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Revision as of 09:44, 9 July 2016 by Bisounours42 (talk | contribs) (Adding a few new moves)
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Hello, here is what I can add :

I have a rattata with Hyper Fang I have a ritacate with Quick attack and Hyper fang I have a nidoran female with poison sting and poison fang I have a nidoran male with sludge bomb I have a magnemite with Spark and Magnet bomb I have a seel with Aqua jet I have a ghastly with Dark pulse I have another Ghastly with Sucker punch and Ominous wind I have a Drowzee with Pound and Psyshock I have another Drowzee with Confusion and Psychic I have another Drowzee with Psybeam I have a cubone with Mud slap and dig

That's all for the moment :)

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