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Route 119

Route 119

Known for its sweltering heat and sudden rainfalls, the spacious Route 119 runs north from Route 118 to Fortree City. The area is filled with patches of tall grass, which hide Trainers and wild Pokémon alike. The extreme weather conditions make this an ideal setting for the Weather Institute, located on the north end of this tropical rainforest.

The Mimic Circle

A handful of Trainers in the southernmost patch of long grass like to copy the movements of any Trainer passing by, collectively earning them the "Mimic Circle" nickname. They move when you do, so outmaneuver them to pin them down and start battling. Each one remains in a certain area, which gives you a chance to corner them.

Rest Stop

A small cabin stands beyond the patch of long grass. Speak to the kind woman inside, and she'll let you and your Pokémon take a quick break to restore their health.

Weather Institute

Located on the north end of the route, the Weather Institute is a high-tech facility used to study and research the intricacies of weather patterns across Hoenn. This research seems to have attracted the attention of Team Aqua, as several Grunts have been stationed outside.

Rest and Restore Health

Visit the back room to find some Team Aqua Grunts searching the place. Before battling them, head to the northwest room to find a comfy bed and rest your Pokémon before continuing on. There is also a PC here in case you should need to reorganize your team.

Looking for Answers

When you reach the second floor, you find the source of the disturbance: Aqua Admin Shelly is harassing the researchers! She is here looking for information about extreme weather conditions, and to steal one of the Institute's Castform, a rare species of Pokémon. She can't allow you to meddle in the team's plans, and draws you into battle.

VS Shelly

The Next Step

The Admin simply shrugs off her defeat, claiming that the team has other plans before she and the Grunts leave the building. As thanks for your help, one of the researchers even rewards you with a new Pokémon, Castform, which changes its type and appearance based on the current weather.

Rival Battle 4

Leave the building and cross the upper bridge. May/Brendan catches up to you when you reach the nearest stairway. Your friend wants to see how much stronger you've become, and wastes no time challenging you to a battle!

Treecko Player chose Treecko

Torchic Player chose Torchic

Mudkip Player chose Mudkip

Once you defeat her/him, your friend rewards you with HM02 (Fly). It's a strong move in battle and even more useful when used in the field, though you'll need to win the Gym Badge from the next city first. She/He then runs off, leaving you to continue on to Fortree City.

Just as your neighbor climbs the hill to Fortree, Scott is headed south away from it. He congratulates you on winning your latest match, and expects great things from you at the Fortree Gym.

Fortree City

Fortree City

Fortree City is located in an old-growth forest with many towering trees. These ancient arbors are so large that the residents were able to build cozy homes among their branches. A shop offering Secret Base decorations can be found in the southeast part of town, and the Fortree Gym can be found in the heart of the city. Unfortunately, the Gym's entrance is obstructed by something invisible.

Secret Base Shop

Climb the ladder near the Poké Mart and head east across the rope bridge to reach a shop with a selection of Secret Base decorations for sale. Desks can be purchased at the counter to the left, while chairs can be purchased at the counter to the right.

Desk shop
Small Desk Small Desk
Pokémon Desk Pokémon Desk
Heavy Desk Heavy Desk
Ragged Desk Ragged Desk
Comfort Desk Comfort Desk
Brick Desk Brick Desk
Camp Desk Camp Desk
Hard Desk Hard Desk
Chair shop
Small Chair Small Chair
Pokémon Chair Pokémon Chair
Heavy Chair Heavy Chair
Ragged Chair Ragged Chair
Comfort Chair Comfort Chair
Brick Chair Brick Chair
Camp Chair Camp Chair
Hard Chair Hard Chair

Running Errands

Speak to the Pokémon Breeder in the northeast house to see his Wingull fly off on an errand. Return later to see if it's successful!

Reveal Your Hidden Power

The north-northwest house belongs to an old woman. Speak to her to take a quiz. She holds a coin in her hand, and asks in which one you think it's hidden. Guess correctly three times in a row to receive TM10 (Hidden Power)! This unique attack is listed as a Normal-type move, but its type and power vary depending on the Pokémon using it.

Speak to the woman's elderly husband to learn that he talks in his sleep. He offers to teach the move Sleep Talk to a Pokémon, one time only.

Time for a Trade

The little girl in the northwest house wants a Volbeat. If you happened to catch one back on Route 117, she'll give you her Plusle in return. Plusle arrives holding a Wood Mail.

Route 120

Route 120

The lengthy Route 120 runs southeast from Fortree City to Route 121. The long grass makes great cover for Pokémon capable of camouflaging themselves. Two separate ruins, Scorched Slab and the Ancient Tomb, are located here.

Gabby and Ty

After defeating Gabby and Ty on Route 118, the news team can now be found in the northeast corner of the route. Accept their challenge and give them another great interview afterwards!

The Unseen Objects

You meet Steven again on the northern bridge. It seems that another unseen object blocks the way forward, but luckily, he has a way to solve this mystery. He puts on the Devon Scope, a high-tech piece of eyewear that reveals invisible objects. Sure enough, it reveals a Kecleon in front of you; catch or defeat the Pokémon to clear the bridge. Pleased with your actions, Steven allows you to keep the device. With the Devon Scope in hand, you can chase off the Kecleon outside the Gym. Head back into town to win your next Badge, or continue exploring the route.

Scorched Slab

Scorched Slab is a cave jutting up out of the north lake. The entrance lies at water level, so the single chamber inside holds mostly water. At the far end of the cave, a small slab of rock holds a single bit of treasure, TM11 (Sunny Day).

A Berry A Day

The route splits near its south end, with the western trail leading up to a plateau. Talk to the Beauty near the stairway and she'll give you one rare Berry every day. The kind of Berry received depends on the last digit of your Trainer ID number.

Berry Condition
Figy Berry Figy Berry ID number ends in 0 or 5
Wiki Berry Wiki Berry ID number ends in 1 or 6
Mago Berry Mago Berry ID number ends in 2 or 7
Aguav Berry Aguav Berry ID number ends in 3 or 8
Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry ID number ends in 4 or 9

Ancient Tomb

The unusual arrangement of stones on the southwest plateau is known as the Ancient Tomb. It is believed to mark the resting place of a legendary Pokémon. But with the entrance sealed, you won't be able to investigate until later.

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