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Pokémon League

Pokémon League Lobby

The Pokémon League building holds the traditional amenities. The Pokémon Center and PC are located to the left, while the Poké Mart is off to the right. It's a good idea to stock up on Hyper Potions, Full Restores, and Full Heals for the gauntlet ahead.

Now that you've entered the Pokémon League lobby, you can come back to it any time using Fly, since now the Ever Grande City has two localitations to visit when flying around Hoenn region: Pokémon Center (south) and Pokémon League (north).

To increase your chances of victory, you may want to revisit the Lilycove Department Store and purchase some battle items. These items temporarily raise one of a Pokémon's stats during battle. Using a single X Defense or X Sp. Def will boost the respective stat by 50%. Using two is equal to a 100% boost, so the Pokémon sustains half the normal amount of damage. Dire Hits can be useful as well, as using three or more drastically raises the odds of getting a critical hit. In addition, using a Guard Spec. protects your Pokémon from stat reduction for five turns.

With your preparations complete, talk to the two Ace Trainers guarding the doorway in the room's center. They verify that you've earned all eight Hoenn League Badges before stepping aside, allowing you to enter the depths of the Pokémon League. Challengers must face the Elite Four and Champion in quick succession, with no outside help. Step through the door to reach the first chamber.

Elite Four

Battle 1: Sidney

Sidney's room

The first member of the Elite Four is Sidney, a master Dark-type Trainer. His Pokémon are all vulnerable to Bug- and Fighting-type attacks, and immune to Psychic attacks.

He leads with his Mightyena, which lowers the opponent's Attack with its Intimidate Ability. Use Fighting-type moves, or bypass Intimidate by using special attacks or recalling a Pokémon. His Shiftry is a Grass/Dark type. Its only attack, Extrasensory, is relatively weak but can threaten Fighting-types. Other than that, its moves are all status moves, so status-healing items could be useful. Cacturne, like Shiftry, is another Grass/Dark Pokémon. Leech Seed lets it slowly sap the target's health to restore its own, and Cotton Spore cuts the target's Speed. Both Pokémon are relatively frail and pack common weaknesses, so barring status annoyance, they should fall easily. His Crawdaunt's low Special Defense means you can make quick work of it, through its Swords Dance can be an issue. Last up is his Absol; its high Attack means that any of its moves can pack a punch. Slash has an increased critical-hit ratio, while Aerial Ace can be used to deter Fighting Pokémon. Its defenses are mediocre, s use your strongest moves to keep up the pressure and take it down.

Battle 2: Phoebe

Phoebe's room

The second member of the Elite Four is Phoebe, a master Ghost-type Trainer. Most of her Pokémon are vulnerable to Ghost- and Dark-type moves, and immune to Normal and Fighting moves.

She leads with her first of two Dusclops, a defensive Ghost Pokémon that is more interested in status ailments than direct attacks. Pressure can waste your PP, especially when combined with Protect. Confuse Ray triggers the ever-irritating confusion, while Curse deals indirect damage. Phoebe has two Banette on her team, which can both use Shadow Ball. The first can burn the target with Will-O-Wisp and hit Normal Pokémon with Faint Attack, while the second may use Thunderbolt and Psychic for coverage. Due to its unique Dark/Ghost typing, Sableye has no weaknesses under normal conditions; however, its low stats make it easy to overpower with neutral attacks. Faint Attack and Shadow Ball receive a same-type attack bonus, and Night Shade deals exactly 50 damage each time it hits. Lastly, her second Dusclops has access to Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Rock Slide, and Earthquake; despite its relatively low offenses, these allow it to deal super-effective damage against a wide variety of Pokémon. Take down her Pokémon with strong Ghost- or Dark-type attacks.

Battle 3: Glacia

Glacia's room

The third member of the Elite Four is Glacia, a master Ice-type Trainer. Her Pokémon are vulnerable to Rock- and Fighting-type attacks.

She leads with her first Sealeo is an Ice/Water Pokémon which tends to start things off with Hail. Both Glalie know Ice Beam and one or two coverage moves and are weak to Fire and Steel. Her first Glalie's Light Screen temporarily reduces the damage taken from Special moves, so moves like Flamethrower are less effective. Her second Glalie can deal serious damage with Explosion. Both of her nearly-identical Sealeo carry Hail in addition to damaging Normal and Ice attacks, while the second can distract male opponents with Attract. Use Grass- and Electric-type moves to deal super-effective damage. Glacia's biggest threat is Walrein, another Ice/Water Pokémon. Its high HP, Defense, and Special Defense means that not even super-effective moves will take it down easily. Decent offensive stats allow it to deal respectable damage with Surf, Ice Beam, and Body Slam. Sheer Cold instantly knocks out the target if it hits, but has low accuracy and only works on a target of a lower level than the user. Use Fighting or Electric moves to take it down quickly.

Battle 4: Drake

Drake's room

The fourth and final member of the Elite Four is Drake, a master Dragon-type Trainer. His Pokémon are all vulnerable to Dragon-type attacks, and four are weak to Ice-type attacks as well.

Drake leads with his Shelgon, a physically-oriented Pokémon. Double-Edge is its strongest move, while Rock Tomb helps the slow Pokémon even the playing field by lowering the target's Speed. Next up is his Altaria, a defensively-oriented Pokémon. Dragon Dance raises both its Attack and Speed by one stage each, which works well alongside Double-Edge. As a Dragon/Flying Pokémon, it takes massive damage from Ice attacks. Like Altaria, his Kingdra can make itself more threatening with Dragon Dance, which increases the damage it deals with Body Slam. Surf receives a same-type attack bonus and SmokeScreen lowers the target's accuracy. Due to its Water/Dragon typing, its sustains super-effective damage only from Dragon-type moves. Flygon enjoys high Attack and Speed, which lets it harass its foes with Earthquake. Though its other three moves are dependent on its lower Special Attack, they can still threaten Pokémon that resist Earthquake. Drake's final Pokémon is Salamence, a Dragon/Flying type. It has high Attack, better-than-average Speed, and respectable defenses. Its Intimidate Ability weakens physical attackers, so special attackers, especially those with Ice moves, will have the advantage here.

Defeating the Elite Four has earned you the right to challenge Hoenn's reigning Champion. It is important to note that you will be drawn into battle immediately upon entering the final room, so take a moment to tend to your Pokémon and save your progress before moving on.


Champion's room

Inside the Champion's hall, you find your Wallace waiting for you. He commends you and your Pokémon for putting an end to the crisis in Sootopolis. He goes on to say that Trainers raise their Pokémon by teaching them new battle techniques, but that Trainers learn just as much from their Pokémon. He challenges you to put your achievements to the test against what others like you have achieved. The stage is set for a legendary showdown! While most Champions prefer the benefits of a diverse Pokémon team, Wallace still uses his beloved Water Pokémon from his time as Sootopolis Gym Leader.

Wallace leads with his Wailord, a Water Pokémon with great HP but low defenses. Initially, its strongest move is Water Spout, which deals the most damage when its HP is full. This move receives STAB, and can be boosted further by rain, thus making it a potent threat. Hit it hard with Grass and Electric attacks to take it down.

Tentacruel is designed to counter Grass types that might threaten its teammates with both Sludge Bomb and Ice Beam. Its Toxic leaves all but Poison and Steel Pokémon badly poisoned, where an ever-growing amount of HP is lost every turn. Ice Beam and Hydro Pump allow it to fight back against any Ground types that may try to exploit its Poison typing. As a Water/Poison Pokémon, Tentacruel is especially vulnerable to Electric, Ground, and Psychic attacks. Its Special Defense is nearly twice as high as its Defense, so prioritize physical moves over special ones.

A Water/Grass type, his Ludicolo can actively steal the target's health with Giga Drain and swamp the opposition with Surf. Leech Seed allows it to passively sap even more health from the target over several turns, and Double Team makes it harder to hit by boosting its evasion. Like Tentacruel, its highest stat is its Special Defense, so physical moves are best. Fortunately, each type from which it sustains super-effective damage—Bug, Flying, and Poison—are all classified as Physical moves.

His Whiscash has a fairly unique Water/Ground typing, leaving it susceptible only to Grass moves. Surf and Earthquake both receive STAB, and Earthquake allows it to counter Electric Pokémon which would be problematic for its teammates. Hyper Beam is a powerful attack but the user is forced to rest on the next turn. Amnesia lets it quickly bolster its Special Defense—its lowest stat after Speed. All Grass moves are classified as Special moves, so hammer away at its health before it can harden its defenses.

Gyarados gets straight to business as soon as it hits the field, with its Intimidate Ability cutting the foe's Attack. Dragon Dance raises its Speed and its already-high Attack to sky-high levels, increasing the damage dealt by both Hyper Beam and Earthquake. Its final move, Surf, lets it deal reliable Water-type damage. As a Water/Flying Pokémon, it takes massive damage from Electric attacks, but Electric Pokémon must watch out for Earthquake. Barring that, its secondary Flying type leaves it susceptible to Rock moves, as well.

Finally, Wallace sends out his ace: Milotic, a Water Pokémon. Milotic is very bulky with its high Special Defense, allowing it to shrug off the Grass and Electric attacks it is weak to, and can perform stalls with Toxic and Recover. Surf and Ice Beam allow it to handle a variety of threats, including Grass Pokémon. Toxic also pressures the the target to end the match quickly. As said previously, it is weak to Grass and Electric moves, but it may be easier to target its lower physical Defense with neutrally effective physical moves.

With the battle concluded, Wallace congratulates you on your impressive victory. Just as he is about to crown you the new Hoenn League Champion, May/Brendan rushes in with some advice for challenging the Champion, only to find that you've already done so. Professor Birch arrives not long after, and rates your Pokédex before congratulating you as well.

Hall of Fame

Wallace then leads you into the Hall of Fame, where all Champions are honored. He asks that you set your Poké Balls in the machine here, so that your name and those of your Pokémon can be recorded for posterity. During the process, a shot of each fighter appears briefly on-screen. The screen fades to black, and the game is saved.

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