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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. This walkthrough follows the remade Game Boy Advance version, not Pokémon Red and Blue.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 12

Route 12

Otherwise known as Silence Bridge, Route 12 is a great spot for fishermen. Don't forget the Poké Flute, because the second Snorlax is still snoozing halfway through the route.

Fishing Guru 3

The first house south of the Route 11 intersection is home to the third Fishing Guru. Like those in Vermilion and Fuchsia, he also gives Red a fishing rod. The Super Rod is the best model, and can reel in some of the strongest sea creatures like Seaking and Dratini.

Route 13

Route 13

Route 13 is a maze of fences. There are ten Trainers scattered around, so be alert—their thirty-three Pokémon can take a toll if Red is not prepared.

Route 14

Route 14

There are eleven Trainers on Route 14. After heading south, the path turns west toward Route 15, east of Fuchsia City.

Route 15

Route 15

Eleven Trainers can be found on Route 15.

Share the Wealth

Another of Oak's aides is waiting inside the gate. This assistant will reward Red for catching 50 different species with the Exp. Share. This item distributes experience to the holder, whether it participates in battle or not.

Fuchsia City

Pay a visit to the local Pokémon Center to prepare for the southern water-bound routes.

There are two ways to reach Cinnabar Island in the southwest. The easier way is to fly back to Pallet Town and surf down Route 21. The other way, which is documented in the section below, requires navigating through the Seafoam Islands using Surf and Strength. Stock up on Ultra Balls, too; in addition to meeting a bunch of new Water Pokémon, Red will also encounter the first of the legendary Pokémon.

Routes 19 and 20 (east)

Route 19
Route 20

More than a dozen Trainers patrol the waters of Route 19 and Route 20. Surf southwest through the waves to reach the Seafoam Islands.

Seafoam Islands

Everything here belongs to the ocean, so expect to encounter many water-dwelling creatures in these island caves. The legendary Articuno roosts on the bottom floor, but large boulders and quick-moving ocean currents hinder exploration at first.

Seafoam Islands, 1F


Head east and use Strength to move the boulder to the hole, so it drops to the floor below. Climb up onto the platform, grab the Ice Heal, and walk past the first ladder. Drop the second boulder down the northeast hole, then backtrack to the first ladder.

Seafoam Islands, B1F


Go northeast to the other platform, pick up the Revive, and push the boulder down the hole again. Backtrack and climb down the ladder in the northwest.

Seafoam Islands, B2F


Head east to find the same boulder, and drop it down the next hole. Once it falls through, return to the first floor and climb down the northeast ladder.

B1F (northeast)

Shove the boulder through the hole and drop down after it twice.

Seafoam Islands, B3F


With the two boulders in place, the water flowing through this floor is slowed, making it possible to Surf. Climb out of the water and head to the southwest corner to find a group of boulders. In the narrow passage, shove the right-side boulder to the north wall. Move the left-side boulder down one space, then left one space. Shove the boulder south of the ladder all the way to the west. Move the right boulder north of the eastern hole, and drop it down. Push the left boulder down the western hole, and jump down behind it.

Seafoam Islands, B4F
Articuno roosting deep in the islands


With the two boulders slowing the water, Red can surf to the northwest island. There is only one Articuno, so save the game before starting the battle.

Ice Flying
Held item:
Articuno Lv.50
Mind Reader
Ice Beam

After catching the first legendary bird, surf to the stairway near the boulders and climb the nearest ladder.


Loop around to the east, where the first two boulders block the current. Surf to the opposite shore, and climb the southeast ladder. Climb the next two ladders to reach the first floor, and exit the area through the eastern island.

Route 20 (west)

Route 20's western half connects to Cinnabar Island.

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