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Cherrygrove City

Cherrygrove City
The Pokégear's Map

Cherrygrove City is a small city between Route 29 to the east and Route 30 to the north. The air is filled with the smell of flowers and the salty sea breeze.

City Tour

An elderly man known by his nickname, Guide Gent, can be found on the east side. Speak to him to be taken on a tour of the city. He points out the Pokémon Center, the Poké Mart, the path to Route 30, and the sea, before ending the tour outside his home. Afterward, he gives you a Map Card to add to your Pokégear. This expansion card acts as a Town Map, allowing you to view the entire region. It even displays your current location!

Pokémon Center

The first building you will see is the Pokémon Center. This Pokémon hospital will heal your team to full health and eliminate any status ailments they may have. Each facility also has a PC for Trainers to use, where they can access their Pokémon storage and item storage. As Trainers may only carry six Pokémon with them at once, any others are immediately transferred to storage upon capture. It is a good idea to heal up and save your progress whenever you find a Pokémon Center.

Poké Mart

Another shop sits to the west of the Pokémon Center. This is the local Poké Mart; these stores offer a variety of Poké Balls, Potions, and other items. It is helpful to stock up on supplies whenever possible, as there is no telling what you may run into on your journey.

Route 30

Route 30
Mr. Pokémon's house

Running north from Cherrygrove City, Route 30 is a grassy path where many novice Trainers like to battle. The road diverges as it moves northward; the eastern branch leads to a clearing with Mr. Pokémon's house, while the western branch leads uphill to Route 31. A battle between Pokémon Trainers initially blocks the western path.

Mr. Pokémon's house

Visit the house in the northeast clearing to meet Mr. Pokémon. He recognizes you right away as an associate of Professor Elm, and gives you the Mystery Egg. He says that he obtained the Egg from a couple who runs a Pokémon Day Care. Elm is the authority on Pokémon evolution, which is why he contacted him about the Egg, and even Mr. Pokémon's guest agrees. The man introduces himself as Professor Oak, and notices that Elm entrusted you with your first partner Pokémon. Seeing that you are dependable, Oak decides to give you a Pokédex. This handheld device is a high-tech encyclopedia that records data on every Pokémon you encounter, and will be complete when you catch a member of every species. Oak then leaves for his radio show in Goldenrod City. Speak to Mr. Pokémon to have him heal your Pokémon before you leave.

A Terrible Tale

When you step back outside, Professor Elm calls in a state of panic. He is too upset to describe what has happened, so hurry back to New Bark Town to investigate!

Cherrygrove City


When you reach the east side of Cherrygrove City, the young, red-haired man that was spying on Elm's Lab ambushes you. He knows that you received a Pokémon from the Lab, and calls it a waste for a wimp like you to have one of Elm's rare Pokémon. It turns out that he also has a Pokémon, and draws you into battle.

Rival Battle 1

When battling, each Trainer sends out one Pokémon at a time; both of these particular Pokémon are on Level 5, indicated by the :L5 aside each Pokémon. Below that is the health bar, which shows the Pokémon's remaining HP. A battle is won or lost when either side has no remaining Pokémon with the strength to continue.

Choosing Fight will allow you to launch an attack against the target. Both combatants have two moves. The first will damage the opponent, and the other will lower one of its stats. If your Pokémon's HP runs low, be sure to use a Potion. Go to Pack to select the medicine and apply it to the Pokémon. If it is holding the Berry from Route 29, it will automatically consume the item when its HP falls below 50%.

  If the player chose Chikorita:

  If the player chose Cyndaquil:

  If the player chose Totodile:

Once you have defeated him, you earn a cash reward of $300, and he will leave. The encounter earns your Pokémon valuable Experience Points, as well. Continue on to Elm's Lab.

New Bark Town

Professor Elm's Lab

Back in New Bark Town, you return to the laboratory to find a police officer questioning the professor. One of his rare Pokémon was stolen by a young man with long, red hair! Upon hearing that you battled a Trainer matching this description, the officer asks if you happened to catch his name. As with the player character, the rival's name may be up to seven characters long. Once the officer leaves, speak to Professor Elm to deliver the Mystery Egg. He is shocked by the discovery, and is pleased to hear that Professor Oak gave you a Pokédex. He suggests taking the Pokémon Gym challenge, with the nearest one being located in Violet City. The road to becoming a Pokémon Champion will be a long one, so he advises you to stop at home before setting off.

On your way out the door, Elm's aide hands you five Poké Balls to start you on your journey. From this point on, you are able to purchase them for yourself in most Poké Marts.


Safeguard Your Savings

Speak to Mom, who is excited to see your new Pokémon. Realizing that you are headed off on an adventure, she offers to save your money for you. If all of your Pokémon faint during battle, you will black out and lose some of your money, but anything left with Mom is safe. If you accept her offer, 25% of the prize money won from each battle will automatically be sent to her. Money can be deposited with or withdrawn from her at any time. Once enough has been saved, she will occasionally call to say that she has bought decorations or other items, then apologizes for spending the money she is saving. Each item can only be obtained once.

Total Saved Cost Item
$900 $600   Super Potion
$4000 $270   Repel
$7000 $600   Super Potion
$10000 $1800   Charmander Doll
$15000 $3000   Moon Stone
$19000 $600   Super Potion
$30000 $4800   Clefairy Doll
$40000 $900   Hyper Potion
$50000 $8000   Pikachu Doll
$100000 $22800   Big Snorlax Doll

By the time you deliver the Mystery Egg to Professor Elm, the Trainer battle that blocked Route 30's western branch has ended. Continue north from Cherrygrove City to reach Route 31.

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