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Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus boxart

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
Part of: Core series
Generation: Generation VIII

Welcome to the Pokémon Legends: Arceus walkthrough!

Main storyline
Part 1 Introduction, Prelude Beach, Jubilife Village, Obsidian Fieldlands
Part 2 Jubilife Village, Obsidian Fieldlands, Frenzied Kleavor
Part 3 Jubilife Village, Crimson Mirelands, Miss Fortunes
Part 4 Crimson Mirelands, Frenzied Lilligant
Part 5 Cobalt Coastlands, Miss Fortunes, Frenzied Arcanine
Part 6 Coronet Highlands, Frenzied Electrode
Part 7 Alabaster Highlands, Snowpoint Temple, Frenzied Avalugg
Part 8 Banishment, Ancient Retreat
Part 9 Three Trials of Lake Guardians
Part 10 Coronet Highlands, Mount Coronet, Temple of Sinnoh
Part 11 Coronet Highlands, Primeval Grotto, Temple of Sinnoh
Part 12 Seeking for Plates
Part 13 Temple of Sinnoh, Volo
Part 14 Forces of Nature
Part 15 Temple of Sinnoh, Arceus: Creator
Remaining tasks
Tasks: Part 1 Tasks 1-30
Tasks: Part 2 Tasks 31-60
Tasks: Part 3 Tasks 61-90
Tasks: Part 4 Tasks 91-122
Spiritomb Wisps Seeking 107 stray wisps
Unown Locations Unown Report

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