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Route 202

Route 202

When you first reach Route 202, Professor Rowan's assistant (Lucas/Dawn) will give a demonstration on how to catch Pokémon by catching a wild Bidoof. The assistant then gives you five Poké Balls. The Pokémon that Lucas/Dawn has is the first partner Pokémon that neither you nor Barry choose earlier. Before departing, Lucas/Dawn will mention that it is easier to capture a wild Pokémon if you lower the Pokémon's Hit Points more, and even easier if you inflict a status condition. Now that you can capture Pokémon, you can also trade between games through the Union Room.

  If the player chose Turtwig
  If the player chose Chimchar
  If the player chose Piplup

Now that you can now use Poké Balls, it is recommended that you start catching a few Pokémon, such as Starly or Shinx. You will be facing Barry soon and his first partner Pokémon will be at the point where it will have a move of its own type in its arsenal, so your first partner Pokémon may need the extra backup.

Then you are off, having some of your first battles in the game. This is the first route where you can battle Trainers. There are three Trainers here, none of which have a Pokémon stronger than level 5.

Catching Bidoof and evolving it into a Bibarel (a Normal/Water-type Pokémon) is probably the best HM mule in the game because it can learn most of the HMs in the game. Shinx is a good pickup as a solid choice that evolves into Luxio and then Luxray. Shinx helps against Water-type and Flying-type Pokémon if you picked Turtwig or Chimchar, and helps Piplup out as well, but Shinx's evolutionary line focuses on Attack instead of Special Attack, so Special-based moves such as Discharge that it learns quite late and Thunderbolt will not deal much damage. Shinx and its evolutions can learn some Physical-based Electric-type moves such as Spark and Thunder Fang, as well as two Dark-type moves, Bite and Crunch. These moves don't come early, though. Kricketot is hard to use even when it evolves into Kricketune. Starly is one of the best Flying-type Pokémon in the game, especially when it evolves into Staravia and then Staraptor, getting Close Combat and Brave Bird, plus being able to learn Fly and having very high Attack.

Jubilife City

Jubilife City
The Digital Watch app.

Continue on to Jubilife City, where Lucas/Dawn is waiting to tell you that your rival Barry is at the Trainers' School. Until you complete your missions here you cannot go east to Route 203. However, you can go north to Route 204 to face more wild Pokémon and catch a Budew, which can help a little with your first Gym match, especially if you chose Chimchar.

Trainers' School

The building west of the Pokémon Center is the Trainers' School. Here, you meet Barry and give him the Parcel, which contains two Town Maps. Barry gives you one of them then leaves for Oreburgh City. There are two Pokémon Trainers that can be fought here, in the northeast corner of the school. After you beat them, you will receive a TM10 (Hidden Power).

Pokétch Company

The Pokétch Company makes a new appliance called the Pokémon Watch, or Pokétch for short. After you receive the Town Map, the owner of the company, who is in the center of town, will approach you. He tells you to bring him three Coupons from the clowns around the city, and he will give you a Pokétch. The clowns ask simple yes/no-questions about Pokémon (and the answer is always "Yes"). When you get the question correct, you receive the Coupon. After you get all three Coupons, return to the man to receive the Pokétch. You can get the three Coupons in any order because you can talk to the clowns in any order you like.

The Pokétch building is the northwest corner of the city. If you return after you receive an odd-numbered Badge (i.e., the Coal Badge, Cobble Badge, Relic Badge, and Icicle Badge), you can talk to the owner inside the building to receive a new application (Apps) for your Pokétch. Out of those you can receive from him, the Marking Map is one of the most useful apps because it can be used to track Roaming Pokémon.


Global Trade Station

The building in the south western area is the Global Trade Station, where you can connect with other players worldwide. However, to enter the building, Coal Badge is required.

Jubilife TV

The building that is west of the northern exit to Route 204 is the Jubilife TV station. For now, a Clown of the Pokétch Company Campaign blocks the entrance. You may enter after receiving the Coal Badge and the Fashion Case. Refer to Section 3 for more information.

Additional Items

Inside the building west of Jubilife City that leads to Route 218, you can receive the Old Rod from a Fisherman, who also offers to teach you how to fish. You can't do anything on Route 218 but fish until you get Surf, but you can catch a Magikarp here with your Old Rod. This is a useful Pokémon if you have enough patience, because while Magikarp is the weakest Pokémon ever, it evolves into the brutally powerful Gyarados, which is a great addition to a team and can learn Surf, Waterfall, Strength, and Rock Smash.

Back in Jubilife City, the apartment east of the TV station has a blond-haired girl on the first floor that will give you a Quick Claw.

The following items are available in Jubilife City:

Once you have the Town Map and Pokétch, you can head east to Route 203, though you may want to head north to Route 204 and catch some more Pokémon first.

Route 204

Route 204

Here, you can catch some Pokémon and battle some Trainers, but you can't continue through the Ravaged Path until you get Rock Smash and the Coal Badge. (See Section 3 of this walkthrough.)

Budew is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon and the newly added pre-evolution of Roselia. It evolves into Roselia if leveled up during the day when its friendship is high, and will evolve again into the new final form Roserade when a Shiny Stone is used. Roselia evolutionary line has very high Special Attack and can learn the whole line of Absorb. Budew starts of with Absorb, picks up Mega Drain and eventually Giga Drain if evolved. Be sure to evolve it because Budew doesn't learn any good moves after picking up Mega Drain, unless it evolves. Try to let Budew evolve at or before Level 19 because that's when Roselia learns Magical Leaf. Afterwards, Roselia can learn Petal Dance. When Roselia evolves into Roserade, it doesn't learn any more moves, but its Special Attack will skyrocket. Roselia's evolutionary line can also learn SolarBeam and Sludge Bomb (a Poison-type move that has high base power and may poison the opponent), through TMs, making use of their high Sp. Atk.

You can encounter Zubat at night, or if you head into Ravaged Path.

Ravaged Path

You cannot proceed any further because of the rugged rocks. There are more Pokémon for you to catch: Zubat and Geodude. You should be familiar with them.

Zubat is a Poison/Flying-type Pokémon. Zubat will evolve into Golbat starting at Level 22, then into Crobat when Golbat has high friendship. Zubat starts off with only Leech Life and is stuck with just that until it gets Bite and Wing Attack. Golbat will pick up Mean Look and Poison Fang (a Poison-type move that may inflict bad poison). Crobat has the same moveset as Golbat, except that it can relearn Cross Poison (a Poison-type move that has a high critical hit ratio) and learn Fly through the HM. Zubat will struggle a lot early on, but it will be more useful when it evolves into Golbat. You should know that Zubat evolutionary line has high Speed. When Golbat evolves again into Crobat, it be able to will outspeed most of the Pokémon you'll fight.

Geodude is a Rock/Ground-type Pokémon. Geodude will evolve into Graveler starting at Level 25, then into Golem when traded. Geodude evolutionary line has high Attack and very high Defense, but low Special Attack and Special Defense. It is also very slow unless Rock Polish is used to boost its Speed. It can learn good Rock-type and Ground-type moves, such as Stone Edge and Earthquake by leveling up, as well as Rock Slide through TM80. It can also launch suicide attacks with Selfdestruct and Explosion. However, it has two major weaknesses: Water-type and Grass-type attacks are its nightmares.

1st Rival Battle

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before proceeding, because you will have a tough fight very soon. It is also recommended that you do not proceed unless your Pokémon are trained to Level 7 or above.

Now head east towards Route 203, where your rival will meet you and challenge you to a battle.

  If the player chose Turtwig:   If the player chose Chimchar:   If the player chose Piplup:

After the battle, return to the Pokémon Center to heal your Pokémon, then continue on.

Route 203

Route 203

Go along the path, battling the Trainers along it. Head east to reach the Oreburgh Gate.

The only new find is Abra, which is a Psychic-type Pokémon. Abra will struggle a lot at first (even more troublesome than Zubat) due to knowing only Teleport. It is not even an attacking move— this move is used for escaping from battle. However, Abra will be powerful if you evolve it into Kadabra starting from Level 16, or even into Alakazam by trading it. Kadabra and Alakazam are able to pick up Psychic, Future Sight by leveling up and Dream Eater through TM. Abra evolutionary line has high Special Atk and Speed, but low Defense. Abra is difficult to catch because it will always use Teleport unless you use Taunt, which Chimchar will learn at level 9 (be careful that Abra will Struggle then). If you are unable or too impatient to catch Abra, a woman in Oreburgh City will trade you one for a Machop.

To avoid wild Pokémon, you can use the Repel found on the north bank of the pond. In the future, you will be able to buy Repels from Poké Marts.

Oreburgh Gate

Oreburgh Gate

Enter the cave on the east and you will find yourself in Oreburgh Gate. The Hiker at the entrance stops you and gives you HM06 (Rock Smash), but you can't use it outside battle until you get the Coal Badge. Then fight the two Trainers inside the cave. There is nothing to do here until except fight the two Trainers and catch a Geodude or Zubat until you have your first Badge. Head east to Oreburgh City.

Oreburgh City

Oreburgh City

When you enter the city, a Youngster shows you to the Oreburgh Gym. You meet your rival Barry, but he tells you that you are too late to battle the Gym Leader, Roark. He mentions that Roark has left for the Oreburgh Mine.

If you explore around town, you can find a woman in a condominium west of the Poké Mart who will trade you an Abra for a Machop. If you wanted an Abra but were unable to catch one on Route 203, you can find a Machop on Route 207 (directly north of Oreburgh City) to trade. You can also find different types of Poké Balls from different people around town. One of these, a Heal Ball, can be obtained in the same building as the woman who wants a Machop by showing the man on the second floor a Zubat.

Oreburgh Mining Museum

The only important building in Oreburgh City is the Oreburgh Mining Museum. When you retrieve a Fossil from the Underground later on, you can talk to the man at the counter in the building to revive the Fossil and retrieve whichever Pokémon is associated with that Fossil. Each version determines what kind of Fossil is commonly found, aside from the Old Amber.

Oreburgh Pokémon Center

Though all Pokémon Centers have a Wi-Fi Club in their basements, Oreburgh's is the first one you can access. An attendant named Teala will give you a Pal Pad and explain how it works the first time you enter. You can now battle and trade with other players using their Friend Code. Additionally, a Psychic on the ground floor will ask you which kind of Trainer you want to be, presenting you with four options to choose from. This becomes your Trainer class while you are in a Union Room, and is otherwise assigned randomly.

Now head north to Route 207 to catch a Machop, or just continue south to the Oreburgh Mine.

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