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Route 4

Route 4

The arid Route 4 connects Castelia City in the south to Nimbasa City in the north. The constant sandstorm has slowed the construction of a road through the desert, leaving Trainers no choice but to trek through the deep sand. Gather up the items here and head off into the Desert Resort to the northwest.

Meet up with Cheren

Head north from the Castelia gate to find Cheren waiting for you. Now that you both have the Insect Badge, he wants to see which of you is really stronger.

  If the player chose Snivy:   If the player chose Tepig:   If the player chose Oshawott:

Immediately after the battle, Professor Juniper calls on the Xtransceiver and tells you to meet her in the gate to Nimbasa City. Instead of heading north right away, follow the road to the west. Stock up on drinks from the vending machine, and talk to a Worker in the house here to get TM28 (Dig). Continue along the western road to reach the Desert Resort.

Desert Resort

In the Desert Resort

The Desert Resort is a huge desert with an ever-raging sandstorm. To the north, along the river's edge, are the Relic Castle and the Relic Castle Tower. A group of ancient Pokémon statues quietly watch over the castle entrance. If you get into trouble, talk to Doctor Jerry near the desert entrance to heal your Pokémon. Take some time to train here before reaching the Nimbasa Gym.

Relic Castle

Deep inside the Relic Castle

The Relic Castle is an ancient ruin almost completely buried beneath the sand. Quicksand has eaten away at the unstable floors, and anyone trying to run through it is caught up and dropped to the floor below. At this point in the story, you'll only be able to reach the first two floors, as the rest are still buried under the desert. You'll be able to explore the other floors later on, after the Worker here clears out the rest of the sand.

Get a Pokémon Fossil

Speak to the Backpacker on the west side of first floor. She has been carrying around a pair of Fossils, and will let you choose one to keep. The Cover Fossil will become the Water/Rock Tirtouga, while the Plume Fossil will become the Rock/Flying Archen. You can return to the museum in Nacrene City anytime and talk to the woman near the entrance to resurrect the ancient Pokémon.

Leave the desert and continue north. When you enter Nimbasa's southern gate, you run into Cheren and Professor Juniper, who gives you each 10 Ultra Balls. The professor leaves to find Bianca, and Cheren heads off to comb the desert for new Pokémon.

Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City is a bustling city of entertainment, with various facilities such as the Battle Subway, the Pokémon Musical, and even an amusement park.

Get a Bicycle

When you arrive in the city, a pair of Plasma Grunts are attacking the Day-Care Man right in front of you. Defeat one of the thugs to scare them off.

Trainer Pokémon
Team Plasma Grunt
Reward: $720
  Watchog Lv.18
No item
  Trubbish Lv.18
No item

When they leave, the Day-Care Man gives you a Bicycle as a token of his gratitude. From this point on, you can now leave up to two Pokémon at the Day-Care on Route 3.

Meet up with Bianca

After rescuing the Day-Care Man from Team Plasma, Bianca shows up and mentions all the exciting attractions that Nimbasa has to offer. She heads off to the Pokémon Musical, where you'll catch up with her a little later.

Battle Institute

After completing the main story, you can visit the Battle Institute to take a Battle Test. The test consists of five consecutive single or Double Battles, and you earn a rank and score for completing all five.

Get HM04

Visit the house north of the Battle Institute and talk to the blue-haired guy inside. He hands over HM04 (Strength), which lets your Pokémon shove large boulders around.

Return to Route 2

If you would like, you can return to Route 2 with your new HM to pick up an item just west of the Accumula Town Gate.

Big Stadium and Small Court

Big Stadium and Small Court are the major sports venues of the Unova region. The stadium hosts baseball, soccer, and football, while the court hosts tennis and basketball. The players double as Trainers and can be battled daily, except when a game is in progress. The number of Trainers and the levels of their Pokémon increase as you earn more Badges. Keep yourself fighting fit by visiting every day.

Battle Subway

When you try to enter the Battle Subway, a woman steps out of the building and hands you the Vs. Recorder. This device lets you record a video of a battle in the Battle Subway, or a Link Battle with a friend.

In the Battle Subway, you can get on a real winning streak. For every seven Trainers you defeat, you'll gain Battle Points, which can be exchanged for useful items. The more Trainers you defeat, the more BP you can collect.

Musical Theater

The Musical Theater is where the Pokémon Musical is held. Bianca is waiting outside the building for you, located on the north side of the city. The two of you meet the building's owner inside, who gives you each a Prop Case. After Bianca leaves, speak to the girl in white near the PC to get TM49 (Echoed Voice).

Bianca's Dad

When you leave the Musical Theater, you'll see Bianca talking with her dad. He has been worrying about her welfare, and has come to take her home. Nimbasa's Gym Leader, Elesa, can't stand the fighting. She intervenes and convinces Bianca's dad that his daughter will be fine.

Amusement Park

The Nimbasa Gym is located in the amusement park on the east side of the city. When you first visit the park, you'll run into N. He asks if you are looking for Team Plasma, and suggests that the two of you ride the ferris wheel to find them. It is here that he reveals himself as Team Plasma's king. He has been working with Ghetsis to liberate Pokémon. When you climb off of the ride, he battles you to buy time for the grunts' retreat.

Nimbasa Gym

Nimbasa Gym

Nimbasa City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Elesa

The Shining Beauty

The Nimbasa Gym specializes in Electric-types. Fitting with the city's focus on entertainment, the Gym features multiple roller coasters that challengers must ride to reach the Gym Leader, and a series of switches to change the cars' direction.

Elesa's two Emolga are vulnerable to Ice- and Rock-type moves, and her Zebstrika is weak against Ground-type attacks. But be wary of Emolga's ability, Static, which may paralyze your Pokémon on contact. All three of her Pokémon know the Volt Switch, which lets her switch her Pokémon after attacking. If you decide to use TM moves, TM28 (Dig) and TM39 (Rock Tomb) are good choices.

Nimbasa Gym

After her defeat, Elesa awards you the Bolt Badge, which commands obedience from all Pokémon up to level 50. She also gives you TM72 (Volt Switch) as a prize.

Anville Town

Anville Town

The only way to reach Anville Town in Unova's far northwest is by taking the Brown Line from Nimbasa's Gear Station.

Item Location Games
  Ultra Ball On the rocky outcropping to the north of town (hidden)  B  W 
  Rare Candy From the Depot Agent in the southeast house  B  W 
  Revive From the backpacker in exchange for two Escape Ropes (weekends only)  B  W 
  PP Up From the businessman in exchange for a Star Piece (weekends only)  B  W 
  Full Restore From the blue-haired girl in exchange for twenty Poké Balls (weekends only)  B  W 

Lost & Found

An employee of the Battle Subway lives in the southeast house, and will give you a lost Rare Candy the first time you talk to him. After seven consecutive battles on the Battle Subway, he will give out a number of vitamins, Max Revives, or Max Elixirs for each set of seven victories at the Battle Subway that day, capping at ten per day.

The turntable

Anville Town is known for its connection with locomotives. Every day, a different train engine can be found on the turntable, most of them a part of the Battle Subway. A Worker on the bridge will explain a bit about each one.

Head west from Nimbasa City to reach Route 5.

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