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Route 212

Route 212

This route is probably one of the longest routes in the Sinnoh region, so before entering, buy a lot of healing items.

The southern part of this route is rainy. There will be rainstorms and thunderstorms on some days. Near the eastern end of the route is a house. There is a woman who used to work in Hoenn's Weather Institute who will trade TMs for weather-changing moves for shards. The route is also full of narrow paths suspended in the air. To get across them, you must ride a Bicycle over the narrow path. Near Pastoria City, you may get stuck in the bog, just like the marshy areas in Great Marsh. The northern part of this route features Sinnoh's Pokémon Mansion. You can catch a Pichu or a Pikachu there.

There are many Trainers in this route, so if you can't defeat Pastoria Gym, this is a good training place. Even if you have defeated the Gym, you should go through this route to toughen up your Pokémon because the upcoming Gym battle will be a lot tougher (the Gym Leader's strongest Pokémon will be at above Level 35, which is quite a jump from the previous two Gym Leaders with strongest Pokémon at Level 30).

Fight the Trainers on the route. Remember that Policemen will only fight you at night. Keep going west until you must turn. Then turn north until you reach the guardhouse. You should probably stop by the Pokémon Mansion, because it is the only location you can see Manaphy without trading.

Trainer Tips
The items in the Bag can be
reorganized by pressing Select.

Trainer Tips
If you get stuck in the bog, you can
count on being there for a while.
There's no need to panic.
Just struggle and squirm for a bit.
Bicycles cannot be ridden on marshy
ground, incidentally.

Pokémon Mansion

The Pokémon Mansion is the home of the famous Trophy Garden, which is located to the rear. That is the place for catching Pichu or Pikachu.

It has many rooms, with the most important of them being Mr. Backlot's office -- the only eastern room. That room is also home to an expensive Pokémon statue, which is guarded by a policeman. It can, however, be touched when the guard has break (from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM). A butler and many maids are employed in the Mansion. In one of the western rooms, a maid will give out a Soothe Bell, which makes Pokémon happier. The western and eastern exits of the mansion are blocked by the maids.

Trophy Garden

You can catch a Pichu or even a Pikachu. This isn't a good training place, however.

After stopping by Pokémon Mansion, go through the guardhouse, then you will find yourself in Hearthome City again. Heal your Pokémon, then go to Hearthome Gym, but you will find that Gym Leader Fantina is still not here for you to challenge! Now what to do?

Route 210 (North)

Route 210

Go through Route 209 again in order to get to Solaceon Town. Then walk north to Route 210. Get to Cafe Cabin, but instead of turning east, keep going north. Use the SecretPotion on the Psyduck and they will run off. Then Cynthia will appear.

After some talking, Cynthia will ask you for a big favor. If you answer "No", she will ask you again. Say "Yes", then she will give you the Old Charm, tell you to go to Celestic Town and leave. Keep going north. There are 3 Ninja Boys and a few items hidden in the long grass. After getting through patches of long grass and tall grass, you will find yourself surrounded by deep Fog. What to do? Use HM05 (Defog) that you got earlier in Great Marsh. Most Flying-type Pokémon can learn it. If you don't use Defog and aren't looking at a map of the route, you will probably get stuck and won't find your way to Celestic Town. You'll also have to deal with an accuracy reduction weather effect in every battle along the way.

Fight the Trainers on this route. When you can't go north anymore, it is the time to go west. Fight all the Trainers and follow the path. Eventually, you will arrive in Celestic Town. You may also use the Bicycle to ride on the logs so that you can get some items and fight a Ninja Boy.

Celestic Town

Celestic Town

Celestic Town is a small town. There is no Poké Mart, but the house at northwest functions as the Market.

Heal your Pokémon before proceeding.

Near the stairs, an old woman will tell you that a spaceman wants to blow up the town due to him thinking it is not important. Go down the stairs, then head north. You will find a Galactic Grunt standing in front of the Celestic Ruins entrance. Talk to him, then say "Yes" to battle him. After you win, he will leave, and the old woman will come and talk to you. Give the Old Charm to her. She will introduce herself as Cynthia's grandmother, then tell you to go inside the ruins.

Go into the Celestic Ruins. Examine the painting, and Cynthia's grandmother will come in. She will talk awhile, then give you HM3 (Surf) and tell you that you have to beat Hearthome Gym to use it.

Go outside, and you will meet the mysterious man you met in Mt. Coronet before. He will introduce himself as Cyrus. Cyrus tells you that he is finding a power to create a new world. He instructs you to inform him if you find the power. Ignore what he tells you to do because that is totally nonsense (for now). Heal your Pokémon, then explore the other part of Route 211.

Route 211 (East)

There are some Trainers for you to fight. You can also get to Mt. Coronet here, but as you are still unable to use Strength on the field, you can't get through.

After exploring Route 211, it is time to fly back to Hearthome City and challenge Hearthome Gym.

Hearthome Gym

Layout of Hearthome Gym

It seems that Gym Leader Fantina is finally back.

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before entering. The Gym battle will be a tough fight, so it is recommended that you train your Pokémon until they are at about Level 35.

The Hearthome Gym is a giant, 5-story building constructed of gray stone blocks, and is illuminated by eerie gray-blue torches. The Gym Trainers and Leader Fantina specialize in Ghost-type Pokémon. On every floor, there is a simple mathematical puzzle and three doors corresponding with the answers. Picking the correct door leads to the next elevator up, while picking the wrong door leads to a dead end and a Trainer to fight. This puzzle is somewhat pointless, as these questions have no relation to ghosts. The Pokétch has a Calculator App, which can be used to find the answers with minimal effort. Moreover, the questions are simple enough that you may not even need to use the Calculator App. Gym Leader Fantina waits in the final room on the fifth floor, which has stained glass windows and resembles a cathedral.

Hearthome Gym

Normal-type Pokémon will be completely immune to any of the Ghost-type attacks. Dark-type moves like Bite or Crunch, as well as your own Ghost-type moves like Shadow Ball (you should have picked up the TM for this move on Route 210), are your best bet. Do not try launching any Normal-type (you should have known this already) or Ground-type attacks on Fantina's Pokémon, because their type or ability make those moves useless. Be aware that Fantina's Pokémon have moves that may catch your Pokémon off guard with their secondary effects. Her Drifblim has Ominous Wind that may boost all of its stats after attacking. Her Gengar has Poison Jab that may poison your Pokémon after attacking as well as Spite to reduce PP of your Pokémon's last used move by 4. Fantina's strongest Pokémon Mismagius is at Level 36, and has Psybeam and Magical Leaf, which are Psychic-type and Grass-type moves respectively, so watch out. Psybeam can cause confusion, while Magical Leaf never misses. In addition, both Gengar and Mismagius have Confuse Ray, which will confuse your Pokémon and make it much more difficult to land an attack.

When you beat her, Fantina is very surprised, but all the same, hands you over the Relic Badge, as well as TM65 (Shadow Claw). With that Badge, you are now able to use HM3 (Surf) on the field.

After that, leave the Gym. Cynthia will be waiting for you. She tells you that she has known what happened in Celestic Town, then talks about Team Galactic, and suggests you going to Canalave City and visit Canalave Library. Afterwards, she will leave.

But before proceeding to Route 218 and Canalave City, there are more places to access with Surf.

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