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Wintown ウィンタウン
Located at the foot of the Sekra Range, this is Fiore's northernmost town.
Connecting locations
North Sekra Range
South North Road
West None
East None
Location of Wintown in Fiore

Wintown (Japanese: ウィンタウン Wintown) is a small town in Fiore. It is the home of the Wintown Ranger Base run by Elita. The town is located at the base of the Sekra Range, and is notable for its cold climate and sturdy stone houses. It is where the ninth and tenth numbered Missions start.

Before the player can get there, they must capture a Steelix in Panula Cave.


Wintown is inhabited by 15 people in total, 8 of which are Rangers.

Wintown Rangers

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 冬迎鎮 Dōngyíng Zhèn
France Flag.png French Bourg-L'Hiver
Germany Flag.png German Frostberg
Italy Flag.png Italian Invernopoli
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hiberna

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