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Routes 105 and 106

Route 105

As the voyage is a quick one, there is no time to fully explore the waters of Routes 105 and 106 just yet. Return after earning the fifth Badge in order to travel at your own speed.

Checking In

As you sail with Mr. Briney through Route 105, you receive a call on your PokéNav. It's Dad; he heard from Mr. Stone about you getting the device and just wanted to check in. After the brief conversation, the ship makes landfall in Dewford Town.

Dewford Town

Dewford Town

Dewford Town is a tiny island town in the southern ocean. Despite its isolation, many Trainers visit the area to challenge the Dewford Gym.

Dewford Hall

Located to the north of the Pokémon Center, Dewford Hall is known as "Everyone's Information Exchange". Though Dewford is a tiny island community, when someone coins a trendy phrase here, it quickly spreads throughout the region. Speak to the boy outside the building to learn the coolest thing in cool right now; if you disagree, he offers a chance to change the current phrase, which the residents inside will quickly adopt.

Hook the Big One!

Speak to the Fisherman outside the Gym, and answer his question to receive the Old Rod. This low-end fishing rod can hook Pokémon from almost any body of water, so be sure to try it out everywhere!

Dewford Gym

Dewford Gym

Dewford Town Pokémon Gym
Leader: Brawly

A big wave in fighting!

The Dewford Gym specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon. Flying- and Psychic-type moves are the most useful here, so this is a great opportunity to train a Taillow, Wingull, or Ralts. Keep your Normal-, Rock-, and Dark-type Pokémon out of the fray for now. The Gym is dimly lit when you first enter, but the building lights up bit by bit for each Gym Trainer you defeat. Once the Gym Leader is defeated, the entire Gym lights up completely.

Even with only three Pokémon, Brawly can be a tough opponent. Both his Machop and Makuhita have the Guts Ability, which boosts the Pokémon's Attack by 50% when afflicted by a non-volatile status condition. Meditite can use Reflect and Light Screen to boost his team's Defense and Special Defense, respectively, and its Focus Punch is dangerous if you ever let Meditite go an entire turn without taking a hit. Bulk Up allows all three to raise their Attack and Defense.

Dewford Gym
The Knuckle Badge

After the battle, Brawly awards you the Knuckle Badge, which ensures obedience of all Pokémon up to level 30 and enables the use of Flash in the field. He also hands out TM08 (Bulk Up) as a prize, and registers himself in your PokéNav.

Route 106

Route 106

Until you earn the fifth Badge, you cannot fully explore the waters of Route 106. Battle the trainers on the beach for now.

Granite Cave

Granite Cave, 1F (Entrance)
Granite Cave, B1F
Granite Cave, B2F
Granite Cave, 1F (Back)

While the ground floor of Granite Cave is well-lit from the natural light outside, it can be difficult to explore the underground portion without the use of Flash.


Speak to the Hiker near the entrance to receive HM05 (Flash). Head west to find an Escape Rope, then climb down the ladder to B1F.


Go northeast until you reach a muddy slope, then collect the Poké Ball from the dead-end tunnel to the south. Continue moving to the southeast and take the ladder down to B2F.


Head southwest to a group of cracked rocks, then climb onto the upper level. Turn northeast and inspect the rock on the center platform for a hidden Everstone before taking the ladder back up to B1F.


Climb the next ladder back up to the north side of 1F.


Follow the tunnel all the way to the west, then turn south to reach an isolated chamber.

1F (Back)

In the rear chamber, you find Steven researching rare stones. Give him the Letter from Mr. Stone to complete your mission, and Steven gives you the TM for his favorite move, Steel Wing, in return.

Dewford Town

Mr. Stone still needs you to deliver the Devon Goods to Captain Stern. Talk to Mr. Briney on the pier to inform him of your successful delivery, and the two of you, along with Peeko, set sail at once. Sail directly to Slateport City, or briefly backtrack to receive thanks for delivering the Letter.

Rustboro City (optional)

You can now return to Rustboro City to receive an Exp. Share from Mr. Stone at Devon Corporation.

Routes 107 and 108

Route 107
Route 108

Like with Routes 105 and 106, there's no time to fully explore the area at the moment.

Route 109

Route 109

The sprawling beach of Route 109 is packed with Trainers who aren't just here to work on their tans. Scour the sands for hidden items before heading north to Slateport City.

Seashore House

The hut on the beach's west side is known as the Seashore House, where refreshments are sold to thirsty beachgoers. Defeat all three Trainers inside, then speak to the proprietor. He rewards your effort with a free six-pack of Soda Pop! From this point on, you can also buy individual bottles at PokémonDollar.png300 apiece.

Slateport City (first visit)

Slateport City
Oceanic Museum

Situated between Routes 109 and 110, Slateport City is by far the biggest place you've yet reached, and it is filled with sights to see. From the Battle Tent to the Oceanic Museum, there's plenty to marvel at in this seaside metropolis.

Slateport Market

The open-air market hosts numerous vendors peddling rare goods. A man near the southern entrance hints that you'll find even more bargains after obtaining TM43 (Secret Power). Permanent stat-boosting Vitamins can be purchased from the Energy Guru. The red-clad clerk standing next to him will give your lead Pokémon an Effort Ribbon if it has been well-trained. Also after obtaining TM43, another clerk appears from whom additional copies of that and TM10 (Hidden Power) may be purchased.

In the northeast stall, a woman hands out a Powder Jar to each visitor. This jar is used to store Berry Powder obtained by playing the Berry Crush minigame in a Pokémon Center's Union Room. Collect enough powder and you can trade it to her in exchange for vitamins and herbal medicine.

Pokémon Fan Club

The Pokémon Fan Club can be found just north of the Market. If your lead Pokémon is friendly enough toward you, you can receive a Soothe Bell from the woman near the back wall. Visit with the club's chairman to have him examine your lead Pokémon's condition. If any of its five Contest stats are high enough, he will reward you with a special item—a Red, Blue, Pink, Green, or Yellow Scarf. When held, these items boost their respective stat during the Appeal Round of a Pokémon Contest.

Move Tutor

Also inside is a man and his Azumarill; this Move Tutor offers to teach the move Swagger to a Pokémon, one time only.

Name Rater

North of the Fan Club building is the home of the Name Rater. This man has the power to evaluate and change your Pokémon's nicknames as often as you'd like. However, he cannot change a Pokémon's nickname if it first belonged to someone else.

Battle Tent

The Slateport Battle Tent stands in the northwest corner of the city. If you enter to the Battle Tent after getting the Devon Goods in Oceanic Museum, then Scott will come out of the Battle Tent if you try to go in and urge you to take the challenge. At this location, entrants must select three Pokémon from a random list of six rental Pokémon, all at level 30. They must then face three opposing Trainers, and after defeating each one, challengers may trade one of their Pokémon for one belonging to their opponent. No details on the opponent's Pokémon are given; challengers must instead rely on their experience battling the opponent's team. The reward for winning three consecutive battles here is a Full Heal. No experience or prize money is awarded.

Slateport Harbor

The Harbor is located in the city's northeast district. Since construction is not yet complete on the new ferry, there is little to do here at the moment.

Stern's Shipyard

Inside Stern's Shipyard, you find the captain's assistant, Dock, looking over plans for the new ferry that is under construction here. Though Stern is nowhere to be found, Dock asks that you deliver the Devon Goods to him.

Oceanic Museum

At first, it is impossible to enter the Oceanic Museum because of the Team Aqua Grunts lined up outside. But by the time you visit the shipyard, the group has made its way into the building. Pay the PokémonDollar.png50 entrance fee to follow them inside. Those that can't afford it will be mistaken as part of "the group that came in earlier", and allowed in for free. The Grunts are more interested in the exhibits you, so you can speak to them in an effort to gauge their intentions. A Grunt near the entrance is shocked to see you; it's the same guy you fought back in Rusturf Tunnel! He's learned not to mess with you, and begs forgiveness with TM46 (Thief) before fleeing the scene. Go upstairs to find Captain Stern, examining a display in the lower-right corner. Before you can hand over the Devon Goods for his new ferry, you are attacked by two Grunts! Defeat one after the other to save the captain and complete the delivery for Mr. Stone.

Shocked at their failure, the two begin to plan their next move when a stranger appears. It's their boss, Aqua Leader Archie! He wonders aloud why you would even want to hinder their plans, but forgives you as he thinks you're too young to understand their ideals. As the group departs, he warns you against interfering with their future plans. When you step outside, you are approached again by Scott. He seems to be a talent scout of some sort, and takes the opportunity to register himself in your PokéNav before heading off.

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