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Blackthorn City

Blackthorn City

The quiet mountain retreat known as Blackthorn City lies isolated in the northeast. The main attraction is the Blackthorn Gym, the last of the eight Johto Gyms. North of the Gym is Dragon's Den, a training ground for Dragon-type specialists. On Saturdays, Santos of the Week Siblings can be found here.

Time for a Trade

The girl in the eastern house is looking to trade. She offers her Dodrio in exchange for a female Dragonair. The choice is yours, but a Dragonair's evolved form, Dragonite, will end up stronger than a Dodrio in the long run.

Move Deleter

The Move Deleter resides in the house near the Poké Mart, and can help a Pokémon forget any of its moves. This is especially helpful for deleting HM moves, or moves that are exclusive to Generation II and cannot be traded through the Time Capsule.

Blackthorn Gym, 1F
Blackthorn Gym, 2F

Blackthorn Gym


The Blessed User
of Dragon POKéMON

The Blackthorn Gym is devoted to Dragon-type Pokémon. Dragons take less damage from Grass, Fire, Water, and Electric moves, and are only vulnerable to Dragon- and Ice-type attacks. Almost any Pokémon caught in Ice Path will do well here. Reaching the Gym Leader requires dropping boulders from the floor above to form a path, so bring along a Pokémon that knows Strength.

Take the stairs to the second floor and head to the southeast corner to find two boulders; move the right one to the south wall, and the left one up to reach the break in the floor. Go to the northeast corner and drop the last boulder through the hole. Take the eastern stairs down to the center platform and beat the last two Cooltrainers to reach Clair.

Each of Clair's three Dragonair can paralyze an opponent with Thunder Wave, while her Kingdra can potentially do the same with DragonBreath. Use status ailments to your advantage, and replenish your health often so you are not caught off-guard by Kingdra's Hyper Beam.

Blackthorn Gym

Clair refuses to accept defeat. She claims that you are still not ready for the Pokémon League, and tells you to take the "dragon user challenge". She informs you of the Dragon's Den, a large cave located under the city, and tells you to retrieve the Dragon Fang from there to be accepted as a true dragon user. Only then will she give up the Rising Badge. Bring along a Pokémon with Surf and Whirlpool, and cross the lake behind the Gym.

Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den

Climb the ladder down to the main cavern. Surf to the southwest and use Whirlpool to calm the waters. Continue east behind the shrine and step onto the second strip of land to find the Dragon Fang. While you are here, pay a visit to the dragon shrine to meet the clan's elder. He gives a short test to determine your attitude towards Pokémon. Avoid the obviously negative answers to pass the test, then leave and re-enter the cave with no more than five Pokémon. The elder rewards you with a Dratini, a young dragon that is rarer than others of its species thanks to its special ExtremeSpeed move.

Question Answers
#1 What are Pokémon to you? Pal Underling Friend
#2 What helps you to win battles? Strategy Raising Cheating
#3 What kind of Trainer do you wish to battle? Weak Person Tough Person Anybody
#4 What is most important for raising Pokémon? Love Violence Knowledge
#5 Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. Which is more important? Tough Both Weak

Clair enters the shrine, expecting to see you fail the elder's test. She is furious that you managed to pass while she could not. The elder steps in, insisting that she award you the Rising Badge, and she gives in. The final Johto Badge makes all Pokémon obey regardless of level and enables the use of Waterfall in the field. Clair leaves the shrine, but stops you on the way out to give TM24 (DragonBreath) as an apology.

Upon leaving the cave, Elm calls and asks that you visit him at the Lab. Traveling to the Pokémon League requires passing through New Bark Town anyway, so rest up and head south to reach Route 45.

Route 45

Route 45

Route 45 is a rugged route leading down from the mountains. The path splits and recombines multiple times, and many small cliffs prevent northbound travel. The east entrance to Dark Cave is located just outside of the city, and the route eventually reaches a small pond, where it turns west toward Route 46.

Dark Cave, from Route 45
Dark Cave, from Route 31

Dark Cave

Though Dark Cave was first accessible from Route 31, the field moves Surf, Strength, and Rock Smash were needed to fully explore the area. This cave is notable as the only place where wild Wobbuffet and Dunsparce can be found.

Blackthorn side

Turn right and surf south across the lake. Grab the Revive on the southeast platform, and go west along the water's edge to find TM13 (Snore). Surf north and go west along the platform. Make a U-turn to reach the northwest corner; the man here will give you the BlackGlasses, an item that enhances Dark-type attacks. Head south and jump the two ledges to reach the opening to the Violet side.

Violet side

Surf to the west and jump the ledge to get a Potion if you didn't already. Go south and use Rock Smash to proceed eastward. Smash another rock and loop around the northeast corner to find a Hyper Potion. Jump the ledge and head south to find a Full Heal and a Dire Hit. Continue south to reach the Route 46 exit.

Route 46

Route 46

The rugged mountain road of Route 45 comes to an end in Route 46, as the mountains give way to smaller cliffs. To the west, a small grove of Berry trees grows in a secluded field. Head south to the gate, and cut through Route 29 to return home to New Bark Town.

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