Accuracy Ceiling (Skill)

Accuracy Ceiling (Japanese: 命中率アップ無効 No Accuracy Rate Increase) is a skill in Pokémon Masters EX. It prevents the user's accuracy from being raised.

Accuracy Ceiling 命中率アップ無効
No Accuracy Rate Increase
Flavor text
Passive Skill
The user's accuracy cannot be raised.



The user's accuracy stat ranks cannot be raised. Neither the user nor the opponent can raise the user's Accuracy stat rank by any means.


Sync pairs (Sync Grid - yellow tiles)


  • Guzma uses this skill in tandem with Tenacity to increase the ranks of Physical Move ↑ Next applied to himself.

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese 命中率アップ無効 Meichū-ritsu Appu Mukō
Mandarin Chinese 命中率提升無效 Mìngzhòng-lǜ Tíshēng Wúxiào
  French Immunité ↑Précision
  German Genauigkeit↑-Schutz
  Italian Mira inaumentabile
  Korean 명중률업무효 Myeongjung-nyul Eop Muhyo
  Spanish Inmunidad Precisión ↑
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