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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS version, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Olivine City

Olivine City

Olivine City is a major port city located on the west coast. Landmarks include Olivine Gym and Glitter Lighthouse, neither of which is operating normally. In addition, the S.S. Aqua, a ferry that sails to Kanto's Vermilion City and back, is currently undergoing engine maintenance. Silver emerges from the Gym as you pass by, and mentions that the Gym Leader is tending to a sick Pokémon in the lighthouse.

Hook the Big One!

Stop by the house south of the Gym. The Fisherman inside hands out the Good Rod, a mid-level fishing rod that is capable of reeling in a wider variety of Pokémon than the Old Rod.

Time for a Trade

There are two houses to the northwest of the lighthouse. In the house on the left, a Fisherman is hoping to trade his Voltorb for a Krabby. Voltorb cannot be found in Johto, while Krabby are somewhat common in these waters, especially with the Good Rod.

Glitter Lighthouse
Glitter Lighthouse, 6F

Glitter Lighthouse

Climb to the fourth floor, battling Gentleman Alfred, Sailor Huey, and Bird Keeper Theo along the way. On 4F, fight Lass Connie to reach TM87 (Swagger) in the southwest. Walk to the light spilling in on the east side, and jump through the opening to land on the exterior platform, where a Rare Candy can be found. Head back inside to a separate part of the third floor. Beat Sailor Kent to reach the Ether, then climb to 5F. Pick up the Super Repel near Sailor Ernest, and take the final ladder to 6F, the Light Room.

Jasmine, the local Gym Leader, is here tending to her sick Ampharos, Amphy. It would normally use its tail to illuminate the harbor, but has gotten sick and has not yet recovered to its full strength. Jasmine talks of a pharmacy across the ocean in Cianwood City that specializes in a form of non-traditional medicine. She cannot leave Amphy unattended, so she asks you to retrieve the medicine for her. She unlocks the door to allow you to quickly come and go via the elevator.

Route 40

Route 40

Route 40 is a seaside path that links Olivine City to Route 41 to the south. The gate leads north to the Frontier Access, but a man inside blocks the way for now. On Mondays, Monica of the Week Siblings can be found here; speaking to her will result in a Sharp Beak on the first meeting, and a Alert Ribbon on subsequent meetings.

Frontier Access

Frontier Access

The Frontier Access is a small town that serves as a staging area for those seeking to challenge the Battle Frontier. Once you have defeated the Champion, the man inside the gate will allow you to enter the area. The single home belongs to a Move Tutor, who offers to teach any of 51 different moves for the right number of Battle Points. These points are earned by winning at the various facilities in the Battle Frontier.

Battle Frontier

The Battle Frontier is home to five different facilities. Each of these is led by a Frontier Brain, a position similar to that of a Gym Leader. These people may be challenged after experiencing a winning streak of a certain length. Defeating these Frontier Brains will earn challengers commemorative prints. Upon first entering the Frontier, the women at the entrance will update your Vs. Recorder with a Frontier Record, which documents of the amount of Battle Points and any prints earned.

Route 41

Route 41

Route 41 is an expansive part of the ocean situated between Route 40 and Cianwood City. The mysterious Whirl Islands are said to be where the silver-colored Pokémon fled to when Ecruteak's Brass Tower burned. However, it is impossible to reach the islands to investigate without a method to calm the violent whirlpools.

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