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Pinwheel Forest

Pinwheel Forest


West of Nacrene City is a short road that leads into Pinwheel Forest. If you have not already done so, speak to the girl just outside the city to get TM94 (Rock Smash). South of the entrance is a puddled area with a handful of young Trainers. On the top of the cliff to the southeast sits a challenge rock. A Fighting-type in your party can hit the rock once a day, and each hit chips off a Star Piece that can be sold for a high price.


The forest itself is crawling with Grass- and Bug-types, so be wary of status problems. If you need to rest your team, you can speak with the Nurse outside rather than run back to Nacrene. Burgh will block the northern exit while you trek through the underbrush to chase down Team Plasma. The fourth and final Team Plasma Grunt will give up the Dragon Skull when you defeat him. Gorm, one of the team's Seven Sages, arrives and prepares to attack you, but is blocked by Burgh and Lenora. Faced with two Gym Leaders, the thugs flee the forest. Lenora takes back the Dragon Skull you retrieved and rewards you with a Moon Stone. Follow her to the east to find the road, and head north to reach the exit, or you can stay behind and try to catch some new Pokémon. Pidove and Pansear will be useful in your upcoming Gym Battle.

Skyarrow Bridge

The east end of Skyarrow Bridge

The Skyarrow Bridge is the largest bridge in Unova, and connects Pinwheel Forest to Castelia City. Pedestrians travel across the elevated walkway, while trucks rumble by on the lower level. As you near the city, Castelia's skyscrapers appear in an impressive cityscape.

Item Location Games
  Quick Claw From the Hiker inside the bridge's eastern gate  B  W 

Castelia City

Castelia City

Skyscrapers tall enough to pierce the clouds are clustered in Castelia City, and its crowded streets bustle with the comings and goings of many people. The elegant cruise ship, the Royal Unova, is moored near the Poké Center.

Get an evolution stone

Pass through the gate and walk out onto the pier nearby. The scientist here will tell you that the elemental monkey you received in the Dreamyard evolves when exposed to the appropriate stone. He will give you one of three stones depending on the species, either a Leaf Stone, Fire Stone, or Water Stone. It's advisable not to choose the Fire Stone even if your elemental monkey is Pansear, because the stones are useful for evolving other Pokémon as well, and another Fire Stone can be found in the Desert Resort later on. Instead, choose one of the other two, which are harder to locate.

Register a rare Pokémon

In the lobby of the Game Freak building on Castelia Street, a girl is reading a picture book to a small boy. "Zorua, who was left alone, wandered around looking for its mother..." Listening to the story will register Zorua in your Pokédex.

Raise a Pokémon's happiness

In the building across the street from Game Freak's office, a woman will offer to give one of your Pokémon a massage, which will make it more friendly towards you. Massages are available once a day.

Get items by trading

The man in the black suit on the second floor of the Poké Center will give you an item depending on how many different people you've traded with.

Item Location Games
  Wide Lens Trade with 5 or more people  B  W 
  Everstone Trade with 10 or more people  B  W 
  Zoom Lens Trade with 20 or more people  B  W 
  Choice Scarf Trade with 30 or more people  B  W 
  PP Max Trade with 40 or more people  B  W 
  Master Ball Trade with 50 or more people  B  W 

The Royal Unova

The cruise ship, the Royal Unova, is moored at the pier across from the Poké Center. After completing the main story, you can battle a handful of Trainers onboard every day to earn a prize.

Studio Castelia

In the studio on Mode Street is a Harlequin that will ask to see a certain type of Pokémon every day. If you show him a Pokémon that is at least partially the correct type, he will give one Berry of your choice; Cheri Berry, Chesto Berry, Pecha Berry, Rawst Berry, or Aspear Berry.


It's not easy to buy Castelia's specialty soft-serve ice cream, even if you can afford the $100 price tag. The ice cream stand on Mode Street is sold out every day but Tuesday, and is closed during the winter. A Casteliacone can heal all of a Pokémon's status problems.

Get a new TM

There isn't much happening on Narrow Street. As you pass by the blue dumpsters, a man in sunglasses jumps out from behind them and gives you TM70 (Flash). Teaching it to a Pokémon will help illuminate Unova's dark caves.

The Battle Company

The Battle Company on Mode Street is full of Trainers. The opponents get tougher as you reach the top of the tower, and if you beat Janitor Geoff on the 55th floor, he'll reward you with an Exp. Share!

Passerby Analytics HQ

When you enter the Passerby Analytics HQ across and talk to the lead researcher, he will appoint you as a statistician. This title lets you receive Passerby Survey requests, and interact with other players. Complete the blonde girl's questionnaires to get a Soda Pop.

Round up the three Dancers

Dancer Mickey is near the city fountain. He tells you that he wants to form a dance team, and asks you to convince the two other dancers; Edmond on Narrow Street, and Raymond on Unity Pier. Defeat each one to gather them at the fountain, and Mickey will give you an Amulet Coin.

Meet Cheren and Burgh at the Gym

When you try to enter the Gym on the westernmost street, Cheren emerges, having just earned his next Badge. Burgh is right behind him, and asks you to follow him to Prime Pier. It seems that Team Plasma has shown up again.

When you reach the pier, you meet up with Burgh, Bianca, and a girl named Iris. It appears that Bianca's Munna was stolen by Team Plasma. One of the thugs returns while the group is talking, and runs as soon as she sees Burgh, who chases after her. Follow him to the building across the street from the Gym, and help Burgh take out the trio outside.

Trainer Pokémon
Team Plasma Grunt
Reward: $680
  Sandile Lv.17
No item
  Sandile Lv.17
No item

Enter the building to find Ghetsis, Bronius, and Gorm. Ghetsis tells a legend about the founding of the Unova region, revealing a bit more about his plans. Ghetsis lectures Burgh at first, but backs down and returns Bianca's Munna. The Plasma group flees,leaving behind a Smoke Ball, and Iris gives you a Yache Berry for helping Bianca. Grab the Smoke Ball off the floor, and get ready to challenge the third Gym.

Castelia Gym

Castelia Gym

Castelia City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Burgh

"Premier Insect Artist"

The Castelia Gym specializes with Bug-type Pokémon, and the building itself is designed like a giant beehive. In order to reach Burgh, you need to disengage the six gates by stepping on certain switches. Each gate will drop when both its posts are lit up. Two of the four Harlequins in the Gym are hiding under the floor, so they spring up when you try to step on their switches.

Burgh's Whirlipede and Leavanny are weak to Fire- and Flying-type attacks, while his Dwebble is vulnerable to Water- and Rock-type moves. If you can't exploit these weaknesses, an alternative tactic is to use TM70 (Flash) to lower his Pokémon's accuracy. But, his Pokémon know some weak moves. Useful Pokémon are Roggenrola with Rock Blast or a Tympole with Mud Shot, because they can both deal with Burgh's Whirlipede and Dwebble pretty easily. Leavanny can be taken out by using Timburr's Rock Throw, as it will resist Leavanny's Struggle Bug. If you started with Tepig or obtained a Pansear , Leavanny can be easily dealt with, and Pidove can be extremely useful.

Castelia Gym

Burgh rewards your victory with the Insect Badge, which ensures that all Pokémon up to level 40 will obey you. He also gives you TM76 (Struggle Bug).

A friendly battle

After you defeat the Castelia Gym, Bianca calls on the Xtransceiver to challenge you to another battle. Go north to reach the fountain, and continue on to the gate.

  If the player chose Snivy:   If the player chose Tepig:   If the player chose Oshawott:

Rest up if necessary, and continue north to reach Route 4.

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