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ジップ Zip
Gender Male
Eye color Dark green
Hair color Dark green
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Member of Team Skull
Rank Grunt
Anime debut Alola to New Adventure!
English voice actor Jake Paque
Japanese voice actor Sōshirō Hori

Zipp (Japanese: ジップ Zip) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. He is a member of Team Skull, who often appears alongside Tupp and Rapp.



Zipp first appeared in Alola to New Adventure!, in which he, Tupp, and Rapp challenged Kiawe to a battle with his Charizard on the line. Zipp and the other Grunts took on his Turtonator nine against one, until Ash came to assist Kiawe with his Pikachu. After a short battle, Zipp and his partners were defeated by Turtonator's Z-Move Inferno Overdrive, forcing them to retreat.

Zipp reappeared in Young Kiawe Had a Farm!, in which he, Tupp, and Rapp attacked Kiawe and Ash, seeking revenge for their previous defeat. However, the trio was quickly defeated by Pikachu's Gigavolt Havoc.

In Alolan Open House!, he, Tupp, and Rapp visited the Pokémon School, where they stole some Ride Tauros and started wreaking havoc at the school. They were soon confronted by Delia, who took the Grunts on using Ash's Litten. When Ash and his classmates arrived, Team Skull was soon sent off again by Pikachu's Gigavolt Havoc.

He reappeared in A Team-on-Team Tussle!, where he encountered Team Rocket for the first time. Both teams were after a Darkinium Z which Team Rocket managed to take.

He reappeared again in A Glaring Rivalry!, where he had a battle with Gladion but was quickly defeated by Lycanroc's Stone Edge.

He appeared again in SM065, where he and several other Team Skull Grunts battled Ilima. All of them were defeated by Eevee's Last Resort.

He reappeared yet again in SM068, when he and his teammates attacked Ash, keen to get his Poipole. The battle ended when his Garbodor's arm got blocked and released a horrible smell. He was seen outside the Pokémon Center by Ash and his classmates who were on work experience. Eventually Zipp brought Garbodor out for treatment where it was discovered a build up of poison blocked Garbodor's arm. They cleared the blockage and Zipp left.


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This listing is of Zipp's known Pokémon in the anime:

On hand

Zipp's Yungoos
Yungoos (×3)
Zipp's three Yungoos are his first known Pokémon. They appeared in Alola to New Adventure!, in which they took on took on Ash's Pikachu and Kiawe's Turtonator, but were defeated by Turtonator's Inferno Overdrive.

The Yungoos's only known move is Bite.

Debut Alola to New Adventure!
Zipp's Garbodor
Garbodor first appeared in Young Kiawe Had a Farm! in which it attacked Ash and Kiawe. It was soon defeated when Ash's Pikachu attacked Team Skull with Gigavolt Havoc. Garbodor reappeared in Alolan Open House!, but was defeated once again by Pikachu's Z-Move.

It reappeared in A Team-on-Team Tussle!, where Zipp sent it to battle a Totem Alolan Raticate, but was quickly defeated.

It reappeared in A Glaring Rivalry!, where Zipp sent it to battle Gladion's Midnight Form Lycanroc but was defeated by Stone Edge.

It reappeared in SM068, where it required treatment after its arm became blocked and subsequently released a horrible smell.

Garbodor's known moves are Venoshock, Toxic, and Sludge Bomb*.

Debut Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
Voice actors
English Erica Schroeder

Ride Pokémon

A Poké Ride Tauros
Zipp briefly stole a Tauros which he used to wreak havoc at the Pokémon School before being confronted by Delia. Once defeated, Zipp left Tauros behind.

None of Tauros's moves are known.

Debut Alolan Open House!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 堀総士郎 Sōshirō Hori
English Jake Paque
Greek Φώτης Πετρίδης Fotis Petridis
Polish Michał Podsiadło (SM001, SM024-SM025, SM027)
Karol Wróblewski (SM011)
Spanish Latin America Geno Sánchez
Spain Álex Saudinós


  • English closed captions refer to Zipp as Team Skull Grunt (Black) prior to A Team-on-Team Tussle!.
  • Zipp's English name was first revealed on the Voices for Fosters website as one of Jake Paque's roles.[1]



Language Name Origin
Japanese ジップ Zip From Ziploc, a brand of zipper storage bags
English Zipp Similar to Japanese name

Boss: Guzma
Administrator: Plumeria
Notable members: Gladion
Lower members: Team Skull Grunts
Former members: Punk GuyPunk Girl
Locations: Po TownShady House

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