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Route 110

Route 110

The lengthy Route 110 connects two of Hoenn's largest cities, Slateport and Mauville, and also links back to Route 103. All pedestrians are restricted to the lower path, which features the mysterious Trick House. After obtaining a Bike, you can speed through the route on Seaside Cycling Road.

Meet up with Birch

Not long after you pass by the southern entrance to Cycling Road, you run into Professor Birch. After a short conversation, he registers himself in your PokéNav so that you can get your Pokédex rated anytime.

Trick House

The Trick House is located farther north, near the Route 103 junction. The building's owner, the Trick Master, is a fun-loving prankster who has crafted many entertaining tricks for travelers. A new challenge opens each time you earn a Badge. Don't let his hard work go to waste!

Puzzle Milestone required Hiding spot Field move required Password Prize
Puzzle 1 None Under the table Cut "Trick Master is fabulous." Rare Candy Rare Candy
Puzzle 2 Dynamo Badge.pngDynamo Badge Inside the right potted tree None "Trick Master is smart." Timer Ball Timer Ball
Puzzle 3 Heat Badge.pngHeat Badge Inside the right cabinet Rock Smash "Trick Master is coveted." Hard Stone Hard Stone
Puzzle 4 Balance Badge.pngBalance Badge Behind the left window Strength "Trick Master is cool." Smoke Ball Smoke Ball
Puzzle 5 Feather Badge.pngFeather Badge Inside the right potted tree None "Trick Master is a genius." TM Dark TM12 (Taunt)
Puzzle 6 Mind Badge.pngMind Badge Inside the right cabinet None "Trick Master is my life." Magnet Magnet
Puzzle 7 Rain Badge.pngRain Badge Behind the right window None "Trick Master is huggable." PP Max PP Max
Puzzle 8 Hall of Fame induction Under the left cushion None "Trick Master I love." RedTentSprite.png

Red Tent
Blue Tent

Finding the Trick Master

When you step inside, you can't shake the feeling that someone is watching you. The mischievous Trick Master is hiding somewhere! Search the entire room until you find him, when he accepts your challenge and disappears. Certain field moves are required for most of the mazes, so you will need to return later to complete the rest.

Inside the Maze

Once he leaves, examine the scroll on the wall to find a secret passage that leads to a devious maze. Navigate the maze and battle Trainers as you search for a rolled-up scroll with a secret code. Reach the back of the maze and examine the hanging scroll. Inscribe the code on the hidden door to open it. There's no going back, so be sure to find everything the maze has to offer before entering the next room!

Trick Master's Room

The Trick Master waits here for all challengers. Speak to him to receive your reward, then leave through the exit in the north wall. After the last challenge, you can find a hidden Nugget where the Trick Master had stood.

Rival Battle 3

Go east from the Trick House and pass beneath Cycling Road. Turn north and continue on until you meet May/Brendan again. It seems like ages since you last met, so prove to your friend how far you've come as a Trainer! May and Brendan use the same three Pokémon, but May leads with Wingull if the player chose Mudkip.

Treecko Player chose Treecko

Torchic Player chose Torchic

Mudkip Player chose Mudkip

After the battle, May/Brendan hands you the Itemfinder, a special gadget that allows you to search the surrounding area more thoroughly to discover hidden items! Search the underpass for treasure as you continue on to Mauville City.

Route 103 (optional)

Back to Route 103! It won't take you back to Oldale Town before you earn more Badges, but there are a lot of Trainers here. It's a good idea to battle them all— it's excellent training for your upcoming Gym battle.

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