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Cheren's Training

When you visit Route 5 again, you'll find Cheren standing near the trailer. After thinking about what Alder taught him, he announces his plan to evaluate himself at Victory Road, and leaves. From now on, you can battle him once a day on Victory Road's seventh floor.

  If the player chose Snivy:   If the player chose Tepig:   If the player chose Oshawott:

Driftveil City

Driftveil Market

The Driftveil Market now has a new vendor, a former member of Team Plasma, who offers different types of incense. Each one sells for $9600, but many are useful in battle. Save money and make sure to buy some.


Cold Storage

When you enter the Cold Storage, check the refrigerated container in the back to find Zinzolin of the Seven Sages. Zinzolin talks about how working with Ghetsis made him feel alive, and gives you TM01 (Hone Claws). After that, he is arrested by Looker.

Route 6

Chargestone Cave

The next of the Seven Sages is hiding out in Chargestone Cave. Make your way to the bottom floor and head south to find Bronius. He attempts to evade capture by calling two Grunts to attack you. Their Pokémon are high-leveled, but defeat them and Bronius will give you TM69 (Rock Polish). Looker then arrives to take the trio into custody.

Trainer Pokémon
Team Plasma Grunt
Reward: $2520
  Watchog Lv.63
No item
  Scrafty Lv.63
No item
Team Plasma Grunt
Reward: $2480
  Liepard Lv.62
No item
  Garbodor Lv.62
No item
  Liepard Lv.62
No item

Route 7

Celestial Tower

Climb to the roof of the Celestial Tower to find Alder. He tells you about his old friend, who is resting inside the tower, and the reason he left on his journey. He says that he will be waiting for you in the Pokémon League, and flies off. You can now challenge the Elite Four again, and fight the Champion without interruption.

Twist Mountain

Talk to the Worker on the lowest level of Twist Mountain to get a Fossil once every day. The Fossil you receive is random, so you may end up with multiples of each. Visit him every day to get all seven Fossils. The ancient Pokémon can be revived at the Nacrene City Museum.

Helix FossilOmanyte Dome FossilKabuto Old AmberAerodactyl
Root FossilLileep Claw FossilAnorith
Skull FossilCranidos Armor FossilShieldon

Route 9

Across the road from Shopping Mall Nine is Challenger's Cave. The Black Belt that once blocked the entrance has moved aside, allowing you to enter. To be well-prepared, bring along Pokémon that know Flash and Surf.

Challenger's Cave

Fight Backpacker Toru and climb down the stairs to B1F.

Check the rock near Ace Trainer Terry for a hidden Ether, then go east. Head to the far northwest corner to find a PP Up, then walk across the bridge near Ace Trainer Beverly to get a Nugget. Climb down and go west to reach a hidden Max Potion and the stairs to B2F.

A one-way ledge forces you to go north. Surf to the east and land on the south shore to reach a hidden Full Restore. Loop around and follow the group of bridges to the south, past Veteran Shaun. Check the rock in the far southeast for a Max Ether, then pick up the Timer Ball from the lower level. Head west across the large central bridge and inspect the rock in the far southwest to find a Star Piece. Go north to find a Protein, a hidden Rare Candy, and TM71 (Stone Edge), then use Surf near Veteran Julia. Search the south end of the island for a Heart Scale, and sail to the east to find a Black Belt. Surf north to get an Oval Stone on the center island, then you can use an Escape Rope to leave the cave.

Opelucid City

Visit Drayden's house to have either heW or IrisB teach your Pokémon Draco Meteor, the strongest Dragon-type attack. Teach it to a Dragon-type with high friendship.

Now it's time to face the Elite Four again. The four and the Champion await your challenge.

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