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The Story behind Lapras and Wigglytuff

While Chatot is still recovering, the whole guild wants to know how Wigglytuff met Lapras, and how Chatot got knocked out by the Kabutops (with the help of his Omastar). Wigglytuff begins to recount...

The game shows the same picture from earlier, of Chatot looking up at Kabutops and Omastar. Then, suddenly, Chatot is seen protecting Wigglytuff from harm.

Wigglytuff explains that he scared off Kabutops and his Omastar. Apparently, when Chatot was knocked out, Wigglytuff was in a huge panic since he didn't know what to do. That's when Lapras came. According to Wigglytuff, Lapras saved Chatot's life.

The game then shows you, your partner, and Grovyle still riding on Lapras's back (it's now nighttime). Lapras is also telling you the story of Chatot, Wigglytuff, and himself, and how the three soon became good friends.

Your partner interrogates Lapras if that's how indeed Lapras and Wigglytuff met, while Lapras explains that he never intended to show himself at all, but the instant he saw Chatot knocked out he had to help. After Lapras helped, he asked Wigglytuff to keep a secret.

Back at the guild, Corphish asks Wigglytuff what the promise was. Wigglytuff said that Lapras couldn't tell what kind of Pokémon they were, or what they were planning to do, but he asked Wigglytuff to not inspect the patter on the wall. Chimecho asks the Guildmaster what Wigglytuff replied.

The game reverts back to you, your partner, and Grovyle, and Lapras is telling you Wigglytuff's answer. Wigglytuff promised to honor this favor, explaining that he owes Lapras for saving Chatot.

Your partner, even though it's pretty obvious why Lapras didn't want anyone to know, wonders why Lapras didn't want anyone to know of the pattern. Lapras explains that in the Hidden Land, there is Temporal Tower, where Dialga, the controller of time, lives. Dialga, under the tough exterior, feared that intruders would ruin the Temporal Tower, so he hid the Temporal Tower in a gap of time. Once again, your partner gets confused.

Lapras says that it is fairly hard to explain but attempts to explain it to you anyway. Apparently, it is a gap in time itself...and the space between parts of a split second, which, despite being explained very well, is still hard to understand.

Grovyle speaks up for the first time, understanding this very difficult theory. Lapras explains some more, saying that Dialga left one key for entering the Hidden Land, which of course, is the Relic Fragment.

It then brings you back to the guild, as Wigglytuff is explaining on how he knew about the Relic Fragment and the Hidden Land being connected, since he saw that odd pattern on the wall and on your partner's Relic Fragment. Because of this, he left Brine Cave before everyone else did.

Wigglytuff went to Lapras, explaining to him on how time was stopping, and the world was in mortal Time Gears needed to be put back in Temporal Tower, the tower that lets time flow perfectly...and so Wigglytuff asked how to get to the Hidden Land. Sunflora, who is curious, asks what happened. He answers by explaining that the Relic Fragment will not only choose Pokémon with pure hearts, but will also choose Pokémon with special qualities within them.

All the Pokémon at the guild, particularly Dugtrio, get extremely surprised. Wigglytuff explains more of the theory, saying Dialga probably wants to prevent Pokémon with bad intentions in their hearts to enter Temporal Tower. Apparently the guild could do no more than help. From now on...since the Relic Fragment chose your partner...the guild could only support Team___. It's all up to them.

Off to the Hidden Land!

It's morning now. Your partner gets concerned for Lapras, who has been swimming for a long time now, so your partner wonders if Lapras is alright. Lapras says he's fine, and how they are very close to the Hidden Land. Lapras even tells you to look at it! Wow, if we can look at it it must be really close!

You look to the far horizon, where Lapras says it is. The sea looks really different...according to Grovyle, all the waves appear to be twisted up. Despite this, however, your partner is still alarmed at the thought of twisted-up waves.

Well, it's not really twisted-up waves, but it's the portal you enter if you want to go to the Hidden Land, revealed by Lapras.

As you go deeper into the sea, you'll realize Lapras is...what? This can't be true...Lapras isn't part Flying...Lapras is flying! Well, not really, but the time is making Lapras levitate.

You soon get so close to the Hidden Land you can actually see it in view.

Once you make it there, there will be a bit of conversation. See the Kangaskhan Rock over there? Yes, this means you can prepare for the hard dungeon. A few Reviver Seeds, some Oran Berries and Apples, and perhaps a couple of Max Elixirs, and you'll have the ideal Treasure Back for this dungeon. After you're done preparing, head off into the Hidden Land!

Hidden Land

Much harder than all of the dungeons you faced. All of the Pokémon here can hit very hard, which is slightly sad because you can't even recruit them. There's no main type here, however. In this dungeon, you're partnered up with Grovyle, which is good, because like stated above, this is a very hard dungeon.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
  Dragonite All 37-41 Unrecruitable
  Manectric All 28-32 Unrecruitable
  Tropius All 35-39 Unrecruitable
  Rampardos All 40-44 Unrecruitable
  Bastiodon All 35-39 Unrecruitable
  Purugly All 37-41 Unrecruitable
  Garchomp All 37-41 Unrecruitable
  Abomasnow All 40-44 Unrecruitable
  Magmortar All 36-40 Unrecruitable

Hidden Highland

Pretty much the same as Hidden Land, but much harder. When you complete the nine floors of this dungeon, you'll reach Old Ruins.

Old Ruins

When you enter Old Ruins, you'll see many pictures that have been inscribed on the cave walls of legendary Pokémon. Go up the stairs, and there will be a large pattern (similar to the one on the Relic Fragment) with a small indention in the middle of it. Grovyle explains that this is the Rainbow Stoneship, a way to travel to the Temporal Tower.

You a notice a strange board-like plate, and go over to it. You try to read it, however it is in footprint runes. You tell this to Grovyle and your partner, who are very excelled at translating runes. Grovyle offers to read it, and after a few moments, Grovyle begins to recite. It says something about putting the Relic Fragment into the indention. Suddenly, Dusknoir and his Sableye push you down the other set of stairs!

Apparently, Dusknoir plans on taking you to the future, and he even has the Dimensional Hole set up. However, before this happens, he plans on defeating you!

Boss Battle

Seven against three isn't too fair. Focus on knocking out the Sableye, as they are fairly weak and their defenses aren't too high. Their HP is also only 190, so knock them out quickly. Wide Slash could also work well here, as well as Lava Plume, Discharge, or Earthquake. If you don't have any of these, focus on Sableye first, and then on Dusknoir so the three of you could attack him all at once. 500+ HP? Not going to be knocked out anytime soon.

Goodbye, Grovyle

Although they are knocked out, Dusknoir and his Sableye soon get back up, much to your surprise. Dusknoir begins charging up an attack that causes him to open the mouth on his stomach, and it looks remarkably like Shadow Ball. You come up with an idea to backfire it by combining all three of your attacks. It works, and the power rebounds, which makes Dusknoir (appear to be) knocked out. Sableye, disbelieving, head off into the Dimensional Hole.

Grovyle tells your partner to go and put the Relic Fragment into the Rainbow Stoneship, which your partner obeys. Your partner goes up the stairs, leaving the scene. Dusknoir gets up feebly and asks Grovyle if this is what Grovyle really wanted...for the Pokémon of the future to disappear...meaning that Grovyle, Dusknoir, and you will disappear. Grovyle suddenly remembers it and says if it means saving the world from paralysis. Grovyle then says Dusknoir is going to the future with him!

Soon, your partner comes back and is surprised to see Dusknoir and Grovyle arm-in-arm. Grovyle explains to him/her that he's going back to the future with Dusknoir, where they belong. Grovyle then drops all of the Time Gears he's been collecting, causing your partner and Dusknoir to get extremely surprised.

Before Grovyle enters the Dimensional Hole, Grovyle bids you a long farewell, on how he was lucky to have known you, and how parting hurts...but it must be done. Grovyle asks your partner a favor of keeping watch of your back, and your partner says he/she doesn't have the right qualities, and can't. Grovyle gets very angry and says that he/she must and will!

Grovyle apologizes to Dusknoir for the hold-up, and pushes him into the Dimensional Hole, the Time Gears being left behind. Your partner gets saddened and gathers up the Time Gears, and the two of you head off to the Rainbow Stoneship.

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