10th Anniversary Perdue Farms promotion

The 10th Anniversary Perdue Farms promotion was a promotion that Perdue Farms carried out in the summer of 2006 as part of the Pokémon 10th Anniversary. One million promotional mini-discs were distributed in packages of Perdue Chicken Breast Nuggets.[1] The promotion featured three different mini-discs, each containing exclusive Flash-based Pokémon games, a Pokédex, and a Pokémon Trading Card Game "Learn to Play" demo. Depending on the disc, only data for Pokémon from the first, second, or third generation was visible in the Pokédex, although data for the entire Pokédex was on every disc.

Opening navigation screen on the second mini-disc

The games included on the mini-discs were:

Completing the third difficulty level of any game would allow the player to view a 10th Anniversary music video, featuring the full Pokémon Go! song and clips from the Pokémon anime. While only one game is accessible from a disc's topmost navigation screen, a different game will start if the player lets the music video run. The swf files for all of the games are also playable directly from the disc. All three games are also currently available online at the developer's website (although the music video will not play).