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Yellow Forest (Pokéwalker Route)

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Yellow Forest きいろのもり
Yellow Forest
Cost: Unlocked by:
0 watts Event
Route icon2.png Advantageous
Many Pikachu live in harmony in this forest. Walk through here frequently, and try to find one!

Yellow Forest (Japanese: きいろのもり Yellow Forest) is an area in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. It was first announced on Pokémon Sunday, exactly forty days before the games' release in Japan.

It can be accessed on the Pokéwalker after the player obtains the Route's Route Map from a Wi-Fi event. The only Pokémon that reside in Yellow Forest are Pikachu, some of which are said to know the move Fly. Pikachu captured in the forest can also know moves such as Volt Tackle, Flail, and even Surf.




Item Steps Required Rarity
Light Ball Light Ball 7000+ steps Very Rare
Thunderstone Thunderstone 6000+ steps Very Rare
Miracle Seed Miracle Seed 5000+ steps Very Rare
Big Root Big Root 4000+ steps Very Rare
Aspear Berry Aspear Berry 1000+ steps Common
Rawst Berry Rawst Berry 900+ steps Common
Pecha Berry Pecha Berry 800+ steps Common
Chesto Berry Chesto Berry 700+ steps Common
Cheri Berry Cheri Berry 600+ steps Common
Big Mushroom Big Mushroom 0+ steps Very Common


Game Version Duration
Japanese Sept. 18 to Nov. 10, 2009
Feb. 16 to Feb. 28, 2010
American April 1 to May 5, 2010

Wonder Card


*ふしぎなカード 025MS.png
コースマップ きいろのもり
ポケウォーカーの とくべつなコース
きいろのもりに でかけよう!
くわしくは オフィシャルサイトへ!
フレンドリィショップで うけとったら
かならず レポートを かいてね。


Wonder Card 025MS.png
The Yellow Forest!
Go on a Stroll in the Yellow Forest,
a special Pokéwalker Route where you
can meet lots of PIKACHU! Be sure to
save the game once you pick up the
Route Map at a Poké Mart.

In other languages

  • Japanese: きいろのもり
  • Spanish: Bosque Amarillo
  • Italian: Bosco Giallo
  • German: Goldgelber Wald
  • French: Forêt jaune


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