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Route 126

Route 126
Route 126 (underwater)

The waters of Route 126 surround a massive crater, inside of which lies Sootopolis City. There's no way to reach the city from the surface, but an entrance is hidden beneath the waves in the southern area.

Sootopolis City (first visit)

Sootopolis City

Sootopolis City rises from the crater of an inactive volcano and can only be reached by sea or sky. The final Gym in the Hoenn League is located here, but there are more urgent matters to attend to first. With Hoenn's weather becoming increasingly oppressive, you must race to the Cave of Origin and stop the super-ancient Pokémon from destroying the entire region! A girl named Kiri lives here and will give you two Berries each day, but she will not give out Berries while Groudon and Kyogre battle. If you visit Sootopolis City before completing Seafloor Cavern, you can collect all items here early (except HM07 (Waterfall)). The Gym will still be closed.

Note: No surfing Pokémon can appear during the battle between Groudon and Kyogre.

A Battle of Legends

When you surface inside the crater, you find Groudon and Kyogre locked in battle a short distance ahead. The unending shifts in weather have frightened many of the city's residents into their homes with their doors locked tight, while others brave the elements to witness the super-ancient Pokémon fighting. Maxie and Archie stand outside the Gym, which is also closed, begging the two Pokémon to stop their battle, but to no effect.

Catch Up with Steven

Surf westward from the Gym to a grassy shore to meet Steven. He assumes that your presence here means that you're prepared to become involved in this crisis, and has someone he would like you to meet. He leads you around to the north side of the crater and the entrance to the Cave of Origin. After a word with the guard, he asks you to search the cave for someone named Wallace.

Cave of Origin

Cave of Origin
Cave of Origin, Entrance
Cave of Origin, 1F
Cave of Origin, B1F

The Cave of Origin is said to hold a great source of ancient power. Whatever lies in its uncharted depths, it has drawn the attention of the super-ancient Pokémon. It must be stopped, and only you can save Hoenn from its destructive influence! No wild Pokémon appear in Wallace's room.


There's not a moment to lose! Sprint down the entry hall to reach the cave's interior.


Head in a clockwise direction to reach the ladder in the northeast.


The lowest floor is lined with sapphires and rubies. Visit the south side of this mist-filled room to meet Wallace. He was once the Sootopolis Gym Leader, but something came up that caused him to leave the Gym in the care of his mentor, Juan. According to Wallace, Groudon and Kyogre are not the only super-ancient Pokémon—there is a third somewhere, named Rayquaza. It's believed that it was Rayquaza that becalmed the two combatants in the distant past, but even Wallace can't be sure where it's located now. He asks if you might know where it is, and after you mention Sky Pillar, he sets off in search of the ancient creature. To follow him, you'll need to trek through the southeast ocean beginning with Route 129.

Note: the entrance to the Cave of Origin is blocked for the rest of the game after awakening Rayquaza.

Route 129

Route 129

Route 129 lies to the south of Route 128. The several Trainers found here make it a worthwhile place to explore.

Route 130

Route 130
Route 130, with Mirage Island

Route 130 is a short, straightforward route that links Routes 129 and 131. The waterway is occasionally occupied by Mirage Island.

Mirage Island

While Route 130 usually appears as a simple stretch of ocean, it is sometimes home to a strange island that seems to appear and disappear. This rare island is inhabited only by Wynaut, which range in level from 5 to 50. A soft soil patch on the island's east side holds a single Liechi Berry tree. This is the best Berry to use in Pokéblocks, as it will produce Gold Pokéblocks.

Route 131

Route 131

Route 131 lies between Route 130 to the east and Pacifidlog Town to the west. There are no underwater trenches in this stretch of ocean, but several Trainers on the surface are looking to battle. On the route's north side is a large island that is home to the towering Sky Pillar.

Pacifidlog Town (optional)

Pacifidlog Town

After chasing Team Aqua out of Lilycove City, you can visit Pacifidlog Town and the three routes to the west anytime you want a rest from the action. This town is a humble community resting on the calm waters of eastern Hoenn. These floating homes surround a central Pokémon Center, where weary Trainers can catch a break from the waves.

An Old Legend

Visit the northeast house and talk to the girl inside. She tells you a mysterious bit of wisdom passed down from her grandfather: Six dots open three doors. Her father also remembers hearing tales of three Pokémon representing the powers of Rock, Ice, and Steel. It seems that Hoenn still has some secrets to discover!

Mirage Man

The old man in the southeast house spends his time by scanning the horizon for Mirage Island. Speak with him every day to learn if the island has appeared.

Move Tutor

Visit the Pokémon Center and speak to the young man near the entrance. He offers to teach the move Explosion to a Pokémon, one time only.

Time for a Trade

The boy in the south-central house is having trouble catching different Pokémon around town. He wishes to trade his Horsea for a Bagon. Horsea can be found on Routes 132, 133, and 134 to the west, while Bagon can only be found in Meteor Falls.

Friendship is Everything

Stop by the southwest house to meet the brother of the Pokémon Fan Club chairman. Have him evaluate your relationship with your lead Pokémon, and he'll reward your friendship with TM27 (Return). If your Pokémon is unfriendly toward you, he'll give you TM21 (Frustration) instead.

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