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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS version, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 35 (optional)

Route 35

Route 35 is a small path leading north from Goldenrod. The north gate has two exits: the newly-opened Pokéathlon Dome to the west, and the National Park to the north. To the east is a narrow, grassy trail that bypasses the park and connects directly to Route 36.

A Favor

The guard in the southern gate, Webster, gives you his Spearow holding a piece of Grass Mail. He asks you to deliver the mail to the man by the pond on Route 31. If you want to keep Webster's Spearow, use a PC to transfer his Grass Mail to another Pokemon. Talk to the person on Route 31 and show him any Pokémon holding Webster's mail. He will reward you with the TM44 (Rest). Return here to receive an HP Up from Webster as thanks.

National Park (optional)

The National Park connecting Route 35 and Route 36 is a haven for Bug- and Grass-type Pokémon. The Bug-Catching Contest is held here every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Bug-Catching Contest

The Bug-Catching Contest is free to enter, and the objective is to catch the single best Bug Pokémon possible. Trainers are given 20 Sport Balls and allowed to use a single Pokémon from their party. The others are held temporarily until the competition is over. Any Pokémon caught during the contest will be recorded by the Pokédex, though only one can be kept for judging. The competition ends when all 20 Sport Balls are used, the Trainer blacks out, leaves the park, or 20 minutes have passed. The Pokémon that was judged may be kept after the competition. A Pokémon's value is determined by its level, IVs, remaining HP, and how likely it was to appear.

Place Prize
1st Sun Stone Sun Stone
2nd Everstone Everstone
3rd Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry
Runner-Up Shed Shell Shed Shell

Route 36

Route 36

Route 36 is a unique stretch of land, as the only route in the game to link five different locations together.

The Odd Tree

East of the park, that odd tree is still blocking the narrow trail from every direction. Floria, from Goldenrod's Flower Shop, suggests watering it with the SquirtBottle, which causes it to attack! It turns out to be a Sudowoodo, a Pokémon more akin to a rock than a tree. SAVE your game before trying to catch it.

Rock Unknown
Sturdy or Rock Head
Held item:
Sudowoodo/ Lv.20
Normal Physical
Low Kick
Fighting Physical
Rock Throw
Rock Physical
Normal Status

Once the path is clear, Floria gives you the Berry Pots, a set of four handy containers that allow Berry growth while traveling. She also gives out three Oran Berries and three Pecha Berries before returning to the Flower Shop.

Route 37

Route 37

Route 37 is home to a secluded grove of Apricorn trees, which produces Red, Blu, and Blk varieties. On Sundays, Sunny of the Week Siblings can be found south of the grove. Speaking to her will result in a Magnet on the first meeting, and a Smile Ribbon after meeting all her siblings.

Ecruteak City

Ecruteak City

Welcome to Ecruteak, a historical city where the past meets the present. The city is shrouded in mystery, as all but one of the region's legendary Pokémon have ties to the area. Unique landmarks include the Ecruteak Gym, Kimono Dance Theater, and the twin towers; the Burned Tower in the west, and the Bell Tower in the east.

Meet Bill

Stop by the Pokémon Center to meet Bill, the inventor of the PC Storage System. He talks about improving the Pokémon trading and storage systems with his friends, especially Lanette of the Hoenn region. From this point on, Wi-Fi capabilities are now enabled for all Pokémon Centers. He then leaves for his home in Goldenrod, where you can visit him to receive an Eevee. Eevee is a rare Pokémon that can evolve into one of seven variations.

Treasure Hunting

Visit the house next to the Gym, and speak to the man inside. He gives you the Dowsing MCHN, a handy tool that reacts to hidden items lying nearby.

Kimono Dance Theater

As you enter the building, one of the Kimono Girls is onstage, yelling at the Rocket Grunt for harassing her. Beat the troublemaker and he runs off, and an old man from the audience rewards you with HM03 (Surf) as you exit the stage.

Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a sacred place, and is off-limits to all but a few people. Ecruteak's Fog Badge grants access to the building, but no higher than the first floor. A pair of special items, the Rainbow Wing and Clear Bell, are required to reach the rest of the tower.

Burned Tower, 1F
Burned Tower, B1F

Burned Tower

The charred, crumbling ruins of the Burned Tower can be found in the city's northwest district. Formerly known as the Brass Tower, it was once as majestic as the Bell Tower to the east. Built 700 years ago, it was said to be the roost of a silver-colored Pokémon. But 150 years ago, the tower was struck by a lightning bolt that ignited a fire that raged for three days. The silver Pokémon and the rainbow-hued Pokémon that roosted on the Bell Tower escaped to the skies unharmed, and a sudden downpour quenched the fire. The silver Pokémon flew off, while the rainbow Pokémon resurrected three nameless Pokémon that perished in the blaze before flying off as well.


There are two people near the entrance who are investigating the ruins. One is Morty, the Ecruteak Gym Leader, and the other is Eusine, Morty's friend and researcher focusing on the legendary beasts. Both are well-versed in the local legends, and Eusine has even dedicated his life to tracking and meeting Suicune. He may be close to his goal, as three regal-looking Pokémon can be seen through the charred hole in the floor, standing motionless on the lower level. Once the two have explained the legend of the tower, head north to meet Silver.

Rival battle 3

Chikorita If the player chose Chikorita:

Cyndaquil If the player chose Cyndaquil:

Totodile If the player chose Totodile:


The legendary beasts awaken with a roar when you approach them. Raikou and Entei leap quickly around the room before running off, and Suicune, pausing for a moment to examine you, follows the others a moment later. Eusine hurries down the ladder and marvels at seeing Suicune, as he has been pursuing it for nearly ten years. As the beasts are now roaming Pokémon, it is possible to track Raikou and Entei with the Pokégear's Map function.

Spr 4h 243.png
Electric Unknown
Held item:
Raikou Lv.40
Normal Status
Quick Attack
Normal Physical
Electric Physical
Psychic Status
Spr 4h 244.png
Fire Unknown
Held item:
Entei Lv.40
Normal Status
Fire Spin
Fire Special
Normal Physical
Fire Special
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