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Joined 27 July 2009
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Hello, I am WeedleMaster.

As you probably guessed, I am the biggest Weedle fan.

I also love Jynx ,Blissey,and Torchic.

My Team

Level 5 Team

Heart Gold Predicted Team


{{Team| |#1=Spr 4d 186 m.png |Poke1=Politoed |LV1=Lv. 50 |G1= |HI1= |M1P1=Psychic |M2P1=Waterfall |M3P1=Earthquake |M4P1=Ice Beam

|#2=Spr 4p 196.png |Poke2=Espeon |LV2=Lv. 50 |G2= |HI2= |M1P2=Psychic |M2P2=Shadow Ball |M3P2=Grass Knot |M4P2=Future Sight

|#3=Spr 4d 015.png |Poke3=Beedrill |LV3=Lv. 50 |G3= |HI3= |M1P3=Poison Jab |M2P3=X-Scissor |M3P3=Giga Drain |M4P3=Brick Break