) with long ears.

Next to her is the serenely elegant Gardevoir! Absentmindedly, Chatot mentions how beautiful she is. (ohh...)

Finally, there's Medicham. She moves and flows as if she's dancing all the time. Very cool!

But Chatot wonders why would Team Charm visit here. Suddenly, Wigglytuff steps out of his room, and says hi. All of the guild members and Team Charm turn around. Lopunny is surprised by happy to see Wigglytuff, as it's been a long time. Oh, Wigglytuff hasn't changed a bit, according to Lopunny. Medicham then speaks up, saying that seeing Wigglytuff as a guildmaster is amazing. Gardevoir agrees with Lopunny, saying it really has been a long time. Wigglytuff responds, asking if they have all been well.

Loudred is extremely confused, wondering why it's "Long time". That means...Sunflora speaks up, wondering if Wigglytuff has already been acquainted with Team Charm. Medicham "answers" for Wigglytuff, saying that Wigglytuff was a go-getter back in the day. Grrrowl! Then, Medicham asks how Wigglytuff is nowadays. Lopunny intervenes, saying that no one could beat him. Wigglytuff is pleased. Chatot is also very confused, asking how Wigglytuff knows the beauties of Team Charm. Well, they're Wigglytuff's friends. Friends from long ago! Lopunny backs this up, saying they were partners.

No one is pleased--instead, everyone is surprised! Chatot is extremely confused, as he could not see Wigglytuff with Team Charm. Wigglytuff and Team Charm ignore this and Wigglytuff asks why Team Charm visited. Gardevoir explains that they have an important matter. Apparently, when they were exploring a long time ago, they found a mysterious key. At the time, they didn't know what the key was for, but they've found the right place.

Medicham explains from here--they discovered a place called Aegis Cave. The key they found is a perfect fit for the keyhole in the entrance. There's more--it's said that the cave holds a vast trove of treasure. Everyone is surprised! Loudred starts the sentence, but can't complete it, so Sunflora completes it for him. Lopunny asks whether Wigglytuff still has the key or not.

Wigglytuff, on the other hand, doesn't know what key Team Charm is talking about, and said he forgot. Medicham is no longer happy and gets angry, saying that they went through a lot to get that key, and now Wigglytuff may have lost it. Gardevoir is embarrassed and says some things never change, at all. Gardevoir explains to Lopunny it's time for their gift. Lopunny agrees and gives Wigglytuff a Perfect Apple. Wigglytuff is very happy at the Perfect Apple.

Gardevoir goes back to topic. Suddenly, Wigglytuff stops jumping around (though the apple is still mysteriously bouncing), since he remembers the key they got--it was shaped like an Unown. Wigglytuff promises to go look, and goes back in his room. YOOM...TAH! A huge earthquake happens and everyone is extremely surprised. Wigglytuff gets out of his room and hands the key to Lopunny. Lopunny notices the key and says it's the one, and thanks Wigglytuff.

Lopunny then offers for Wigglytuff to join them, as it will be like old times. Wigglytuff is still thinking about the Perfect Apple. All of them sweat and Gardevoir notes that Wigglytuff really hasn't changed. Lopunny tells Wigglytuff that they'll be going now--but suddenly your partner stops them. Your partner then asks a huge favor--if the two of you can exploring with them! All of the other guild members are surprised, and Loudred, Diglett, and Sunflora want to go too. Your partner then asks if you are going to come to--the only way to complete the second storyline is to say yes, so do so. (Your partner will even exclaim "That's the right answer!")

Your partner turns back to Lopunny and pleads, and everyone follows suit. Lopunny says everyone is so earnest and adorable...and says of course! Your partner thanks them, but then Lopunny explains the drill--they'll go to the entrance and you come in after them. The cave is located south of here.

At the Entrance

When you get there, Lopunny will tell you that this is Aegis Cave. Beyond this point is unknown territory--no one has been inside. Imagine what treasures await you! Corphish mentions the huge stone in the middle of everyone. Bidoof agrees, explaining the odd shaped grooves gouged out. Medicham says there has to be a trick to it, and claims she'll solve the mystery.

Lopunny asks what your team name is. Lopunny, after hearing it from you, says that's a good name, but quickly changes the subject that they should be on their way, and says that they should see who can find the treasure first--of course, they'd be disappointed if they didn't find it first.

Aegis Cave

This dungeon is hard, but not as hard as it is long. There is mainly Unown in this dungeon. Defeating them may make them come across a stone inscription shaped like the Unown you defeated.

There are three bosses, depending on what kind of Unown you get. In order to get to Regice, you'll have to collect the I, C, and E shapes. To get to Regirock, you'll have to collect the R, O, C, and K shapes. To get to Registeel, you'll have to collect the S, T, E, E, and L shapes.

After completing the Deep Aegis Cave, you'll run into a Regigigas, who battles you, along with his four Hitmonlee and Bronzong. Information on the boss battles will be down below.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Zubat IMB1-3, RMB1-3, SMB1-4, DPB1-5 17 ?%
  Golbat IMB1-3, RMB1-3, SMB1-4, DPB1-5 46 ?%
  Machoke IMB1-3, RMB1-3, SMB1-4, DPB1-5 42 ?%
  Machamp IMB1-3, RMB1-3, SMB1-4, DPB1-5 48 ?%
  Mewtwo DPB1-5 D 50 -22% *
  Crobat DPB1-5 45 ?%
  Unown IMB1-3, RMB1-3, SMB1-4, DPB1-5 43-45 ?%
  Regirock Regirock's Room 46 -12%
  Regice Regice's Room 46 -12%
  Registeel Registeel's Room 46 -12%
  Regigigas Regigigas Chamber 49 100% Boss
  Hitmonlee Regigigas Chamber 35 Unrecruitable
  Bronzong Regigigas Chamber 35 Unrecruitable

Back at the Entrance...

You'll realize you're not the only one--Team Charm ended up there, too. Apparently, you have to solve a mystery to move ahead. Gardevoir explains the groovings are shaped like Unown. The cave is filled with Unown. Lopunny reads that if you close your eyes, you'll move ahead, but when she closes her eyes, there's nothing. She says Team Charm will move ahead.

Boss Battles

Since there are four boss battles, they will all be put separately.

At the Regice Chamber

After you check the stone at the Ice Aegis Cave, you'll be lead to stairs and lead to a Regice. If you want to go on, according to him, you must show him you have the power.


As an Ice-type, try using Fire or Fighting moves, since they are available early in the game. You should definitely bring Fighting types here, as they are good against all of the Regis. This isn't too hard, as he doesn't deal much damage, however, his HP is quite high so you probably won't be defeating him too quickly.

Back up to get with your team, and use moves like Flamethrower. When he comes close, use a Fighting move like Brick Break.

After defeating him, he'll falter, and transform into a mysterious light that envelopes you. After it seemingly goes inside of you, the "guardian" has granted his permission! You'll be lead to a similar entrance, only this one is more rocky. Suddenly, Team Charm comes up behind you!

Now, it's time to look for the rock letters!

At the Regirock Chamber

Like with the Regice Chamber, after collecting all the required Unown, the stone will explode and lead you to stairs. Also like Regice, he tells you if you want to go on, you must show him you have the power.


Bring Fighting types to cripple it. However, Water will work well here too, as well as Grass. If you don't have Fighting types, at least bring a Pokémon with Grass Knot--since he weighs rather a lot, so this should deal over 100 damage. Other than that, this isn't hard, like Regice.

Use the same strategy as before--back up, then use moves that can hit foes from a distance, such as Energy Ball or BubbleBeam.

After defeating him, he'll fall, and transform into a light that envelopes you, which makes the guardian's permission to be granted.

After defeating him, it's time to look for the steel letters!

At the Registeel Chamber

After making the stone explode again, and seeing the stairs, you'll be lead to this chamber. Like with Regice and Regirock, you have to show him that you have the power.


Since its Defense and Special Defense are high, you won't be finishing this anytime soon--all the same, attack, attack, and status if you have to. Like with all Regis, bring Fighting types. Flamethrower, Brick Break, or Earthquake would dish out heavy damage.

The previous drill will always work, though when he gets close, you should attack much more than you would have than with Regice or Regirock, since he has higher defenses.

Like with the previous Regis, he transforms into a mysterious light that goes inside of you, granting the guardian's permission. However, it's unlike before...after the barrier disappears, Team Charm will appear! All of them appear to have fainted. Lopunny asks what happened to them. Without anyone answering, Lopunny remembers--they were fighting Registeel, but then Medicham got into trouble. After that, Lopunny has no idea. Lopunny turns to you, saying that she knows you saved them, and thanks you, with Medicham adding that they owe you, as if you didn't show up in time, that would have been it for them. Gardevoir agrees, and is afraid that the three of them can never repay you for this.

Suddenly, Lopunny comes up with an idea--what if Team Charm can back you up at some point! Since it seems like Team Charm has already failed their own exploration...but then Lopunny knows what you're thinking--don't worry, Lopunny won't take your glory or the treasure. have finally made it to the Regigigas Chamber!

At the Regigigas Chamber

Your team and Team Charm have made it to this chamber. At the end of the chamber, there's a bunch of statues that look like Regigigas, standing in the middle, with Bronzong and Hitmonlee at its side. You get close when suddenly...a voice calls out!

It says: "THOSE WHO SEEK THE TREASURES SLEEPING IN THE GROUND...SHOW ALL OF YOUR POWER!" which is similar to what the previous Regis told you. Then, there's this huge flash of light and...

According to Medicham, the stone statues are alive! Lopunny turns to your team and says that you'll team up for this.


Why does he have henchmen? It's hard enough as it is (even with Team Charm). The other Regis might have been easy, but this one clearly isn't, as you have to battle the Hitmonlee and the Bronzong. It's strongly suggested you work on Regigigas first, as he has 1000+ HP, and then work on the much weaker henchmen.

If you brought Dialga with you, and use Roar of Time his henchmen are done and now all you have to worry about is Regigigas. This may seem cheap, but you'll be thanking yourself once you have the real battle.

After defeating Regigigas, you'll all cheer, however Regigigas is angered and runs after you. Upon running away, you'll go and find a new dungeon, which is called Hidden Ruins. There's not much use for this except the held items for the Regis.

After you defeat Regigigas, he'll fall, and Medicham will celebrate the victory. Yet suddenly...a red stone appears, similar to the gray stones back in the "clearings"! Lopunny wonders what it is. Gardevoir notices an inscription upon the stone marker, and you decide to read it. It says, "Close your eyes. then let your aura flow into the ground." Do as instructed...and your aura will spread to the ground!

An odd noise comes, and Regigigas reawakens. Medicham is surprised, and so is Gardevoir--Lopunny is afraid that you're in for another round. Instead, Regigigas roars and punches the ground. Medicham screams, and Gardevoir says that all of you have to get out.

After getting out, Gardevoir will ask if everyone's all right. Medicham answers for all of you, noting that everyone's here. Lopunny looks back at the cave entrance and wonders about the treasure. Quite disheartening, as Gardevoir put it. Medicham then notices something, and tells you to look at that--the game shows some ruins. According to Medicham, the ground heaved up, and a gap opened in the face of the cliff. Gardevoir thinks about the ground shaking earlier...and what the Regis were protecting--this must have been it!

Medicham jumps up and down, since she thinks that's where her treasures are, undisturbed. Lopunny thinks it's wonderful as well. Although it looked like it was a failure, it turned out to be a success after all! Medicham agrees. Gardevoir dances a bit too, but quickly stops and says the credit doesn't belong to them. Gardevoir turns to your team, and says the credit belongs entirely to your team. Medicham agrees, saying the treasure inside of those ruins all belong to you, and compares you with being Wigglytuff in the old days, and everyone laughs.

Gardevoir asks Medicham and Lopunny if they should go on their next adventure. Lopunny then turns to you to say goodbye--according to her, it was a pleasure!

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