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(Japanese: アメール Amer) is a Pokémon poacher and character of the day who appeared in BWS01 as its main antagonist.


While Cilan went fishing with his Pansage, Amer threw a Qwilfish-shaped bomb in the lake where Cilan was. This caused problems for the Gyarados there as the bomb released electricity onto Gyarados that harmed it and caused it to use attacks uncontrollably. Later, Amer picked up the Qwilfish-shaped bomb after adjusting the controls on the device. Cilan took out his fishing rod and used it to hook the Gyarados in which a net was fired at it.

After Cilan witnessed the real cause behind Gyarados's rage, Amer caught up with him and Officer Jenny. As Amer continued to use the bomb to injure Gyarados, this backfired as Gyarados's Hyper Beam partially destroyed it. Gyarados's Flamethrower destroyed Amer's boat but Cilan had Crustle prevent him from escaping. With the Gyarados calmed, Amer's plans were stopped.

Voice actor

Language Voice actor
Japanese 羽多野渉 Wataru Hatano
Vietnamese Trần Vũ

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