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Appendix:Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky walkthrough/Chapter 12

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The Crystal

You are reporting to Chatot and the other guild members that, despite your greatest efforts, you could not protect the Time Gear. Chatot says that it's quite all right, but you and your partner still feel down all the same. Bidoof also reports that he didn't find anything either, but he did find a pretty crystal. Sunflora gets upset since she thought Bidoof was really exploring. Bidoof gets slightly upset.

However, your partner remembers your dizzy spells and how every time it happens you seem to touch something, causing him/her to ask Bidoof for the crystal. Bidoof refuses, but your partner explains that it's for something important. Everyone else is puzzled as Bidoof hands over the crystal, and you touch it. You don't feel anything at first, but then...

The dizziness is coming back. You moan in displeasure. Despite you going to find out something, it's still quite uncomfortable.

Then you see it. An unknown Pokémon is shown being threatened by Grovyle. Grovyle is then seen knocking down the Pokémon and taking the Time Gear.

You brood, wondering if that was the past or the future. After a while, your partner asks if you saw something. You explain to your partner, causing him/her to get concerned and reveal it to everyone in the guild. They all get upset, Chatot wondering if that was the past. If it was, then it was too late to save the Time Gear now. If it wasn't, then Grovyle could still be stopped. Because of this 50% chance of it being the future, everyone decides to head off to where Bidoof and Sunflora went--Crystal Cave!

All ready now!

After a few preparations, it's time to go. Be warned that the guild isn't really going with you, or you just made it first.

Crystal Cave

A very pretty cave with many Ground types. Hence its name, there are many crystals around. It isn't too tough, as you can be able to defeat this very easily.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
075 Graveler 1-6 24 0.5%
336 Seviper 1-7 24-25 6.4%
374 Beldum 1-7 22-23 6.4%
413G Wormadam
Sandy Cloak
1-11 26-28 8.2%
447 Riolu 4-8 T  ? 8.2%
408 Cranidos 5-9 26 8.2%
232 Donphan 6-11  ? 0.5%
410 Shieldon 7-11 26-27 8.2%
076 Golem 8-11  ? 0.5%

After getting through the dungeon, you will see three large crystals. After a bit of confusion, your partner remembers your ability and asks you to do it again. Once you do that, some voices say you will have to change the color of all three crystals (by pressing A on them) to make the door open. Change it to Blue. After that, head over to Crystal Crossing!

Crystal Crossing

An advanced Crystal Cave with no specific type. Despite it being harder than Crystal Cave, it still isn't too difficult. Battle your way through all the wild Pokémon and make it to Crystal Lake!

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
371 Bagon B3F-B5F 28 6.4%
413 Wormadam
Plant Cloak
B1F-B9F 26-29 8.2%
419 Floatzel B1F-B7F 28 0.5%
359 Absol B10F-B12F 30 6.8%
431 Glameow B7F-B13F 29, 30 8.2%
362 Glalie B9F-B13F 30 0.5%
478 Froslass B9F-B13F  ? -10%
253 Grovyle B14F 44 Unrecruitable
482 Azelf B14F 42 100%
Azelf can be recruited after beating the game.
Grovyle may not be recruited.

After a bit of confusion (again) you will make it to Crystal Lake.

Crystal Lake

Once you get there, you'll still see the Time Gear shining, thankfully, which means Grovyle could be coming any time now. The unknown Pokémon earlier is revealed to be Azelf, who looks quite weak and tired. Hence, it is not your boss...since Grovyle just came right now!

Grovyle says to make it easy for him and just hand over the Time Gear so you don't have to be knocked out. You and your partner refuse to do so and stand in front of him. Your partner introduces you and him/her. He laughs, and then starts a battle with you, thus being your boss.

Boss Battle

A very hard battle it is unlikely you will win. He has 200+ HP, not to mention his powerful moves. However it is possible to win by using SmokeScreen to make a Whiffer status, and then, if you are a Fire type or know any Fire moves, hit with Flamethrower or another powerful Fire type move. Grovyle then tries to take you out a bit more, but Dusknoir protects you again. Thankfully, Grovyle was unable to take the Time Gear due to Azelf putting crystals all over. This marks the beginning of Chapter 13!

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