The Bulb's Master

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The Bulb's Master and Rey de Teca

I am both the Bulb's Master for Bulbapedia and Rey de Teca for Pokétéca.



The Bulb's Master is a human. His eyes are colored green and his hair is black. Just like other humans, he has 5 fingers each hand and 5 toes each foot. The Bulb's Master's cry sound like a little girl.

Gender Diffrences

None. He was always a male.

Special Ablities

He can fence, play Pokémon video games and stars in a lot of plays. Also, his Most Special Ablity (MSA) is: Laugh! Laugh is when someone is attacking me with a Water move, I will laugh and she will laugh. No one can sleep while laughing.


Sometimes, he's very patient, and other times, he can very funny.


He lives in Katy,TX. Do not try looking for his home. He will kill you, with his lightsaber or, if lightsabers aren't real, then a fencing foil.


Mostly eats sweets, like Prof. Rowan. MMM! And his Most Special Cake (MSC) is Oreo Cake!

In the anime

Never, ever, is he going to appear in the anime, unless you're talkin' about Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

In the manga

Never, ever, is he going to appear in the manga, but he reads them!

Other Appearances

No where is he found, execpt Texas, of course. Unless I'm going to Florida.

More About the Master of Bulbasaur and Turtwig♀, and Most Recently, Chikorita

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On rock band, though.

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Even though he likes nighttime too.