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Confirmed genders in the anime

Confirmed through Attract or Cute Charm

Episode Pokémon with Cute Charm Pokémon affected by Cute Charm
Rough, Tough Jigglypuff Unknown gender* JigglypuffLisa Mitchum's Jigglypuff LoudredMitch Mitchum's Loudred Opposite gender of Jigglypuff's,
confirmed through Cute Charm
Battling The Generation Gap! Confirmed male
by Brock
Delcatty Lila's Delcatty Ambipom Dawn's Ambipom Confirmed female
by Brock
Episode Pokémon that used Attract Pokémon affected by Attract
Strategy Begins at Home! Confirmed female
through Attract
Umbreon Johanna's Umbreon Piplup Dawn's Piplup Confirmed male later
Strategy Begins at Home! Unknown gender Glameow Johanna's Glameow Pachirisu Dawn's Pachirisu Opposite gender of Glameow's,
confirmed through Attract
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! Confirmed female
through Attract
Togepi Wild Togepi Meowth Meowth (Team Rocket) Confirmed male
by James
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! Confirmed female
through Attract
Togepi Wild Togepi Pikachu Ash's Pikachu Confirmed male
through Attract
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! Confirmed female
through Attract
Togepi Wild Togepi Piplup Dawn's Piplup Confirmed male
through Attract
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! Confirmed female
through Attract
Togepi Wild Togepi Croagunk Brock's Croagunk Confirmed male
through Attract
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! Confirmed female
through Attract
Togepi Wild Togepi Yanmega Jessie's Yanmega Confirmed female
through Attract
DPS02 Female species Chansey Nurse Joy's Chansey Sudowoodo Brock's Sudowoodo Confirmed male
through Attract
Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! Confirmed female
through Attract
Snivy Ash's Snivy Pikachu Ash's Pikachu Reconfirmed male
by Ash
Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! Confirmed female
through Attract
Snivy Ash's Snivy Oshawott Ash's Oshawott Confirmed male
through Attract
Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! Confirmed female
through Attract
Snivy Ash's Snivy Tepig Ash's Tepig Confirmed male
through Attract
Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! Confirmed female
through Attract
Snivy Ash's Snivy Pidove Ash's Pidove Confirmed female
through Attract
A Rival Battle for Club Champ! Confirmed female before Snivy Ash's Snivy ServineTrip's Servine Confirmed male
through Attract
Minccino—Neat and Tidy! Confirmed male
through Attract
Minccino Bianca's Minccino Snivy Ash's Snivy Confirmed female before
Emolga the Irresistible! Confirmed female
through Attract
Emolga Iris's Emolga Oshawott Ash's Oshawott Confirmed male before
Emolga the Irresistible! Confirmed female
through Attract
Emolga Iris's Emolga Excadrill Iris's Excadrill Confirmed male
through Attract
Emolga and the New Volt Switch! Confirmed female before Emolga Iris's Emolga Pignite Bianca's Pignite Confirmed male
through Attract
Emolga and the New Volt Switch! Confirmed female before Emolga Iris's Emolga Sewaddle Ash's Sewaddle Confirmed male
through Attract
Emolga and the New Volt Switch! Confirmed female before Emolga Iris's Emolga Scraggy Ash's Scraggy Confirmed male
through Attract
Archeops In The Modern World! Confirmed female before Emolga Iris's Emolga Archen Juniper's Archen Confirmed female
through Attract
Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia! Confirmed female before Snivy Ash's Snivy Pawniard Georgia's Pawniard Confirmed female
through Attract
Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! Confirmed female
by Elesa
Emolga Elesa's Emolga Palpitoad Ash's Palpitoad Confirmed male
through Attract
Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! Confirmed female
by Elesa
Emolga Elesa's Emolga Snivy Ash's Snivy Reconfirmed female
through Attract
Battling the King of the Mines! Confirmed female before Snivy Ash's Snivy PalpitoadClay's Palpitoad Confirmed male
through Attract
Mission: Defeat Your Rival! Confirmed male before Emboar Bianca's Emboar Samurott Cameron's Samurott Confirmed female
through Attract
Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit! Confirmed female before Emolga Iris's Emolga WoobatJessie's Woobat Confirmed male
through Attract
Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit! Confirmed female before Emolga Iris's Emolga YamaskJames's Yamask Confirmed male
through Attract
Kindergarten Chaos! Confirmed female
through Attract
Sylveon Penelope's Sylveon Froakie Ash's Froakie Confirmed in the English dub
and games
Master Class Choices! Unknown genders Dragonair Amelia's Dragonair
Espeon Amelia's Espeon
Chespin Clemont's Chespin Opposite gender of either
Espeon or Dragonair's,
confirmed through Attract
Valuable Experience for All! Confirmed male by Clemont Slurpuff Sawyer's Slurpuff Raichu Tierno's Raichu* Confirmed female
through Attract
Valuable Experience for All! Confirmed male
through Attract
Slurpuff Sawyer's Slurpuff Blastoise Tierno's Blastoise Confirmed male
through Attract

Confirmed gender

Confirmed in Pokémon Gender Description
A Gruff Act to Follow! TurtwigAsh's Turtwig Male Called "big brother" by Oak (only in Japanese version)
A Windswept Encounter! NoibatAsh's Noibat Male Confirmed by Meowth (only in Japanese version)
Don't Ignore the Small Stufful! BewearTeam Rocket Bewear Female Confirmed by Meowth (only in Japanese version)
Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! UmbreonVirgil's Umbreon Male Confirmed by Virgil (only in Japanese version)
Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! EspeonVirgil's Espeon Male Confirmed by Virgil (only in Japanese version)
Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! VaporeonVirgil's Vaporeon Male Confirmed by Virgil (only in Japanese version)
Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! JolteonVirgil's Jolteon Male Confirmed by Virgil (only in Japanese version)
Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! FlareonVirgil's Flareon Male Confirmed by Virgil (only in Japanese version)
Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! LeafeonVirgil's Leafeon Male Confirmed by Virgil (only in Japanese version)
Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! GlaceonVirgil's Glaceon Male Confirmed by Virgil (only in Japanese version)
Aipom and Circumstance! AipomAsh's Aipom Female* Confirmed by May
Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing! LuvdiscCaserin Male Confirmed by Daisy
Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing! LuvdicLuverin Female Confirmed by Daisy
A Pokémon of a Different Color! DragontieIris's Dragonite Male Confirmed by Cilan
A Shocking Grocery Run! TogedemaruSophocles's Togedemaru Female Confirmed by Sophocles
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! MeowthTeam Rocket Meowth Male Confirmed by James
A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell? PumpkabooJessie's Pumpkaboo Female Confirmed by James
Fighting Back the Tears! MareanieJames's Mareanie Female Confirmed by Meowth
Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! EeveeVirgil's Eevee Female Confirmed by Virgil
Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"! ZoruaLuke's Zorua Female Confirmed by Luke
A Pokémon of a Different Color! DragoniteClaire's Dragonite Female Confirmed by Claire
Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! EmolgaElesa's Emolga Female Confirmed by Elesa
Snubbull Snobbery SnubbullMadame Muchmoney's Snubbull Female Confirmed by Brock
Valuable Experience for All! SlurpuffSawyer's Slurpuff Male Confirmed by Clemont
A Pokévision of Things to Come! FennekinSerena's Fennekin Female* Confirmed by Serena saying "girls should always attend to their appearances" about Fennekin (only in Japanese version)
Love Strikes! Eevee, Yikes! EeveeSerena's Eevee Female* Confirmed by Serena saying "roughnecks are even less popular with girls" about Eevee (only in Japanese version)
Crossing Paths DustoxJessie's Dustox Female Confirmed by Austin saying "it's your bride" about Dustox (only in Japanese version)
Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain! KrokorokAsh's Krokorok Male Called "big brother" of Axew by Iris (only in Japanese version)
A Windswept Encounter! (Poké TV) HawluchaAsh's Hawlucha Male Hawlucha's fight with Dark Hawlucha is called "between men" (only in Japanese version)
A Cellular Connection! (Poké TV) BunnelbyClemont's Bunnelby Male* Called "big brother" of other Pokémon (only in Japanese version)
Scraggy—Hatched to be Wild! ScraggyAsh's Scraggy Male* Called "little brother" of Axew by Iris
With the Easiest of Grace! TogekissDawn's Togekiss Female Called "big sister" by Dawn
Scraggy—Hatched to be Wild! AxewIris's Axew Male Called "big brother" of Scraggy by Iris
A Fiery Training Camp Trick! TurtonatorKiawe's Turtonator Male Called "big brother" of other Pokémon by Ash
Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet! DrampaGrandpa Forest Male Called "grandpa"
A Fiery Training Camp Trick! CrawdauntKiawe's Crawdaunt Male Called "big brother" of other Pokémon by Kiawe
Rescuing the Unwilling! ClefableLusamine's Clefable Female Called "big sister" of Pokédoll by Lillie
Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! TynamoElesa's Tynamo Female Called "electric queen" by Elesa
Pikachu & Pichu PichuPichu Brothers x2 Male Called "brothers"
Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige! PansageCilan's Pansage Male Confirmed by wearing a bow to pretend being female
Party Dancecapades! PanchamSerena's Pancham Male Confirmed by wearing blue bow tie like other male Pokémon
Party Dancecapades! DedenneClemont's Dedenne Male Confirmed by wearing blue bow tie like other male Pokémon
Party Dancecapades! InkeyJames's Inkay Male Confirmed by wearing blue bow tie like other male Pokémon
Party Dancecapades! DelphoxAria's Delphox Female Confirmed by wearing tiara like other female Pokémon
Party Dancecapades! KlefkiMonsieur Pierre's Klefki Male Confirmed by wearing blue bow tie like other male Pokémon
Party Dancecapades! SlurpuffMiette's Slurpuff Female Confirmed by wearing tiara like other female Pokémon
Cream of the Croagunk Crop! CroagunkChrissy Female Confirmed by feminine name
Charizard's Burning Ambitions CharizardCharla Female Confirmed by feminine name
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! PikachuAsh's Pikachu Male Confirmed through Attract
Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! OshawottAsh's Oshawott Male Confirmed through Attract
Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! TepigAsh's Tepig Male Confirmed through Attract
Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! SnivyAsh's Snivy Female Confirmed through Attract
Emolga and the New Volt Switch! SewaddleAsh's Sewaddle Male Confirmed through Attract
Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! PalpitoadAsh's Palpitoad Male Confirmed through Attract
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! CroagunkBrock's Croagunk Male Confirmed through Attract
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! PiplupDawn's Piplup Male Confirmed through Attract
Emolga the Irresistible! ExcadrillIris's Excadrill Male Confirmed through Attract
Emolga the Irresistible! EmolgaIris's Emolga Female Confirmed through Attract
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! YanmegaJessie's Yanmega Female Confirmed through Attract
Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit! WoobatJessie's Woobat Male Confirmed through Attract
Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit! YamaskJames's Yamask Male Confirmed through Attract
A Rival Battle for Club Champ! ServineTrip's Servine Male Confirmed through Attract
Emolga and the New Volt Switch! PigniteBianca's Pignite Male Confirmed through Attract
Minccino—Neat and Tidy! MinccinoBianca's Minccino Male Confirmed through Attract
Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia! PawniardGeorgia's Pawniard Female Confirmed through Attract
Mission: Defeat Your Rival! SamurottCameron's Samurott Female Confirmed through Attract
Strategy Begins at Home! UmbreonJohanna's Umbreon Female Confirmed through Attract
Battling The Generation Gap! DelcattyLila's Delcatty Male Confirmed through Attract
DPS02 SudowoodoBrock's Sudowoodo Male Confirmed through Attract
Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! PidoveAsh's Pidove Female Confirmed through Attract
Emolga and the New Volt Switch! ScraggyAsh's Scraggy Male Confirmed through Attract
Archeops In The Modern World! ArchenJuniper's Archen Female Confirmed through Attract
Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! EmolgaElesa's Emolga Female Confirmed through Attract
Battling the King of the Mines! PalpitoadClay's Palpitoad Male Confirmed through Attract
Valuable Experience for All! BlastoiseTierno's Blastoise Male Confirmed through Attract
Valuable Experience for All! RaichuTierno's Raichu Female* Confirmed through attract
New Places... Familiar Faces! FrillishJessie's Frillish Female Confirmed by gender difference
A Rival Battle for Club Champ! FrillishTrip's Frillish Male Confirmed by gender difference
Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! UnfezantAlain's Unfezant Male Confirmed by gender difference
Performing with Fiery Charm! MeowsticMiette's Meowstic Male Confirmed by gender difference
Mega Evolution Special II PyroarLysandre's Pyroar Male Confirmed by gender difference
JN027 IndeedeeNurse Joy's Indeedee Female Confirmed by gender difference
JN027 IndeedeeNurse Joy's Indeedee Male Confirmed by gender difference
Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction PyroarAstrid's Pyroar Male Confirmed by gender difference
Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction MeowsticAstrid's Meowstic Female Confirmed by gender difference
Cilan Takes Flight! UnfezantSkyla's Unfezant Male Confirmed by gender difference
The Road to Humilau! JellicentMarlon's Jellicent Male Confirmed by gender difference
Cloudy Fate, Bright Future! MeowsticOlympia's Meowstic Female Confirmed by gender difference
Cloudy Fate, Bright Future! MeowsticOlympia's Meowstic Male Confirmed by gender difference

Uncertain cases

Confirmed in Pokémon Gender Description
Chikorita's Big Upset BayleefAsh's Bayleef Female Source needed
The Power of One SlowkingSlowking (M02) Male Source needed
Cottonee in Love! CottoneeAsh's Cottonee Male Masculine
Having a Wailord of a Time TreeckoNurse Joy's Treecko Female Feminine
Crisis at Ferroseed Research! VanilluxeGeorgia's Vanilluxe Female Ash's Oshawott had a crush on it
Bye Bye Psyduck GolduckMisty's Golduck Male Confirmed by Misty saying "it's a Pokémon version of Brock" because it likes to show off in front of girls
[[|]] SteelixBrock's Steelix Male Confirmed in the English dub, Pokémon Adventures and games
[[|]] WeezingJames's Weezing Male Confirmed in the English dub and games
So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd PsyduckMisty's Psyduck Male Confirmed by Brock in the English dub and games
Kindergarten Chaos! GreninjaAsh's Greninja Male Confirmed by Ash in the English dub and games
Steamboat Willies! BunearyDawn's Buneary Female Confirmed in English dub
Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village BulbasaurAsh's Bulbasaur Male* Confirmed in English dub
Tanks a Lot! CharizardAsh's Charizard Male Confirmed in English dub
Pokémon Food Fight!
Playing with Fire!
SnorlaxAsh's Snorlax Male Confirmed in English dub
Love, Totodile Style TotodileAsh's Totodile Male Confirmed in English dub
Tree's a Crowd
Odd Pokémon Out!
SceptileAsh's Sceptile Male Confirmed in English dub
Date Expectations GlalieAsh's Glalie Male Confirmed in English dub
Aiming for the Top Floor! RowletAsh's Rowlet Male Confirmed in English dub
[[|]] Mr. MimeAsh's Mr. Mime Male Confirmed in English dub
Island of the Giant Pokémon SquirtleAsh's Squirtle Male Confirmed in English dub
[[|]] HorseaMisty's Horsea Male Confirmed in English dub
The Saffron Con WartortleMay's Wartortle Male Confirmed in English dub
[[|]] CacneaJames's Cacnea Male Confirmed in English dub
Once in a Mawile LombreBrock's Lombre Male Confirmed in English dub
[[|]] SpoinkSpoink (anime) Male Confirmed in English dub
[[|]] ToxicroakSaturn's Toxicroak Female Confirmed in the Pokémon Adventures and games only
[[|]] PuruglyMars's Purugly Female Confirmed in the Pokémon Adventures and games only
[[|]] LucarioKorrina's Lucario Male Confirmed in the Pokémon Adventures and games only
N/A RockruffKukui's Rockruff Male Confirmed in the games only, although can be female in the Battle Tree or Battle Royal Dome
N/A MarowakKiawe's Marowak Male Confirmed in the games only, although can be female in the Battle Tree
N/A GyaradosMisty's Gyarados Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A TogeticMisty's Togetic Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A GeodudeBrock's Geodude Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A ForretressBrock's Forretress Female Confirmed in the games only
N/A HelioliskClemont's Heliolisk Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A VulpixSnowy Female Confirmed in the games only
N/A VikavoltSophocles's Vikavolt Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A ZoroarkGladion's Zoroark Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A ArbokJessie's Arbok Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A PersianGiovanni's Persian Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A IncineroarKukui's Incineroar Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A SwannaSkyla's Swanna Female Confirmed in the games only
N/A PansearChili's Pansear Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A PanpourCress's Panpour Male Confirmed in the games only
N/A MunnaFennel's Munna Female Confirmed in the games only
Night in the Haunted Tower HaunterAsh's Haunter Male Confirmed in novelization
Pruning a Passel of Pals! VenusaurMay's Venusaur Female Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
A Full Battle Bounty! VenusaurKukui's Venusaur Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Alola, Kanto! ButterfreeAsh's Butterfree Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Butterfree and Me! ButterfreeAsh's Butterfree (second) Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge! ButterfreeLillie's Butterfree Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Working My Way Back to Mew! ButterfreeGoh's Butterfree Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
JN019 RattataGoh's Rattata Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
JN018 RaichuVisquez's Raichu Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Flint Sparks the Fire! RaichuVolkner's Raichu Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Camping It Up! RaichuAsh's Raichu Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Alola to New Adventure! ZubatRapp's Zubat Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
The Ninja Poké-Showdown GolbatKoga's Golbat Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Mission: Total Recall! AlakazamFaba's Alakazam Male Confirmed by gender difference
Settling a Not-So-Old Score! AlakazamKenny's Alakazam Male Confirmed by gender difference
One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! DodrioDawn's Dodrio Female Confirmed by gender difference
A Pyramiding Rage! DodrioCandice's Dodrio Female Confirmed by gender difference
Mission: Total Recall! HypnoFaba's Hypno Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction RhyhornSerena's Rhyhorn Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
JN024 GoldeenGoh's Goldeen Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Working My Way Back to Mew! ScytherGoh's Scyther Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Coming Apart at the Dreams! GyaradosLysandre's Gyarados Male Confirmed by gender difference
Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution GyaradosRed Gyarados Male Confirmed by gender difference
The Legend of Thunder! GyaradosLance's Gyarados Male Confirmed by gender difference
A Crasher Course in Power! GyaradosCrasher Wake's Gyarados Male Confirmed by gender difference
Where Are You Going, Eevee? EeveeSandy Male Confirmed by gender difference
(Generation VII)
Mega Evolution Special IV HoundoomMalva's Houndoom Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Defending the Homeland! WooperKeanan's Wooper Male Confirmed by gender difference
Defending the Homeland! QuagsireKeanan's Quagsire Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
A Crasher Course in Power! QuagsireCrasher Wake's Quagsire Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways! WobbuffetJessie's Wobbuffet Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Nerves of Steelix! SteelixJasmine's Steelix Male Confirmed by gender difference
Dealing With Defensive Types! SteelixByron's Steelix Male Confirmed by gender difference
Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction ScizorWikstrom's Scizor Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Battle Royal 151! ScizorGuzma's Scizor Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Sliding Into Seventh! SneaselCandice's Sneasel Male Confirmed by gender difference
A Sappy Ending HeracrossAsh's Heracross Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Smells Like Team Spirit! HeracrossConway's Heracross Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel HeracrossJessie's Heracross Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Steeling Peace of Mind! HeracrossBarry's Heracross Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
From A to Z! HoundoomMable's Houndoom Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Mega Evolution Special IV HoundoomMalva's Houndoom Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
A Trainer and Child Reunion! BeautiflyAaron's Beautifly Male Confirmed by gender difference
JN023 DustoxGoh's Dustox x3 Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Lost Leader Strategy! MedititeMaylene's Meditite Female Confirmed by gender difference
Sliding Into Seventh! MedichamCandice's Medicham Female Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Rescuing the Unwilling! MiloticLusamine's Milotic Female Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Our Cup Runneth Over! MiloticWallace's Milotic Female Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Arceus and the Jewel of Life MiloticPalmer's Milotic Female Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
When Pokémon Worlds Collide! StarlyPaul's Starly x3 Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Lost Leader Strategy! StarlyReggie's Starly x3 Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Following A Maiden's Voyage! StarlyRowan's Starly Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Following A Maiden's Voyage! StaraptorRowan's Staraptor Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Two Degrees of Separation! StaraptorAsh's Staraptor Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Barry's Busting Out All Over! StaraptorBarry's Staraptor Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Lost Leader Strategy! StaraptorReggie's Staraptor Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Lost Leader Strategy! BidoofReggie's Bidoof x3 Female Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Lost Leader Strategy! BibarelReggie's Bibarel Female Confirmed by gender difference
Last Call — First Round! KricketotNando's Kricketot Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Lost Leader Strategy! KricketotReggie's Kricketot x2 Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Dawn's Early Night! KricketuneNando's Kricketune Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Lost Leader Strategy! ShinxReggie's Shinx x2 Male Confirmed by gender difference
A Campus Reunion! ShinxClemont's Shinx Male Confirmed by gender difference
There's a New Gym Leader in Town! ShinxCheren's Shinx x2 Male Confirmed by gender difference
Camping It Up! ShinxAngie's Shinx Male Confirmed by gender difference
Leading a Stray! LuxioAsh's Luxio Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Luxray Vision! LuxrayJenny's Luxray Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore! LuxrayVolkner's Luxray Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Now That's Flower Power! RoseradeDrew's Roserade Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Dawn Of A New Era! RoseradeNando's Roserade Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Barry's Busting Out All Over! RoseradeBarry's Roserade Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
The Grass Menagerie! RoseradeGardenia's Roserade Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Lumiose City Pursuit! CombeeSycamore's Combee x3 Female Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Buizel Your Way Out Of This! BuizelAsh's Buizel Male Confirmed by gender difference
Last Call — First Round! FloatzelKenny's Floatzel Male Confirmed by gender difference
One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! FloatzelConway's Floatzel Male Confirmed by gender difference
A Crasher Course in Power! FloatzelCrasher Wake's Floatzel Male Confirmed by gender difference
Last Call — First Round! FloatzelKenny's Floatzel Male Confirmed by gender difference
Mass Hip-Po-Sis! HippopotasHippopotas (anime) Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
A Rivalry to Gible On! GibleKhoury's Gible Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
A Meteoric Rise to Excellence! GibleAsh's Gible Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
BWS02 GibleIris's Gible Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Another One Gabites the Dust! GabiteUrsula's Gabite Female Confirmed by gender difference
Lumiose City Pursuit! GarchompSycamore's Garchomp Female Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Top-Down Training! GarchompCynthia's Garchomp Female Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
A Mission of Ultra Urgency! GarchompAsh's Garchomp Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Hoopa and the Clash of Ages HippopotasBonnie's Hippopotas Male Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! HippowdonJessie's Hippowdon Male Confirmed by gender difference
An Elite Coverup! HippowdonBertha's Hippowdon Male Confirmed by gender difference
Staging a Heroes' Welcome! LumineonZoey's Lumineon Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Sliding Into Seventh! SnoverCandice's Snover Female Confirmed by gender difference
(both genders confirmed)
Classroom Training! AbomasnowCandice's Abomasnow Female Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
All Hail the Ice Battlefield! AbomasnowWulfric's Abomasnow Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! WeavileAlain's Weavile Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Top-Down Training! WeavilePaul's Weavile Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
An Explosive Operation! WeavileMable's Weavile Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
DPS02 RhyperiorForrest's Rhyperior Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Challenging a Towering Figure! RhyperiorPalmer's Rhyperior Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)
Over the Mountain of Snow! MamoswineAsh's Mamoswine Male Confirmed by gender difference (minor)

Gender differences

Pokémon with very minor gender differences
Rattata Rattata
Raticate Raticate
Zubat Zubat
Golbat Golbat
Kadabra Kadabra
Hypno Hypno
Rhyhorn Rhyhorn
Rhydon Rhydon
Goldeen Goldeen
Seaking Seaking
Scyther Scyther
Ledyba Ledyba
Ledian Ledian
Sudowoodo Sudowoodo
Politoed Politoed
Aipom Aipom
Quagsire Quagsire
Murkrow Murkrow
Gligar Gligar
Scizor Scizor
Ursaring Ursaring
Piloswine Piloswine
Octillery Octillery
Houndoom Houndoom
Donphan Donphan
Combusken Combusken
Blaziken Blaziken
Dustox Dustox
Ludicolo Ludicolo
Nuzleaf Nuzleaf
Shiftry Shiftry
Medicham Medicham
Roselia Roselia
Gulpin Gulpin
Swalot Swalot
Numel Numel
Camerupt Camerupt
Milotic Milotic
Relicanth Relicanth
Generation IV
Starly Starly
Staravia Staravia
Staraptor Staraptor
Kricketot Kricketot
Kricketune Kricketune
Luxio Luxio
Luxray Luxray
Roserade Roserade
Pachirisu Pachirisu
Ambipom Ambipom
Croagunk Croagunk
Toxicroak Toxicroak
Finneon Finneon
Lumineon Lumineon
Abomasnow Abomasnow
Weavile Weavile
Rhyperior Rhyperior
Tangrowth Tangrowth
Mamoswine Mamoswine
Pokémon with clear visual gender differences
Pokémon Standard gender
Venusaur Venusaur Both N/A
Butterfree Butterfree Both N/A
Pikachu Pikachu Both N/A
Raichu Raichu Both N/A
Gloom Gloom Male Dandelion Island Gloom.png
Vileplume Vileplume Male Dandelion Island Vileplume.png
Alakazam Alakazam Male Faba Alakazam.png
Doduo Doduo Male Otoshi Doduo.png
Dress Up Contest Doduo.png
(Doduo dressed up as Dodrio)
Dodrio Dodrio Female Candice Dodrio.png
Magikarp Magikarp Male Goh Magikarp.png
Gyarados Gyarados Male Gyarados Mouth Closed.png
Meganium Meganium Both N/A
Xatu Xatu Female Harriet Tyrogue Xatu.png
Wooper Wooper Male Wooper anime.png
Wobbuffet Wobbuffet Both N/A
Girafarig Girafarig Female Lyra Girafarig.png
Steelix Steelix Male Brock Steelix.png
Heracross Heracross Both N/A
Sneasel Sneasel Male Sneasel anime.png
Torchic Torchic Female Nicholai Cosplay.png
Beautifly Beautifly Male Aaron and Beautifly.png
Meditite Meditite Female Kira.png
Cacturne Cacturne Male Harley Wigglytuff and Cacturne.png
(Cacturne hasn't made appeal since DP001)
Generation IV
Bidoof Bidoof Both N/A
Bibarel Bibarel Female Reggie Bibarel.png
Shinx Shinx Male Clemont Shinx.png
Combee Combee Both N/A
Buizel Buizel Male DP186 error 3.png
Floatzel Floatzel Male DP083 Error.png
Gible Gible Both N/A
Gabite Gabite Female Ursula Gabite.png
Garchomp Garchomp Both N/A
Hippopotas Hippopotas Both N/A
Hippowdon Hippowdon Male Bertha Hippowdon.png
Snover Snover Both N/A
Other cases
Pokémon Introduction
Eevee Eevee LGPE
Unfezant Unfezant V
Frillish Frillish V
Jellicent Jellicent V
Pyroar Pyroar VI
Meowstic Meowstic VI
Indeedee Indeedee VIII

Confirmed Generation IV gender differences

Female Female in anime Standard gender Male in anime Male
HOME003 f.png May Venusaur.png
Nihei Venusaur.png HOME003.png
HOME012 f.png Pink Butterfree M20.png
Ash Butterfree M20.png HOME012.png
HOME025 f.png Ayumi Pikachu.png
Ash Pikachu.png HOME025.png
HOME026 f.png Goh Raichu.png
Visquez Raichu.png HOME026.png
HOME154 f.png Elisa Meganium.png 154Meganium.png
JN020 Meganium.png
HOME202 f.png Dr White Wobbuffet Wynaut.png
Jessie Wobbuffet.png HOME202.png
HOME214 f.png Heracross gender difference anime.png
Heracross anime.png HOME214.png
Generation IV
HOME399 f.png Bidoof Hyper Fang.png 399Bidoof.png
Bidoof DP023.png HOME399.png
HOME415 f.png Sky Relay Combee.png 415Combee.png
Male Combee anime.png HOME415.png
HOME443 f.png Alain Gible.png 443Gible.png
Ash Gible.png HOME443.png
HOME445 f.png Cynthia Garchomp.png 445Garchomp.png
Garchomp anime.png HOME445.png
HOME449 f.png Wild Area Hippopotas.png 449Hippopotas.png
Hoopa Bonnie Hippopotas.png HOME449.png
HOME459 f.png Candice Snover.png 459Snover.png
Snover anime.png HOME459.png
Generation VII
HOME133 f.png Chloe Eevee.png
Ilima Eevee.png HOME133.png

Exclusive Baby Moves

Non-incense babies

Pokémon Move Generation Method acquiring
Charm II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Sweet Kiss II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Nasty Plot II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Uproar II III IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Icy Wind II III IV V VI VII TM in II/Move TutorE in III
Charm II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Sweet Kiss II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Magical Leaf II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Copycat II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Uproar II III IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Icy Wind II III IV V VI VII TM in II/Move TutorE in III
Charm II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Sweet Kiss II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Copycat II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Uproar II III IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Uproar II III IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Tackle II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Helping Hand II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Fake Out II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Foresight* II III IV V VI VII Level Up (except DP)
Uproar II III IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Sweet Kiss II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Confusion II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Sing II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Lucky Chant II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Copycat II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Uproar II III IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Uproar II III IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Uproar II III IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Reversal II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Screech II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Copycat II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Endure II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Nasty Plot II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Final Gambit II III IV V VI VII Level Up
Force Palm II III IV V VI VII Level Up

Incense babies

Mantyke doesn't learn any move that Mantine couldn't, and their pool of Egg Moves overlap.

Pokémon Move Generation Method acquiring
Refresh III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Bubble III IV V VI VII Level Up (except B2W2)
Splash III IV V VI VII Level Up
Charm III IV V VI VII Level Up
Slam III IV V VI VII Level Up and Egg Move
Encore III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Sing III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Tickle III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Fake Tears III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Uproar III IV V VI VII Level Up
Soak III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Copycat III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Bounce* III IV V VI VII Level Up
Amnesia III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Belly Drum III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Future Sight III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Perish Song III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Present III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Supersonic III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Aqua Jet III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Body Slam III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Superpower III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Muddy Water III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Water Sport III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Camouflage III IV V VI VII Egg Move
Charm III IV V VI VII Level Up
Encore III IV V VI VII Level Up
Splash III IV V VI VII Level Up
Tickle III IV V VI VII Event move
Water Sport IV V VI VII Level Up
Worry Seed* IV V VI VII Level Up
Uproar IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Extrasensory IV V VI VII Egg Move
Bullet Seed IV V VI VII Egg Move
Power Whip IV V VI VII Egg Move (in USUM)
Recover IV V VI VII Egg Move
Last Resort* IV V VI VII Level Up
Entrainment IV V VI VII Level Up
Crafty Shield IV V VI VII Egg Move (in USUM)
Perish Song IV V VI VII Egg Move (in USUM)
Fake Tears IV V VI VII Level Up
Uproar IV V VI VII Move Tutor
439Mime Jr.png
Mime Jr.
Tickle IV V VI VII Level Up
Uproar IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Charm IV V VI VII Egg Move
Healing Wish IV V VI VII Egg Move
Psychic Terrain IV V VI VII Egg Move (in USUM)
122Mr. Mime.png
Mr. Mime
Follow Me IV V VI VII Event move
Charm IV V VI VII Level Up
Copycat IV V VI VII Level Up
Sweet Kiss IV V VI VII Level Up
Uproar IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Last Resort IV V VI VII Egg Move
Sweet Scent IV V VI VII Event move
Wish IV V VI VII Event move
Seismic Toss IV V VI VII Egg Move
Metronome IV V VI VII Level Up
Odor Sleuth IV V VI VII Level Up
Screech IV V VI VII Level Up
Stockpile IV V VI VII Level Up
Swallow IV V VI VII Level Up
Last Resort* IV V VI VII Level Up
Uproar IV V VI VII Move Tutor
Self-Destruct IV V VI VII Egg Move
Recycle* IV V VI VII Level Up
Snatch IV V VI VII Level Up
Natural Gift IV V VI VII Level Up
Refresh IV V VI VII Egg Move
Fissure IV V VI VII Egg Move


Date Interviewee Topic Source
XXX, XXX, XXX Tetsuo Yajima XY Anime [1]
  • The kiss scene is indeed meant to be Serena kissing Satoshi, and his reaction to it is surprised awe, any ambiguity the scene has is so they could get it on TV in the first place.
  • Likewise, you're meant to hope and assume the two of them are going to become a couple later.
  • The idea to have a romance subplot apparently came from producer Shukichi Kanda, who came up with the idea of portraying things through a female lead's admiration for Satoshi, which then led to the suggestion that they'd have a flashback to a childhood meeting with romantic implications.
  • Yajima did not know exactly how long the series would last, only that it would have to end when the next games came out.
  • Alan was always meant to be part of the main series. The reason the four Mega specials were made was because it would be difficult to set up his backstory and development in the series itself, so he came up with the idea of giving him his own episodes that could establish his character. The idea to give these episodes a mega evolution theme came later, and was also his idea (so they were not made or the purpose of marketing megas, or in order to test the water for a series with another main character or any other such theory).
  • Also, Alan is meant to be an "Anakin Skywalker-type character", someone who turns to the dark side to protect those he loves.
  • Satoshi's XY design was primarily Yajima's, and the idea for his sideburns were taken from "a character from the video games named Red, which Satoshi is based on".
  • Yajima wanted to make the bond between Satoshi and Gekkouga a major part of the story, but felt it would be difficult to do so if it had to remain a Gekkouga, so he went to Game Freak, and they came up with the idea of a synchro transformation. It was put in Sun/Moon afterwards, but was created during this discussion between anime staff and GF.
  • The interviewer notes that Okido didn't appear at all outside of episode 3, and that Okido's lecture segment getting replaced with PokeTV when XY&Z started meant that Okido didn't appear at all throughout all of XY&Z (the interview was conducted before XY&Z47 had aired) and asks if there was a reason for this. Yajima confirms this was a complete oversight, not something intentional. Presumably this goes for other callbacks to older series as well.
  • When XY&Z started, Yajima knew that the series had to wrap up everything in only a year, and they did a meeting to basically set up how the events of that year would go. He also specifically says that this is the reason there's minimal filler in XY&Z, there was absolutely no room.
  • Yajima wanted to drop the use of stock footage completely, but this wasn't possible to do, so they went with creating stock foreground footage that could have different backgrounds added to it instead.
Nintendo DREAM November 2009 issue Morimoto Shigeki Lugia [2]


Base Set 45
Vending S1
Neo Discovery 53
Sample Set
Expedition 96
EX FireRed & LeafGreen 56
Great Encounters 63
HeartGold & SoulSilver 57
Flashfire 1
Sun & Moon 1
Burning Shadows 1
Unbroken Bonds 2
Hidden Fates 1
Rebel Clash 1

Alleged designers

Source: [18] [19] [20]
Additional sources: [21] User:Altruis

  • - Sourced
  • - Not even alleged source
Ken Sugimori
Shigeki Morimoto
Atsuko Nishida
Motofumi Fujiwara
Hironobu Yoshida
Muneo Saitō
Takao Unno
Yusuke Ohmura
Kenkichi Toyama
Hiroki Fuchino
Emi Yoshida
HyunJung Lee
Saya Tsuruta
Mana Ibe
Reiko Tanoue
James Turner
Megumi Mizutani
Tomohiro Kitakaze
Tomohiko Ōkubo
Keiko Moritsugu
Hitoshi Ariga
Kensaku Nabana

Plant based names of Pokemon characters

Plants Polypodiophyta
Angiosperms Monocots
Eudicots Asterids

Order Family Genus and species Plant Japanese name Character
Cyatheales Cibotiaceae Cibotium
C. menziesii
hāpuʻu (Hawaiian tree fern) ハプウ Hapu'u Hapu
Salviniales Marsileaceae Marsilea
M. quadrifolia
田字草 denjisō (European waterclover) デンジ Denzi Volkner
Equisetales Equisetaceae Equisetum 土筆 tsukushi (horsetail) ツクシ Tsukushi Bugsy
Polypodiales Onocleaceae Matteuccia
M. struthiopteris
kogomi (ostrich fern) コゴミ Kogomi Greta
Pinales Cupressaceae Juniperus
J. rigida
杜松 nezu (temple juniper) ネズ Nezu Piers
Pinales Cupressaceae Juniperus
J. chinensis
伊吹 Ibuki (Chinese juniper) イブキ Ibuki Clair
Pinales Cupressaceae Thujopsis
T. dolabrata
翌檜 asunaro (Thujopsis dolabrata) アスナ Asuna Flannery
Pinales Podocarpaceae Nageia
N. nagi
nagi (Nageia nagi) ナギ Nagi Winona
Pinales Pinaceae Pinus
P. parviflora
五葉松 goyōmatsu (five-needle pine) ゴヨウ Goyou Lucian
Pinales Pinaceae Pinus 松葉 matsuba (pine needle) マツバ Matsuba Morty
Pinales Pinaceae Pinus matsu (pine) オマツ Omatsu Charm
Pinales Taxaceae Taxus
T. cuspidata
アララギ araragi (Japanese yew) アララギ博士 Dr. Araragi Juniper
Ginkgoales Ginkgoaceae Ginkgo
G. biloba
銀杏 ginnan (ginkgo nut) ギンナン Ginnan Ginter
Magnoliales Magnoliaceae Magnolia Magnolia マグノリア博士 Dr. Magnolia Magnolia
Magnoliales Magnoliaceae Magnolia
M. kobus
辛夷 kobushi (Kobushi Magnolia) コブシ Kobushi Magnus
Laurales Lauraceae Cinnamomum
C. camphora
kusunoki (camphor tree) クスノキ館長 Director Kusunoki Stern
Chloranthales Chloranthaceae Sarcandra
S. glabra
仙蓼 senryō (glabrous sarcandra) センリ Senri Norman
Nymphaeales Nymphaeaceae 睡蓮 suiren (water lily) スイレン Suiren Lana
Austrobaileyales Schisandraceae Schisandra
S. repanda
松房 matsubusa (Schisandra repanda) マツブサ Matsubusa Maxie
Austrobaileyales Schisandraceae Illicium
I. anisatum
shikimi (Japanese star anise, a plant often used to decorate Buddhist graves) シキミ Shikimi Shauntal
Angiosperms: Monocots
Zingiberales Cannaceae Canna the genus Canna カンナ Kanna Lorelei
Zingiberales Zingiberaceae Curcuma
C. longa
鬱金 ukon (turmeric) ウコン Ukon Spenser
Myrtales Lythraceae Lagerstroemia
L. indica
kāhili (Hawaiian name for various plants resembling the aforementioned feathered regalia, such as crape myrtle, kahili ginger, and red silky oak) カヒリ Kahili Kahili
Arecales Arecaceae Arenga
A. engleri
桄榔 kurotsugu (dwarf sugar palm) クロツグ Kurotsugu Palmer
Poales Poaceae Oryza
O. sativa
momi (unhulled rice) モミ Momi Cheryl
Poales Poaceae Oryza
O. sativa
玄米 genmai (brown rice) ゲン Gen Riley
Poales Poaceae Oryza
O. sativa
mai (rice) マイ Mai Marley
Poales Poaceae Oryza
O. sativa
yone (rice) ヨネ Yone Mai
Poales Poaceae Zizania
Z. latifolia
真菰 makomo (Manchurian wild rice) マコモ Makomo Fennel
Poales Poaceae Zoysia shiba (zoysia grass) シバ Siba Bruno
Poales Poaceae Triticum mil (Korean for wheat) ミル Miru Mira
Poales Poaceae Triticum baku (wheat) バク Baku Buck
Poales Poaceae take (bamboo) タケシ Takeshi Brock
Poales Poaceae take (bamboo), regarded as one of the Three Friends of Winter オタケ Otake Clover
Poales Poaceae Zea
Z. mays
dent corn デント Dent Cilan
Poales Poaceae Zea
Z. mays
pod corn ポッド Pod Chili
Poales Poaceae Zea
Z. mays
corn コーン Corn Cress
Poales Poaceae Miscanthus
M. sinensis
susuki (Chinese silvergrass) ススキ Susuki Iscan
Poales Poaceae Phyllostachys
P. nigra
淡竹 hachiku (henon) ハチク Hachiku Brycen
Poales Typhaceae Sparganium
S. erectum
実栗 mikuri (simplestem bur-reed) ミクリ Mikuri Wallace
Poales Cyperaceae Schoenoplectus シズイ shizui (Schoenoplectus nipponicus: species of club-rush that grows in marshes) シズイ Shizui Marlon
Poales Bromeliaceae Guzmania Guzmania グズマ Guzma Guzma
Asparagales Orchidaceae From orchid and the family name 大木戸 Ōkido (large wooden city gate or castle door) オーキド・ユキナリ博士 Oak
Asparagales Orchidaceae Arundina
A. graminifolia
成屋蘭 Nariya-ran (bamboo orchid) ナリヤ・オーキド Nariya Ōkido Samson
Asparagales Orchidaceae Liparis
L. nervosa
黒蘭 kokuran (pantropical widelip orchid) コクラン Kokuran Darach
Asparagales Orchidaceae Cattleya orchid genus Cattleya カトレア Cattleya Caitlin
Asparagales Orchidaceae Maxillaria orchid genus Maxillaria マキシ Maxi Wake
Asparagales Orchidaceae Gastrodia
G. elata
天麻 tenma (Gastrodia elata) テツ Tetsu Curtis
Asparagales Orchidaceae Vanda
V. falcata
風蘭 fūran (wind orchid) フウとラン Fu & Lan Tate and Liza
Asparagales Iridaceae Iris iris アイリス Iris Iris
Asparagales Iridaceae Iris
I. japonica
射干 shaga (fringed iris) シャガ Shaga Drayden
Asparagales Iridaceae Gladiolus Gladiolus also called "sword lily" グラジオ Glazio Gladion
Asparagales Asphodelaceae Haworthia ハオルチア・シジマ (Haoruchia-Shijima), Haworthia シジマ Shijima Chuck
Asparagales Asphodelaceae Aloe Aloe アロエ Aloe Lenora
Asparagales Asphodelaceae Aloe
A. arborescens
木立アロエ kidachi aloe (krantz aloe) キダチ Kidachi Hawes
Asparagales Asparagaceae Dracaena genus Dracaena (dragon tree) ドラセナ Dracaena Drasna
Asparagales Amaryllidaceae Allium
A. cepa
onion and 鬼 oni (demon, ogre) オニオン Onion Allister
Asparagales Amaryllidaceae Lycoris
L. radiata
彼岸花 higanbana (red spider lily; literally means "flower on the other shore") ヒガナ Higana Zinnia
Pandanales Pandanaceae Pandanus
P. tectorius
阿檀 Adan (thatch screwpine) アダン Adan Juan
Pandanales Pandanaceae Pandanus
P. tectorius
hala (Hawaiian for Pandanus tectorius) ハラ Hala Hala
Liliales Liliaceae Lilium Lilie (German for lily) リーリエ Lilie Lillie
Angiosperms: Eudicots
Ranunculales Ranunculaceae Clematis 鉄線 tessen (Clematis florida) テッセン Tessen Wattson
Ranunculales Ranunculaceae Clematis genus Clematis マチス Matis Lt. Surge
Ranunculales Ranunculaceae Adonis 福寿草 fukujusō (pheasant's-eye) フクジ Fukuji Ramos
Ranunculales Ranunculaceae Aquilegia 苧環 odamaki (columbine) オダマキ博士 Dr. Odamaki Birch
Ranunculales Lardizabalaceae Stauntonia 郁子 mube (Japanese Staunton vine) ムベ Mube Beni
Ranunculales Papaveraceae Papaver Mohn (German for poppy) モーン Mohn Mohn
Ranunculales Berberidaceae Nandina Thunb.
N. domestica
白南天 shironanten (white-fruited nandina) シロナ Shirona Cynthia
Saxifragales Cercidiphyllaceae Cercidiphyllum
C. japonicum
katsura (katsura tree) カツラ Katsura Blaine
Saxifragales Crassulaceae Crassula
C. ovata
花月 kagetsu (jade plant) カゲツ Kagetsu Sidney
Saxifragales Paeoniaceae Paeonia peony ピオニー Peony Peony
Saxifragales Paeoniaceae Paeonia
P. lactiflora
芍薬 shakuyaku (Chinese peony) シャクヤ Shakuya Peonia
Caryophyllales Caryophyllaceae Gypsophila 霞草 kasumi-sō (baby's breath) カスミ Kasumi Misty
Caryophyllales Caryophyllaceae Dianthus
D. caryophyllus
carnation カルネ Carnet Diantha
Caryophyllales Cactaceae Cereus 神代 jindai (Cereus fernambucensis) ジンダイ Jindai Brandon
Caryophyllales Amaranthaceae Celosia
C. argentea
鶏頭 keitō (plumed cockscomb) ケイト Kate Argenta
Caryophyllales Amaranthaceae Beta
B. vulgaris
ビート beet ビート Beet Bede
Proteales Platanaceae Platanus platane (French for plane tree) プラターヌ博士 Dr. Platane Sycamore
Angiosperms: Eudicots: Asterids
Solanales Solanaceae Datura genus Datura ダツラ Datsura Noland
Solanales Solanaceae Solanum
S. nigrum
竜葵 ryūki (black nightshade) リュウキ Ryūki Ryuki
Aquifoliales Aquifoliaceae Ilex
I. purpurea
七実の木 nanami-no-ki (oriental holly) オーキド・ナナミ Nanami Okido Daisy
Apiales Apiaceae Angelica
A. acutiloba
当帰 tōki (Angelica acutiloba) トウキ Touki Brawly
Apiales Apiaceae Cryptotaenia
C. japonica
三つ葉 mitsuba (Japanese honewort) ミツバ Mitsuba Honey
Dipsacales Caprifoliaceae Valerianella
V. locusta
mâche (French for corn salad, rapunzel) マーシュ Mache Valerie
Cornales Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea hydrangea ハイド Hyde Hyde
Cornales Hydrangeaceae Deutzia
D. crenata
空木 utsugi (Deutzia crenata) ウツギ博士 Dr. Utsugi Elm
Lamiales Lamiaceae Satureja savory セイボリー Savory Avery
Lamiales Lamiaceae Melissa genus Melissa メリッサ Melissa Fantina
Lamiales Lamiaceae Lavandula lavender ラベン博士 Dr. Laven Laventon
Lamiales Lamiaceae Perilla genus Perilla ペリーラ Perilla Zisu
Lamiales Lamiaceae Perilla
P. frutescens
大葉 ōba (a variety of green-leaved shiso) オーバ Ohba Flint
Lamiales Lamiaceae Salvia
S. rosmarinus
rosemary マリィ Mary Marnie
Lamiales Scrophulariaceae Verbascum mullein マーレイン Mullein Molayne
Lamiales Oleaceae Syringa
S. vulgaris
lilas (French for lilac) リラ Lila Anabel
Lamiales Oleaceae Jasminum
J. sambac
茉莉花 matsurika (Arabian jasmine) マツリカ Matsurika Mina
Lamiales Oleaceae Olea
O. europaea
olive オリーヴ Olive Oleana
Lamiales Plantaginaceae Lagotis
L. glauca
得撫草 Urup-sou (glaucous weaselsnout) ウルップ Urup Wulfric
Lamiales Plantaginaceae Lagotis
L. glauca
浜蓮華 hamarenge (glaucous weaselsnout) ハマレンゲ Hamarenge Gaeric
Ericales Primulaceae Primula Primula or primrose プリム Purim Glacia
Ericales Ericaceae Rhododendron 躑躅 tsutsuji (rhododendron) ツツジ Tsutsuji Roxanne
Ericales Ericaceae Erica genus Erica エリカ Erika Erika
Ericales Ericaceae heath ヒース Heath Tucker
Ericales Ericaceae Vaccinium ギーマ gīma (Vaccinium wrightii) ギーマ Giima Grimsley
Ericales Ericaceae Lyonia
L. ovalifolia
捩木 neziki (staggerbush) ネジキ Neziki Thorton
Ericales Pentaphylacaceae Cleyera
C. japonica
sakaki (a sacred tree in Shinto from which the Earth Badge bears a resemblance) サカキ Sakaki Giovanni
Ericales Theaceae Camellia
C. sasanqua
山茶花 sazanka (sasanqua camellia) サザンカ Sazanka Sanqua
Ericales Theaceae Camellia 椿 tsubaki (camellia) ツバキ Tsubaki Melli
Ericales Balsaminaceae Impatiens
I. balsamina
Balsamine (German for garden balsam) ルザミーネ Lusamine Lusamine
Ericales Clethraceae Clethra
C. barbinervis
令法 ryōbu (Japanese clethra) リョウ Ryou Aaron
Ericales Ebenaceae Diospyros
D. kaki
kaki (Asian persimmon) カキ Kaki Kiawe
Asterales Asteraceae Catananche
C. caerulea
瑠璃苦菜 ruri-nigana (cupid's dart) ルリナ Rurina Nessa
Asterales Asteraceae Taraxacum dandelion ダンデ Dande Leon
Asterales Asteraceae Matricaria
M. chamomilla
加密列 kamitsure (chamomile) カミツレ Kamitsure Elesa
Asterales Asteraceae Helianthus
H. tuberosus
菊芋 kikuimo (Jerusalem artichoke) キクイ Kikui Lian
Asterales Asteraceae Helianthus
H. annuus
向日葵 himawari (sunflower) ヒマワリ Himawari Helena
Asterales Asteraceae Dahlia genus Dahlia ダリア Dahlia Dahlia
Asterales Asteraceae Cynara
C. cardunculus
artichoke アーティ Arty Burgh
Asterales Asteraceae Achillea
A. millefolium
yarrow ヤロー Yarrow Milo
Asterales Asteraceae Smallanthus
S. sonchifolius
yacón (a root vegetable) ヤーコン Yakon Clay
Asterales Asteraceae Chrysanthemum kiku (chrysanthemum) キクコ Kikuko Agatha
Asterales Asteraceae Chrysanthemum kiku (chrysanthemum) キクコ Kikuko Bertha
Asterales Asteraceae Farfugium
F. japonicum
石蕗 tsuwabuki (leopard plant) ツワブキ・ムクゲ社長
President Mukuge Tsuwabuki
Mr. Stone
Asterales Asteraceae Silybum
S. marianum
azami (thistle) アザミ Azami Lucy
Gentianales Rubiaceae Rubia akane (madder) アカネ Akane Whitney
Gentianales Rubiaceae Gardenia
G. jasminoides
梔子 kuchinashi (gardenia) クチナシ Kuchinashi Nanu
Gentianales Loganiaceae Strychnos
S. nux-vomica
ホミカ homika (strychnine tree) ホミカ Homika Roxie
Gentianales Apocynaceae Plumeria Plumeria プルメリ Plumeri Plumeria
Angiosperms: Eudicots: Rosids
Sapindales Rutaceae Citrus
C. unshiu
蜜柑 mikan (satsuma mandarin) ミカン Mikan Jasmine
Sapindales Rutaceae Citrus
C. limon
citron (French for lemon) シトロン Citron Clemont
Sapindales Sapindaceae Paullinia
P. cupana
ガラナ garana (guarana) ガラナ Garana Palina
Sapindales Sapindaceae Litchi
L. chinensis
lychee ライチ Lychee Olivia
Fagales Juglandaceae Juglans 胡桃 kurumi (walnut) クルミ Kurumi Mary
Geraniales Geraniaceae Geranium 風露草 fūrosō (geranium) フウロ Huuro Skyla
Celastrales Celastraceae Elaeodendron Cassine crocea (saffronwood, synonym of Elaeodendron croceum) クロケア Crocea Cassius
Celastrales Celastraceae Euonymus
E. alatus
azusa (catalpa; dialectal name of winged spindle) アズサ Azusa Brigette
Celastrales Celastraceae Euonymus
E. alatus
錦木 nishikigi (winged spindle) ニシキ Nishiki Celio
Celastrales Celastraceae Euonymus
E. hamiltonianus
mayumi (Hamilton's spindletree) マユミ Mayumi Lanette
Celastrales Celastraceae Euonymus
E. japonicus
masaki (Japanese spindle) and possibly みさき misaki (cape) ソネザキマサキ Bill
Rosales Rosaceae Prunus kyō (apricot) キョウ Kyō Koga
Rosales Rosaceae Prunus anzu (apricot) アンズ Anzu Janine
Rosales Rosaceae Prunus
P. mume
ume (plum) オウメ Oume Coin
Rosales Rosaceae Prunus
P. persica
桃花 táohuā (Chinese for peach blossom) タオファ Taohua Tao Hua
Rosales Rosaceae Prunus
P. salicina
sumomo (Japanese plum) スモモ Sumomo Maylene
Rosales Rosaceae Sorbus
S. commixta
七竈 nanakamado (Japanese rowan) ナナカマド博士 Dr. Nanakamado Rowan
Rosales Rosaceae Sorbus
S. commixta
雷電木 raidenboku (alternate name of the Japanese rowan) デンボク Denboku Kamado
Rosales Rosaceae Rosa rose ローズ Rose Rose
Rosales Rosaceae Rosa
R. rugosa
浜茄子 hamanasu (rugosa rose) ハマナ Hamana Roseanne
Rosales Rosaceae Malus
M. sieboldii
酸実 zumi (Siebold's crabapple) ズミ Zumi Siebold
Rosales Rosaceae Sanguisorba burnet バーネット博士 Dr. Burnet Burnet
Rosales Rhamnaceae Ziziphus
Z. jujuba
natsume (jujube) ナツメ Natsume Sabrina
Rosales Cannabaceae Humulus hop ホップ Hop Hop
Myrtales Myrtaceae Syzygium アデク adeku (boxleaf eugenia) アデク Adeku Alder
Myrtales Myrtaceae Syzygium
S. samarangense
蓮霧 renbu (wax apple) レンブ Renbu Marshal
Myrtales Myrtaceae Psidium
P. guajava
蕃石榴 banjirō (guava) バンジロウ Banjirō Benga
Myrtales Lythraceae Punica
P. granatum
石榴 zakuro (pomegranate) ザクロ Zakuro Grant
Cucurbitales Cucurbitaceae Cucumis
C. melo
melon メロン Melon Melony
Cucurbitales Cucurbitaceae Benincasa Savi
B. hispida
冬瓜 tōgan (wax gourd, winter melon) トウガン Tougan Byron
Cucurbitales Cucurbitaceae Lagenaria
L. siceraria
夕顔 yūgao (calabash) ユウガオ Yūgao Calaba
Cucurbitales Cucurbitaceae Lagenaria
L. siceraria
瓢箪 hyōtan (calabash gourd) ヒョウタ Hyouta Roark
Cucurbitales Cucurbitaceae Sechium
S. edule
隼人瓜 Hayato-uri (chayote) ハヤト Hayato Falkner
Cucurbitales Cucurbitaceae Cucumis
C. sativus
cornichon (French for gherkin) コルニ Corni Korrina
Cucurbitales Cucurbitaceae Cucumis
C. sativus
concombre (French for cucumber) コンコンブル Concombre Gurkinn
Cucurbitales Cucurbitaceae Cucumis
C. sativus
真桑瓜 Makuwa-uri (oriental melon, a cultivar of muskmelon) マクワ Makuwa Gordie
Brassicales Brassicaceae mustard マスタード Mustard Mustard
Brassicales Brassicaceae Brassica
B. rapa
suzuna (old name for turnip) スズナ Suzuna Candice
Brassicales Brassicaceae Brassica
B. rapa
kabu (turnip) カブ Kabu Kabu
Brassicales Brassicaceae Brassica
B. napus
菜種 natane (rapeseed) ナタネ Natane Gardenia
Brassicales Brassicaceae Brassica
B. napus
菜花 nabana (rape blossoms) ナバナ Nabana Colza
Brassicales Brassicaceae Eruca
E. vesicaria
ルッコラ rucola (arugula) ルッコ Rukko Yancy
Brassicales Brassicaceae Eutrema
E. japonicum
山葵 wasabi ワサビ Wasabi Sabi
Malpighiales Violaceae Viola genus Viola ビオラ Viola Viola
Malpighiales Violaceae Viola
V. × wittrockiana
pansy パンジー Pansy Alexa
Malpighiales Salicaceae Salix yanagi (willow) ヤナギ Yanagi Pryce
Malpighiales Salicaceae Populus poplar ポプラ Poplar Opal
Malpighiales Phyllanthaceae Bischofia
B. javanica
赤木 akagi (bishop wood) アカギ Akagi Cyrus
Malpighiales Malpighiaceae Malpighia
M. emarginata
acerola アセロラ Acerola Acerola
Malpighiales Hypericaceae Hypericum 弟切草 otogirisō (St. John's wort) ギリー Girī Aarune
Fabales Fabaceae Sophora
S. chrysophylla
māmane (Hawaiian for Sophora chrysophylla) マーマネ Mamane Sophocles
Fabales Fabaceae Sophora
S. flavescens
苦参 kurara (Sophora flavescens) クララ Kurara Klara
Fabales Fabaceae Wisteria fuji (wisteria) フジ老人 Elder Fuji Fuji
Fabales Fabaceae Cytisus
C. scoparius
金雀枝 enishida (common broom) エニシダ Enishida Scott
Fabales Fabaceae Erythrina
E. variegata
梯梧 deigo (Indian coral tree) and 石蕗 tsuwabuki (leopard plant) ツワブキ ダイゴ Tsuwabuki Daigo Steven
Fabales Fabaceae Vicia Wicke (German for vetch) ビッケ Wicke Wicke
Fabales Fabaceae Vicia
V. faba
Saubohne (German for faba bean) ザオボー Sauboh Faba
Fabales Fabaceae Dalbergia 紫檀 shitan (rosewood) シタン Citan Loblolly
Fabales Fabaceae Laburnum
L. anagyroides
黄花藤 kibanafuji (common laburnum) キバナ Kibana Raihan
Fabales Fabaceae Phaseolus
P. vulgaris
菜豆 saitō (kidney bean) サイトウ Saitou Bea
Malvales Malvaceae Hibiscus
H. syriacus
木槿 mukuge (Syrian ketmia) with the former containing the character 石 (stone)) ツワブキ・ムクゲ社長
President Mukuge Tsuwabuki
Malvales Thymelaeaceae Wikstroemia 雁皮 gampi (a group of Japanese shrubs belonging to the genus Wikstroemia) ガンピ Gampi Wikstrom
Malvales Malvaceae Hibiscus
H. mutabilis
芙蓉 fuyō (cotton rosemallow, referring to the flowers in her hair) フヨウ Fuyou Phoebe
Malvales Malvaceae Hibiscus
H. tiliaceus
hau (Hawaiian for the sea hibiscus) ハウ Hau Hau
Malvales Malvaceae Pentapetes
P. phoenicea
午時花 gojika (midday flower) ゴジカ Gojika Olympia
Malvales Malvaceae Pachira genus Pachira パキラ Pachira Malva
Malvales Malvaceae Adansonia baobab バオバ Baoba Baoba
Malvales Malvaceae Sida
S. fallax
ʻilima (Hawaiian for Sida fallax) イリマ Ilima Ilima
Malvales Malvaceae Gossypium 綿 wata (cotton) ワタル Wataru Lance
Malvales Malvaceae Gossypium
G. tomentosum
maʻo (Hawaiian for Hawaiian cotton) マオ Mao Mallow
Malvales Malvaceae Firmiana
F. simplex
梧桐 aogiri (Chinese parasol tree) アオギリ Aogiri Archie

Art gallery

League Card Raihan.png League Card Raihan.png
League Card Raihan rare.png
Raihan's League Card in
Sword and Shield
Raihan's rare League Card in
Sword and Shield

Type-changing evolution

Preevolved Pokémon Evolved Pokémon
Charmeleon Fire 006
Charizard Fire Flying
Metapod Bug 012
Butterfree Bug Flying
Pikachu Electric 026
Alolan Form
Electric Psychic
Nidorina Poison 031
Nidoqueen Poison Ground
Nidorino Poison 034
Nidoking Poison Ground
Alolan Form
Ice 038
Alolan Form
Ice Fairy
Poliwhirl Water 062
Poliwrath Water Fighting
Galarian Form
Psychic 078
Galarian Form
Psychic Fairy
Galarian Form
Psychic 080
Galarian Form
Poison Psychic
Seel Water 087
Dewgong Water Ice
Shellder Water 091
Cloyster Water Ice
Exeggcute Grass Psychic 103
Alolan Form
Grass Dragon
Cubone Ground 105
Alolan Form
Fire Ghost
Koffing Poison 110
Galarian Form
Poison Fairy
Staryu Water 121
Starmie Water Psychic
Mime Jr.
Mime Jr. Psychic Fairy 122
Mr. Mime
Galarian Form
Mr. Mime
Ice Psychic
Magikarp Water 130
Gyarados Water Flying
Eevee Normal 134
Vaporeon Water
Eevee Normal 135
Jolteon Electric
Eevee Normal 136
Flareon Fire
Dragonair Dragon 149
Dragonite Dragon Flying
Quilava Fire 157
Hisuian Form
Fire Ghost
Togepi(II-V) Normal 176
Togetic(II-V) Normal Flying
Togepi(VI+) Fairy 176
Togetic(VI+) Fairy Flying
Gloom Grass Poison 182
Bellossom Grass
Azurill(III-V) Normal 183
Marill(III-V) Water
Azurill(VI+) Normal Fairy 183
Marill(VI+) Water Fairy
Eevee Normal 196
Espeon Psychic
Eevee Normal 197
Umbreon Dark
Galarian Form
Psychic 199
Galarian Form
Poison Psychic
Pineco Bug 205
Forretress Bug Steel
Onix Rock Ground 208
Steelix Steel Ground
Scyther Bug Flying 212
Scizor Bug Steel
Slugma Fire 219
Magcargo Fire Rock
Seadra Water 230
Kingdra Water Dragon
Pupitar Rock Ground 248
Tyranitar Rock Dark
Torchic Fire 256
Combusken Fire Fighting
Mudkip Water 259
Marshtomp Water Ground
Silcoon Bug 267
Beautifly Bug Flying
Cascoon Bug 269
Dustox Bug Poison
Seedot Grass 274
Nuzleaf Grass Dark
Surskit Bug Water 284
Masquerain Bug Flying
Shroomish Grass 286
Breloom Grass Fighting
Nincada Bug Ground 291
Ninjask Bug Flying
Nincada Bug Ground 292
Shedinja Bug Ghost
Trapinch Ground 329
Vibrava Ground Dragon
Cacnea Grass 332
Cacturne Grass Dark
Swablu Normal Flying 334
Altaria Dragon Flying
Corphish Water 342
Crawdaunt Water Dark
Shelgon Dragon 373
Salamence Dragon Flying
Grotle Grass 389
Torterra Grass Ground
Chimchar Fire 391
Monferno Fire Fighting
Prinplup Water 395
Empoleon Water Steel
Bidoof Normal 400
Bibarel Normal Water
Plant Cloak
Bug 413
Plant Cloak
Bug Grass
Sandy Cloak
Bug 413
Sandy Cloak
Bug Ground
Trash Cloak
Bug 413
Trash Cloak
Bug Steel
Burmy Bug 414
Mothim Bug Flying
West Sea
Water 423
West Sea
Water Ground
East Sea
Water 423
East Sea
Water Ground
Riolu Fighting 448
Lucario Fighting Steel
Skorupi Poison Bug 452
Drapion Poison Dark
Eevee Normal 470
Leafeon Grass
Eevee Normal 471
Glaceon Ice
Kirlia(IV-V) Psychic 475
Gallade(IV-V) Psychic Fighting
Kirlia(VI+) Psychic Fairy 475
Gallade(VI+) Psychic Fighting
Nosepass Rock 476
Probopass Rock Steel
Snorunt Ice 478
Froslass Ice Ghost
Tepig Fire 500
Pignite Fire Fighting
Dewott Water 503
Hisuian Form
Water Dark
Drilbur Ground 530
Excadrill Ground Steel
Tympole Water 536
Palpitoad Water Ground
Petilil Grass 549
Hisuian Form
Grass Fighting
Karrablast Bug 589
Escavalier Bug Steel
Rufflet Normal Flying 628
Hisuian Form
Psychic Flying
Quilladin Grass 652
Chesnaught Grass Fighting
Braixen Fire 655
Delphox Fire Psychic
Frogadier Water 658
Greninja Water Dark
Bunnelby Normal 660
Diggersby Normal Ground
Fletchling Normal Flying 662
Fletchinder Fire Flying
Spewpa Bug 666
Vivillon Bug Flying
Pancham Fighting 675
Pangoro Fighting Dark
Skrelp Poison Water 691
Dragalge Poison Dragon
Eevee Normal 700
Sylveon Fairy
Goomy Dragon 705
Hisuian Form
Dragon Steel
Bergmite Ice 713
Hisuian Form
Ice Rock
Dartrix Grass Flying 724
Decidueye Grass Ghost
Dartrix Grass Flying 724
Hisuian Form
Grass Fighting
Torracat Fire 727
Incineroar Fire Dark
Brionne Water 730
Primarina Water Fairy
Grubbin Bug 737
Charjabug Bug Electric
Crabrawler Fighting 740
Crabominable Fighting Ice
Jangmo-o Dragon 783
Hakamo-o Dragon Fighting
Cosmoem Psychic 791
Solgaleo Psychic Steel
Cosmoem Psychic 792
Lunala Psychic Ghost
Poipole Poison 804
Naganadel Poison Dragon
Corvisquire Flying 823
Corviknight Flying Steel
Blipbug Bug 825
Dottler Bug Psychic
Chewtle Water 834
Drednaw Water Rock
Rolycoly Rock 838
Carkol Rock Fire
Hattrem Psychic 858
Hatterene Psychic Fairy
Kubfu Fighting 892
Single Strike Style
Fighting Dark
Kubfu Fighting 892
Rapid Strike Style
Fighting Water
Stantler Normal 899
Wyrdeer Normal Psychic
Scyther Bug Flying 900
Kleavor Bug Rock
Ursaring Normal 901
Ursaluna Ground Normal
Basculin Water 902
Basculegion Water Ghost

Preevolved Pokémon Mega Evolved Pokémon
Charizard Fire Flying 006
Charizard X
Fire Dragon
Pinsir Bug 127
Bug Flying
Gyarados Water Flying 130
Water Dark
Mewtwo Psychic 150
Mewtwo X
Psychic Fighting
Ampharos Electric 181
Electric Dragon
Sceptile Grass 254
Grass Dragon
Aggron Steel Rock 306
Altaria Dragon Flying 334
Dragon Fairy
Lopunny Normal 428
Normal Fighting
Audino Normal 531
Normal Fairy

Basic form Alternate form(s)
Castform Normal 351
Sunny Form
Normal 351
Rainy Form
Normal 351
Snowy Form
Groudon Ground 383
Ground Fire
Rotom Electric Ghost 479
Electric Fire
Electric Ghost 479
Electric Water
Electric Ghost 479
Electric Ice
Electric Ghost 479
Electric Flying
Electric Ghost 479
Electric Grass
Land Forme
Grass 492
Sky Forme
Grass Flying
Arceus Normal 493
Arceus ???
Standard Mode
Fire 555
Zen Mode
Fire Psychic
Galarian Form
Standard Mode
Ice 555
Galarian Form
Zen Mode
Ice Fire
Aria Forme
Normal Psychic 648
Pireuette Forme
Normal Fighting
Psychic Ghost 720
Psychic Dark
Baile Style
Fire Flying 741
Pom-Pom Style
Electric Flying
Fire Flying 741
Pa'u Style
Psychic Flying
Fire Flying 741
Sensu Style
Ghost Flying
Silvally Normal 773
Silvally ???
Necrozma Psychic 800
Dusk Mane
Psychic Steel
Psychic 800
Dawn Wings
Psychic Ghost
Psychic 800
Psychic Dragon
Hero of Many Battles
Fairy 888
Crowned Sword
Fairy Steel
Hero of Many Battles
Fighting 889
Crowned Shield
Fighting Steel
Calyrex Psychic Grass 898
Ice Rider
Psychic Ice
Psychic Grass 898
Shadow Rider
Psychic Ghost

HM Slave

Pokémon Available Cut Flash Fly Surf Strength Rock Smash Waterfall
043MS6.png Oddish Route 25RYFR
069MS6.png Bellsprout Route 25BYLG
079MS6.png Slowpoke Safari ZoneRBYLG
083MS6.png Farfetch'd Vermilion City
098MS6.png Krabby Route 19 FRLG FRLG
131MS6.png Lapras Silph Co. FRLG FRLG
145MS6.png Zapdos Kanto Power Plant FRLG
Pokémon Available Flash Cut Rock Smash Surf Fly Whirlpool Strength Waterfall Rock Climb
046MS6.png Paras Ilex Forest
054MS6.png Psyduck Route 35
055MS6.png Golduck Ilex Forest (Surf) HGSS
072MS6.png Tentacool Olivine City HGSS
083MS6.png Farfetch'd Route 39GSHGSS
Route 43C
Pokémon Available Cut Flash Rock Smash Strength Surf Fly Dive Waterfall Dig*
054MS6.png Psyduck Safari Zone
271MS6.png Lombre Evolve LotadSEAS
274MS6.png Nuzleaf Evolve SeedotREOR
290MS6.png Nincada Route 116
341MS6.png Corphish Route 117
342MS6.png Crawdaunt Evolve Corphish
Route 117ORAS
357MS6.png Tropius Route 119
Pokémon Available Rock Smash Cut Defog Fly Surf Strength Rock Climb Waterfall Flash
054MS6.png Psyduck Oreburgh Gate
055MS6.png Golduck Celestic Town
357MS6.png Tropius Great MarshPt
397MS6.png Staravia Route 209
399MS6.png Bidoof Route 203
400MS6.png Bibarel Route 210
425MS6.png Drifloon Valley WindworksFr
426MS6.png Drifblim Evolve Drifloon
436MS6.png Bronzor Wayward Cave
456MS6.png Finneon Route 219
Pokémon Available Cut Fly Surf Strength Waterfall Flash Dive Rock Smash*
183MS6.png Marill Route 6B2W2
426MS6.png Drifblim Reversal MountainB2W2
504MS6.png Patrat Route 3BW
Route 20B2W2
505MS6.png Watchog Route 1BW
Route 7B2W2
580MS6.png Ducklett Driftveil Drawbridge
592MS6.png Frillish Driftveil CityBW
Route 4B2W2
627MS6.png Rufflet Route 10W
Route 23W2
Pokémon Available Cut Fly Surf Strength Waterfall Rock Smash
341MS6.png Corphish Route 3
580MS6.png Ducklett Route 7
701MS6.png Hawlucha Route 10

Pokémon aliases


Pokémon Aliases First mentioned
Alolan Raichu Hodad US
Alolan Vulpix Keokeo S
Exeggutor The Walking Tropical Rainforest FRLG
The Walking Jungle DP
Goldeen the Water Queen RB
the water dancer G
princess of the water UM
Starmie the gem of the sea R
Jynx the Queen of Ice Sw
Gyarados the deity of destruction US
Moltres the legendary bird of fire RB
the fire bird Stad
Dratini the Mirage Pokémon DP
Dragonair the divine Pokémon C
Dragonite sea guardian Stad
the Sea Incarnate US
Lanturn The Deep-Sea Star R
Slowking the sage of the sea UM
Sharpedo the Bully of the Sea R
the vicious and sly gangster of the sea E
ruffian of the seas FRLG
the bandit of the seas HGSS
Absol the disaster Pokémon R
Flygon the elemental spirit of the desert R
the Desert Spirit DP
Mega Salamence the blood-soaked crescent M
Drifloon the Signpost for Wandering Spirits Pt
Honchkrow Summoner of Night Pt
Drapion the Sand Demon Sh
Finneon Beautifly of the Sea P
Abomasnow The Ice Monster P
Uxie The Being of Knowledge D
Mesprit The Being of Emotion D
Azelf The Being of Willpower D
Sandile the cleaner of the desert UM
Krookodile the Bully of the Sands Sw
Gothorita the Witch of Punishment Sw
Volcarona the rage of the sun US
Landorus The Guardian of the Fields B
Primarina songstress UM
School Form
demon of the sea USUM
Palossand The Beach Nightmare Sw
Cosmog the child of the stars M
Cosmoem the cocoon of the stars US
Solgaleo the Beast That Devours the Sun UM
Lunala the Beast That Calls the Moon US
Hatterene the Forest Witch Sh
the Raging Goddess Sh
Crowned Sword
the Fairy King’s Sword Sh
Crowned Shield
the Fighting Master’s Shield Sw
Mega Diancie the Royal Pink Princess ORAS (site)
Nihilego UB-01 Symbiont SM
Buzzwole UB-02 Absorption S
Pheromosa UB-02 Beauty M
Xurkitree UB-03 Lightning SM
Celesteela UB-04 Blaster M
Kartana UB-04 Blade S
Guzzlord UB-05 Glutton SM
Ultra Necrozma the Blinding One USUM
Poipole UB Adhesive USUM
Stakataka UB Assembly UM
Blacephalon UB Burst US

Trainer table

Viridian Forest

Trainer Pokémon Quotes
Spr RG Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png60
013 Weedle Lv.6

"Hey! You have POKéMON! Come on! Let's battle'em!"
"No! CATERPIE can't cut it!"
"Ssh! You'll scare the bugs away!"

010 Caterpie Lv.6
Spr RG Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png70
013 Weedle Lv.7

"Yo! You can't jam out if you're a POKéMON trainer!"
"Huh? I ran out of POKéMON!"
"Darn! I'm going to catch some stronger ones!"

014 Kakuna Lv.7
013 Weedle Lv.7
Spr RG Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png90
013 Weedle Lv.9

"Hey, wait up! What's the hurry?"
"I give! You're good at this!"
"Sometimes, you can find stuff on the ground! I'm looking for the stuff I dropped!"

Pewter Gym

Trainer Pokémon Quotes
Spr RG Jr Trainer M.png
Jr. Trainer♂
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png220
050 Diglett Lv.11

"You're still light years from facing BROCK!"
"Darn! Light years isn't time! It measures distance!"
"You're pretty hot, but not as hot as BROCK!"

027 Sandshrew Lv.11

Route 3

Trainer Pokémon Quotes
Spr RG Lass.png
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png135
016 Pidgey Lv.9

"You looked at me, didn't you?"
"You're mean!"
"Quit staring if you don't want to fight!"

016 Pidgey Lv.9
Spr RG Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png100
010 Caterpie Lv.10

"Hey! I met you in VIRIDIAN FOREST!"
"You beat me again!"
"There are other kinds of POKéMON than those found in the forest!"

013 Weedle Lv.10
010 Caterpie Lv.10
Spr RG Youngster.png
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png165
019 Rattata Lv.11

"Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!"
"I don't believe it!"
"Are you storing your POKéMON on PC? Each BOX can hold 20 POKéMON!"

023 Ekans Lv.11
Spr RG Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png90
013 Weedle Lv.9

"Are you a trainer? Let's fight!"
"If I had new POKéMON I would've won!"
"If a POKéMON BOX on the PC gets full, just switch to another BOX!"

014 Kakuna Lv.9
010 Caterpie Lv.9
011 Metapod Lv.9
Spr RG Youngster.png
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png210
021 Spearow Lv.14

"Hey! You're not wearing shorts!"
"Lost! Lost! Lost!"
"I always wear shorts, even in winter!"

Spr RG Lass.png
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png150
019 Rattata Lv.10

"That look you gave me, it's so intriguing!"
"Be nice!"
"Avoid fights by not letting people see you!"

032 Nidoran♂ Lv.10
Spr RG Bug Catcher.png
Bug Catcher
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png110
010 Caterpie Lv.11

"You can fight my new POKéMON!"
"Done like dinner!"
"Trained POKéMON are stronger than the wild ones!"

011 Metapod Lv.11
Spr RG Lass.png
Reward: PokémonDollar I.png210
039 Jigglypuff Lv.14

"Eek! Did you touch me?"
"That's it?"
"ROUTE 4 is at the foot of MT.MOON."

FireRed/LeafGreen: Route 3 with Rematch

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Pokemon Entry
Introduction It is said that Pocket Monsters (colloquially shortened to Pokémon) first appeared some 2 million years ago. The first systematic study of Pokémon was undertaken in the late 18th century by a French author, Baron Tajirin. At the time, only 30 species had been discovered. Nevertheless the detailed data and sketches left by Baron Tajirin became the foundations for study thereafter. From France, research into Pokémon spread throughout western Europe to include England, Germany, Spain, and Italy. In line with the incredible progress of transportation technology, the academic movement found a home in Japan at the end of the 19th century. Professor Nishinomori is said to be the father of Pokémon studies in our country. In 1899, he published the paper “An Observation on the Evolution of Pikachu.” It described how two Pokémon– which had been thought to be 2 entirely different creatures– were actually the same. One was simply the evolved form. As a result of this breakthrough, Pokémon research entered a new phase of discovery, earning Prof. Nishinomori worldwide recognition. Because of his paper, Japan came to be known as a leader in the study of Pokémon. Incidentally, 80 Pokémon species had been discovered by then. As of 1996, thanks to the investigative and research efforts of Prof. Oak, 150 species of Pokémon have been discovered. We are gradually gaining insights into their behavior, lifecycle, evolution, nature and so on. This guidebook examines the presently discovered 150 species of Pokémon by their habitats such as grasslands, mountains, and near bodies of water. The descriptive text for each Pokémon includes only facts known to date. It must also be noted that not all species of Pokémon have been discovered. We intend to continue with our research with the intention of publishing updated guides when new Pokémon are found.
Grasslands Our country is home to many species of Pokémon. Up to now, an amazing 150 have been discovered. The largest number was found in grasslands. Being rich in food sources, it appears that grasslands represent an environment in which they can thrive. Many of the grassland-dwelling Pokémon are people-friendly and placid in nature.
058MS6.png Growlithe “#1. Growlithe: Friendly toward people with a loyal nature. Faced with an enemy, they bark and bite to drive their foe away. Cinnabar Island is famous as a home to many Fire-type Pokémon, with Growlithe being no exception. The island was once an active volcano, but is now dormant. Its unique ecosphere is thought to have strongly influenced its native Pokémon. Recent research revealed that this Pokémon’s evolution is dependent on a stone.”
077MS6.png Ponyta “#2. Ponyta: Their light body is supported by incredibly strong legs. They can clear Tokyo Tower in one jump. While this herbivore is peaceful, care must be taken when shoeing them – they can kick.”
078MS6.png Rapidash “#3. Rapidash: Ponyta’s evolution. They can run up to 240 kmh. They can keep pace with a Shinkansen bullet train while enveloping themselves in flames. They obey people dutifully.”
052MS6.png Meowth “#4. Meowth: Being nocturnal, they sleep through the day. At night, they prowl their territory with eyes aglow. They are a happily beneficial Pokémon that can earn their trainer pocket change using their Pay Day move.”
053MS6.png Persian “#5. Persian: Fickle and ferocious. Beware if they raise their tail straight. It’s a sure sign they are preparing to leap and bite. Due to their gorgeous coat, many women keep them as trophy pets.”
056MS6.png Mankey “#6. Mankey: Light on their feet and extremely volatile. They can fly into a rage and rampage uncontrollably. While they are usually in good spirits, their disposition can change instantly at the slightest provocation. Some researchers point to a calcium deficiency.”
057MS6.png Primeape “#7. Primeape: Mankey’s evolution. They are always enraged. They will give chase and will not stop however far one runs. It’s all over if you lock eyes with one.”
106MS6.png Hitmonlee “#8. Hitmonlee: Their legs can be freely extended and contracted. Kicks can be delivered to even faraway foes. They are surprisingly docile when they are not fighting. Also known as “The Demon of Kickboxing.”
107MS6.png Hitmonchan “#9. Hitmonchan: A Pokémon inhabited by the spirit of a pro boxer. They throw punches faster than a Shinkansen bullet train. Although their habitat is unknown, based on their behavior, they have been categorized as a grassland Pokémon, the same as Hitmonlee.”
111MS6.png Rhyhorn “#10. Rhyhorn: While they lack intelligence, they have plenty of power. Their ramming can shatter even building towers. They are not suited as house pets.”
112MS6.png Rhydon “#11. Rhydon: Evolving from Rhyhorn made this Pokémon stand on their hind legs. This process prompts development of their brain and intelligence. While evolution makes them easier to raise, they remain as rough as ever. Their horn can punch holes through even boulders.”
001MS6.png Bulbasaur “#12. Bulbasaur: They are born with a seed implanted on their back that grows large over time. Researchers have argued over six years on the issue of whether this Pokémon should be classified as an animal or a plant. The issue remains undecided.”
002MS6.png Ivysaur “#13. Ivysaur: Bulbasaur’s evolution. The plant on their back has grown to a bud. It absorbs nutrients and blooms as a large flower.”
003MS6.png Venusaur “#14. Venusaur: Ivysaur’s evolution. Their flower wafts a dreamily intoxicating aroma that pacifies those spoiling for a fight. It remains unclear as to what they eat to maintain their bulk of 2 meter height and 100 kilogram weight. Because they often rest unmoving in sunlit places, there is strong support for the hypothesis that they photosynthesize.”
027MS6.png Sandshrew “#15. Sandshrew: They dig and live in burrows. When threatened, they curl up to protect themselves. Besides grasslands, they also appear in mountainous environments.”
004MS6.png Charmander “#16. Charmander: Right from birth a flame burns at the end of their tail. They cannot survive if the flame were to go out. Smokers often keep them in the place of lighters.”
005MS6.png Charmeleon “#17. Charmeleon: Charmander’s evolution. They flail with their tail to mow down foes, and then shred enemies with their sharp claws. Their powerful tail can hoist five adults (approximately 300 kilograms).”
006MS6.png Charizard “#18. Charizard: Charmeleon’s evolution. Capable of flying up to 1,400 meters in altitude using their wings. (This figure was accepted as fact when droppings thought to be theirs were found mid-level on Mt. Fuji.) They breathe fire that can even melt boulders.”
028MS6.png Sandslash “#19. Sandslash: Sandshrew’s evolution. They scurry about quickly. They are adept at attacking using the pointed spines on their back and their sharp claws.”
029MS6.png Nidoran♀ “#20. Nidoran♀: Although small, they have venomous needles with devastating power. The females have a smaller horn than the males. Their breeding period comes every year in spring. At the end of summer they lay two eggs that hatch in two weeks, one male and one female. Baby Nidoran are just 10 centimeters long.”
030MS6.png Nidorina “#21. Nidorina: Being female, they are placid in nature. They emit ultrasonic cries that can allure enemies. While they are the evolved form of Nidoran♀, they lose the ability to lay eggs upon evolution.”
031MS6.png Nidoqueen “#22. Nidoqueen: Their body is cloaked in stiff, needlelike scales that stand up when they become agitated. As they grow, they learn powerful moves like Mega Punch and Fire Blast. While they are thought to be the final evolution of Nidoran♀, it is said a special stone is needed to evolve.”
037MS6.png Vulpix “#23. Vulpix: They have six gorgeous tails that increase in number as they grow. They are thought to be related to foxes.”
032MS6.png Nidoran♂ “#24. Nidoran♂: They flap their large ears like butterfly wings when straining to hear faraway sounds. They extend venomous needles when angered. In their breeding season, their horn glows in seven colors for wooing females. Apparently, the larger the horn, the more appealing to females.”
033MS6.png Nidorino “#25. Nidorino: They are easily angered. They flail with their well-developed horn to skewer even diamonds. While they are the evolved form of Nidoran♂, unlike Nidorina, they do not lose their breeding ability.”
034MS6.png Nidoking “#26. Nidoking: Their rock-hard hide and long claws are distinguishing characteristics. The horn is also venomous. Like Nidoqueen, they can learn powerful moves. They appear to shy away from fighting Nidoqueen.”
038MS6.png Ninetales “#27. Ninetales: Vulpix’s evolution. They are clad in a golden fur and have nine long tails. They are long-living Pokémon that are said to live for a thousand years. There is even a saying, “Ninetales, a thousand years, Blastoise, ten thousand years.”
102MS6.png Exeggcute “#28. Exeggcute: While they appear to be eggs of some sort, recent studies identified them to be creatures similar to plant seeds. While some researchers claim that they are the same as the plant growing out of Bulbasaur’s back, that theory is yet to be proven.”
103MS6.png Exeggutor “#29. Exeggutor: Also known as the walking tropical rainforest. Each of their fruits has a face with its own unique will. They are the evolved form of Exeggcute.”
104MS6.png Cubone “#30. Cubone: They wear the skull of their dead mother. They cry loudly when they feel lonely. It is said they got their onomatopoeic Japanese name of Karakara from the dry, clattering sound of their head striking the skull.”
105MS6.png Marowak “#31. Marowak: They learn the rare move Bonemerang. They are weak when they are small, but appear to gain a violent nature when they learn to use bones.”
113MS6.png Chansey “#32. Chansey: They lay several eggs a day. The eggs are nutritionally rich and fantastically delicious. They are peaceful and do not like to fight very much.”
114MS6.png Tangela “#33. Tangela: A Plant-type Pokémon covered in blue plant vines that hide their actual form. They try to entangle anyone approaching too closely. Many researchers have attempted to cut away all the vines in hopes of seeing what they hide, but all attempts ended in failure due to Tangela’s furious resistance.”
115MS6.png Kangaskhan “#34. Kangaskhan: The females place and raise their baby in a pouch on their belly. They are skilled at pummeling with Comet Punch.”
108MS6.png Lickitung “#35. Lickitung: At 2.5 meters, their tongue is twice as long as their height. The tongue is usually stowed in their mouth curled up like that of chameleons. When hunting or attacking, they can move their tongue as if it were an arm. A ravenous appetite and a lazy nature must have shaped this Pokémon’s evolution.”
123MS6.png Scyther “#36. Scyther: They lethally shred prey with their sharp scythes. They can fly on their wings, though only occasionally. They’re very rare with few captured specimens.”
125MS6.png Electabuzz “#37. Electabuzz: They love to feast on powerful electricity. They appear somewhat frequently at major power plants. Like Scyther, they are captured only rarely. Both Scyther and Electabuzz can distinguish colors. They have a natural affinity for the color red in particular.”
127MS6.png Pinsir “#38. Pinsir: The two long horns are powerful. Once they clamp tight on their prey, they won’t loosen until the victim is torn apart. They are extremely rare Pokémon with very few reported sightings. They appear to prefer the color green.”
128MS6.png Tauros “#39. Tauros: When ramming, they whip their body harshly with their three tails. They will not attack unless they are attacked first. They can be found in places like the Safari Zone.”
133MS6.png Eevee “#40. Eevee: A special Pokémon that can evolve into three different Pokémon species. They are difficult to categorize because so few have been caught. From their behavior, they were included among the Pokémon of grasslands.”
134MS6.png Vaporeon “#41. Vaporeon: An Eevee evolution. Their body’s cellular structure is close to that of water molecules. As a result, they can melt away invisibly in water. They can learn the move Surf for swimming across bodies of water.”
135MS6.png Jolteon “#42. Jolteon: When enraged or startled, all their body hair stands upright like needles that puncture their foes. They learn Electric-type moves like Thunder, Thunderbolt, and Thunder Wave. They are also an evolved form of Eevee.”
136MS6.png Flareon “#43. Flareon: They have a flame sac inside their body. They inhale deeply, and then blow flames of 1,700°C. This and the other two evolved forms of Eevee appear to have some connection with special stones.”
Mountains "Here, we profile Pokémon that live in mountainous environments more than 1,000 meters above sea level. Many of these mountain-dwelling Pokémon exhibit evolutionary adaptations to their bodies both entirely and partially perhaps due to their harsh habitats. They may also appear in grasslands and even towns on occasion."
095MS6.png Onix “#44. Onix: They usually live submerged in soil. They burrow at 80kmh in search of prey. Like other Ground-type Pokémon, Onix is strong against Poison-type attacks. Conversely, they are vulnerable to Water-type attacks.”
050MS6.png Diglett ‘#45. Diglett: They burrow through the ground close to the surface. They leave ridged trails of soil in their wake that betray their location. They may appear in the trail of an Onix. They are probably seeking Onix’s leftovers. They evolve into Dugtrio.”
051MS6.png Dugtrio “#46. Dugtrio: They burrow underground to hide themselves, and then strike the unsuspecting target from a different spot. Some researchers categorize Dugtrio, Dodrio, Exeggcute, and Exeggutor as one genre.”
074MS6.png Geodude “#47. Geodude: A docile Pokémon that does not harm people. That said, they can lose their temper if they are accidentally stepped on in caves, for example. They can be found while hiking on mountains. Being round and easy to hold, people toss them back and forth in Geodude fights.”
075MS6.png Graveler “#48. Graveler: Geodude’s evolution. When walking on sloped mountain trails, Graveler may come tumbling along. While their face wears a smile, their eyes never smile. It is very creepy to see them come rolling with that expression.”
076MS6.png Golem “#49. Golem: They tumble on sloped trails at twice the speed of a Graveler. They are probably Graveler’s evolution. They are encased in a hard shell composed of sheet rock-like slabs. They grow larger by shedding their shell once a year. With luck, people may find a Golem’s discarded shell on a mountain in summer.”
066MS6.png Machop “#50. Machop: Being entirely musclebound, they have the power to throw a hundred adult people despite their small, childlike stature.”
067MS6.png Machoke “#51. Machoke: Machop’s evolution. Their powerful body never tires. Diligent and hardworking, they help people with work such as transporting heavy cargo.”
068MS6.png Machamp “#52. Machamp: Their four, fully developed arms can throw a thousand punches in just two seconds. While they are thought to be Machoke’s evolution, no one has yet to witness their evolutionary process. In general, Pokémon evolve through growth. However, recent studies have concluded that Machamp and Golem have not evolved from growing.”
126MS6.png Magmar “#53. Magmar: A species found near a volcano’s crater. They breathe fire. Their body temperature is extremely high at 1,200 °C. This Pokémon is very hard to spot in the wild with only a few captured.”
143MS6.png Snorlax “#54. Snorlax: They are unsatisfied unless they eat 400 kilograms of food a day. As soon as they finish eating, they fall asleep. At 460 kilograms, they are the heaviest out of all the Pokémon discovered. While they usually live in mountains, they occasionally descend and appear in towns. They are gluttonous and will consume even moldy food without ever getting sick. It is said their ability to consume mold earned them the Japanese name of Kabigon.”
041MS6.png Zubat “#55. Zubat: They live in murky caves on mountains and similar environments. Because they live in perpetual darkness, their eyes retrogressed and disappeared. They emit ultrasonic cries for flitting around in darkness. Apparently, it is very rare for them to fly outside their caves.”
042MS6.png Golbat “#56. Golbat: Zubat’s evolution. They bite with their sharp fangs and suck 300 milliliters in one chomp.”
Shallow water "Pokémon that live in, or near bodies of water, can be roughly split into two types. One type consists of Plant-type Pokémon that are vulnerable to Fire-type attacks. The other type are animals that live in shallow waters. The latter group have Water-type moves that make them strong against fire.”
007MS6.png Squirtle “#57. Squirtle: When it retracts its long neck into its shell, it squirts out water with vigorous force. Water-type moves of this sort are effective against Fire, Ground, and Rock-type Pokémon. It is unfortunate, but this Pokémon’s habitat is unknown.”
008MS6.png Wartortle “#58. Wartortle: Squirtle’s evolution. Their profile is cute when they are fighting. They are highly popular as pets. Their fur-covered tail is a symbol of longevity.”
009MS6.png Blastoise “#59. Blastoise: Wartortle’s evolution. They make their foe faint by squashing the victim with their heavy body. Their bulk makes quick movements impossible, but they have overwhelming power to compensate. When endangered, they can draw themselves into their shell. They are well protected thanks to their armor-like shell. They are capable and reliable Pokémon that learn such effective moves as Ice Beam and Surf.”
120MS6.png Staryu “#60. Staryu: They are commonly found on beaches. At night, their central core flashes brightly. They are gynandrous; they possess both male and female reproductive organs. If a part of their body is cut off, they regenerate the missing body parts. Their evolution appears to be linked to a special stone.”
121MS6.png Starmie “#61. Starmie: Little headway has been made in the research of Starmie. Because they are encountered in the sea, they have been classified as a Water’s-edge Pokémon. However, locally, it is suspected that they are alien creatures from their geometrical body.”
054MS6.png Psyduck “#62. Psyduck: They are always suffering from a headache. If their headache intensifies, they start using mysterious powers. They can learn a variety of moves including Strength, Surf, and Dig.”
055MS6.png Golduck “#63. Golduck: Psyduck’s evolution. Their hands are webbed, making them skilled swimmers. Their elegant form can be seen on lakes and similar settings. They can learn Hyper Beam, a move that has not been observed among Psyduck”
043MS6.png Oddish “#64. Oddish: Also known as Walkimendes. At night, they walk up to 300 meters on their two roots. Being plants, it was a mystery as to why they walked. It was finally determined by a recent study that it was for the survival of the species. They scatter their pollen as they walk.”
044MS6.png Gloom “#65. Gloom: Oddish’s evolution. Their pistil emits a horrifically foul stench that makes foes faint up to 2 kilometers away. A special stone appears to be involved in Gloom’s evolution.”
045MS6.png Vileplume “#66. Vileplume: From their world’s-largest petals, they scatter wicked plumes of pollen that induce allergic reactions. Other Pokémon can’t get near where Vileplume lives.”
098MS6.png Krabby “#67. Krabby: Found near the sea. When they fight, they raise their large pincers to intimidate their foe. However, they usually prefer to avoid fighting. If a pincer is torn off, it grows back.”
069MS6.png Bellsprout “#68. Bellsprout: Their bud has the appearance of a human face. Because of it, they are said to be a type of the legendary mandrake root. They feed mainly on small insects.”
070MS6.png Weepinbell “#69. Weepinbell: Bellsprout’s evolution. The leaves are cutters for shredding foes. They spit a liquid that dissolves anything. Unlike Bellsprout, they capture and eat fairly large bugs and birds. Their feeding is an exceedingly bizarre spectacle.”
071MS6.png Victreebel “#70. Victreebel: Thought to be Weepinbell’s evolution because of their many shared attributes. Prey are drawn with a honey-like aroma into Victreebel’s mouth where they are melted by a dissolving fluid. This Pokémon is omnivorous and will eat anything that fits in their mouth.”
099MS6.png Kingler “#71. Kingler: Krabby’s evolution. The hard pincers have 10,000- horsepower strength. However, they are also too large, making this Pokémon ponderous in motion. They may also be seen deep inside caves.”
079MS6.png Slowpoke “#72. Slowpoke: They are always vacant and “out to lunch.” It is impossible to determine what they are thinking. They live by the water’s edge where they deftly catch prey with their tail. Although they have enough smarts to fish that way, they exhibit no other behavior that would indicate any greater intelligence. They frequently swim undersea in search of prey, but are often mistakenly caught themselves. While some people become happily relaxed seeing a Slowpoke, others become irritated. Perhaps those people who become soothed lead hectic lives.”
080MS6.png Slowbro “#73. Slowbro: When Slowpoke went foraging in the sea, they were bitten on their tail by Shellder. This resulted in their evolution into Slowbro. It is unknown as to why they did not try to remove the Shellder. It is suspected that doing so would have required too much effort. While they can learn devastating physical attacks like Mega Punch and Mega Kick, they are naturally averse to fighting. Like Slowpoke, they appear to prefer zoning out.”
Forest "To small creatures, a forest is a paradise overflowing with the bounties of nature like honey-laden flowers, fruits, and nuts. Many Bug- type and small animal-type Pokémon can be seen in forests where they avail themselves to the abundant food sources. However, the kinds of food available also make large Pokémon rare in forests."
010MS6.png Caterpie “#74. Caterpie: When they shed their green skin to grow, they wrap themselves in silk and transform into a cocoon. Out of all the Pokémon discovered to date, they are the fastest to evolve. The Tiny Bird Pokémon Pidgey is their archenemy. If Caterpie even sense the presence of Pidgey, they quickly burrow underground. Those too slow to hide fall prey to Pidgey. While a forest may appear peaceful, there are harsh rules that dictate the survival of the fittest.”
011MS6.png Metapod “#75. Metapod: Caterpie’s evolution. While they are encased in a hard shell, the inside is tender, making them vulnerable to harsh attacks. Worse, being mid-metamorphosis, they are challenged to move quickly.”
012MS6.png Butterfree “#76. Butterfree: A week to ten days after evolving, Metapod undergo another evolutionary step and metamorphose into Butterfree. Their wings are covered in water-repellent, powder-like scales that enable them to fly even on rainy days.”
013MS6.png Weedle “#77. Weedle: Common in not only forests but also grasslands. There is a small, sharp poison stinger of around 5 centimeters length on the top of their head. When faced with a foe, they wiggle the stinger for intimidation. They favor food like gingko leaves.”
014MS6.png Kakuna “#78. Kakuna: A temporary evolutionary form taken while readying the mature form. In their previous guise as Weedle, they are said to eat many leaves in preparation for assuming this pupal form. They are almost incapable of moving.”
015MS6.png Beedrill “#79.Beedrill: Kakuna’s evolution. They may appear in swarms. They buzz around at dizzying speed and jab repeatedly with the venomous stinger on their tail. When they grow and learn Twineedle, they become untouchable.”
019MS6.png Rattata “#80. Rattata: Their fangs are long, sharp, and continually grow throughout their life. They gnaw on hard objects to keep the ever-growing fangs workably short. They feast on nuts like walnuts and acorns. They also like processed food like cheese and milk.”
046MS6.png Paras “#81. Paras: Growing from the bug’s back are mushrooms called tochukaso. The mushrooms grow in step with the Pokémon. They live under fallen trees in forests. When they grow to a certain size, they move to grasslands and marshes.”
047MS6.png Parasect “#82. Parasect: They scatter toxic spores from the mushroom’s cap. In China, the spores are apparently used as ingredients of herbal medicine. Being Paras’ evolution, Parasect was included among the Pokémon of forests. However, they are almost impossible to find in forests.”
049MS6.png Venomoth “#83. Venomoth: The wings are covered in powdery, toxic scales. With every flap of their wings, they scatter the scales in clouds. They are said to live in the Safari Zone. However, they are difficult to find due to their small population. Their larval and pupal stages are shrouded in mystery.”
020MS6.png Raticate “#84. Raticate: Rattata’s evolution. Their rear feet have three toes with small webs in between for swimming across rivers. In addition to nuts (naturally), they also feed on fish.”
025MS6.png Pikachu “#85. Pikachu: They live in forests where they feed mainly on nuts. They are few in number and challenging to find. There are small electricity-storing pouches on each side of their cheeks that are discharged when endangered. Smart and charming with an affectionate nature, they are the most popular Pokémon among researchers. Pikachu evolve into Raichu, but many trainers prevent evolution because they don’t want their Pokémon to change appearance.”
026MS6.png Raichu “#86. Raichu: Their electric strikes can reach 100,000 volts. Unwittingly touching them can cause even Indian elephants to faint. This Pokémon can learn all Electric-type moves. There have been no reports of Raichu sightings in forests.”
048MS6.png Venonat “#87. Venonat: Their eyes serve as radars that let them stay active in darkness. The eyes also emit beams of light. They have been confirmed to be a Bug type. They appear to have the potential for evolution, but it remains a mystery.”
023MS6.png Ekans “#88. Ekans: They flick their tongue about to sense danger in their surroundings. This carnivore swallows all food whole with almost no chewing. They love the eggs of Pidgey and Spearow. Rattata are also preyed upon occasionally. If they swallow a Rattata, they can go without food again for a month. They grow by shedding repeatedly. In the winter, they hibernate in the warm soil of forests. In the summer, they are also common sights in grasslands.”
024MS6.png Arbok “#89. Arbok: Ekans’ evolution. Consequently, this Pokémon is also a venomous serpent. The markings on their belly have the appearance of a frightening face. Timid foes flee at the sight of such a “face.” They are skilled at using Glare that induces paralysis in their foe. If you encounter an Arbok on a path, you should avert your gaze. They are mortal enemies of Raticate. The two Pokémon fight viciously like a viper and a mongoose.”
Seas "The sea-dwelling Pokémon retain attributes from ancient times. They do so because the underwater environments have not undergone major changes. The seas are also more amenable to life than on land, so there was little need for marine Pokémon to evolve. With some exceptions, there are no highly intelligent Pokémon in the seas."
130MS6.png Gyarados “#90. Gyarados: Extremely vicious and violent. They completely incinerate all matter with Hyper Beam fired from their mouth. They apparently live on the seafloor and in deep water. As a result, they are rarely seen. The most recent specimen was a corpse washed up on shore 35 years ago. They are omnivorous with fangs capable of crushing boulders. Their steel-hard scales can be fashioned into jewelry like rings. Such accessories command astonishing prices.”
118MS6.png Goldeen “#91. Goldeen: The dorsal and ventral fins are built up like muscles. They help propel this Pokémon through water at a speed of 5 knots. Having little intelligence, they are known to unwittingly swim into a Gyarados’ mouth where they become an easy meal.”
119MS6.png Seaking “#92. Seaking: Goldeen’s evolution. Using their drill-like horn, they hollow out boulders to make their nest. They swim up rivers to spawn every year.”
072MS6.png Tentacool “#93. Tentacool: From their crystal-clear eyes, they emit mysterious rays of light. They feed on plankton. Ninety-nine percent of their body is composed of water.”
073MS6.png Tentacruel “#94. Tentacruel: The eighty tentacles move about freely to ensnare prey like small fish. The tentacles also have venomous needles that induce poisoning and full-body paralysis. For those qualities, they are called “gangsters of the sea.”
086MS6.png Seel “#95. Seel: The light blue-haired hide is thick and tough. They remain active even in intense cold of -40 °C. They live in sea caves and the like. During the day, they often drift in the sea, probably searching for food.”
087MS6.png Dewgong “#96. Dewgong: Seel’s evolution. They are cloaked entirely in pure-white hair. Their blubber reaches an incredible thickness of 30 centimeters. They are highly resistant to cold. In fact, they become more active when the temperature is falling.”
131MS6.png Lapras “#97. Lapras: Intelligent enough to understand human speech. Being placid in nature, they prefer to ferry people across water on their back rather than fight. Needless to say, they are skilled at using the move Surf. They can also learn a diverse mix of moves like Mist, Confuse Ray, and Hydro Pump. Little headway has been made in their study due to their small population. Some claim the turtle ridden by the folklore hero Taro Urashima was actually a Lapras.”
090MS6.png Shellder “#98. Shellder: Encased within a shell that is harder than diamond. The body inside, however, is surprisingly tender. They are good with the move Clamp which squeezes the victim between the shell halves.”
091MS6.png Cloyster “#99. Cloyster: Said to be Shellder’s evolution. The shell is extremely durable. Even a direct hit from a napalm bomb can’t destroy it. The shell opens only when attacking. Their Spike Cannon– which repeatedly stabs the foe with spikes– is devastating.”
060MS6.png Poliwag “#100. Poliwag: The slick black skin is thin and damp. A portion of their internal organs can be seen as a spiral. They can be categorized as relatives of tadpoles.”
061MS6.png Poliwhirl “#101. Poliwhirl: Poliwag’s evolution. While tadpoles grow into frogs, Poliwag remained in tadpole form and grew muscular to end up as Poliwhirl. While their legs are well developed for life on land, they appear to prefer life in water.”
062MS6.png Poliwrath “#102. Poliwrath: They are strong swimmers capable of multiple styles including the crawl and butterfly. Even Olympic swimmers are no match for their speed. However, it appears their muscles developed specifically for swimming as they are not fast at running. While they are thought to be Poliwhirl’s evolution, they remain in tadpole form. It remains to be seen if they will evolve further into frog form. Further research is awaited.”
116MS6.png Horsea “#103. Horsea: They keep balance using their spirally coiled tail. When they sense danger, they may spit black ink. Every spring, the females each lay several thousand eggs on seaweed, but most end up as Goldeen bait. Rare among Pokémon, the males raise the young.”
117MS6.png Seadra “#104. Seadra: Horsea’s evolution. Their nature turns vicious from evolving. Carelessly trying to touch them can result in punctures from the spikes growing all over their body. The intense pain can cause fainting.”
129MS6.png Magikarp “#105. Magikarp: Virtually hopeless in terms of power and speed. If anything were to happen, they immediately use Splash and flop about. They are the world’s weakest and most pathetic Pokémon. However, the most recent studies made an incredible discovery – dragon cells were found in Magikarp’s body. Anticipation runs high for deeper studies.”
Skies "Because flying Pokémon must spot their food from up high, their eyesight is acutely developed. Many are good, doting parents. They fly to forests, grasslands, and the seas to capture bugs and fish that they deliver to their beloved chicks awaiting their return in nests on trees."
016MS6.png Pidgey “#106. Pidgey: They do not like to fight. If surrounded, they scatter sand to blind their foes and make their getaway. They hide among trees and tall grass when feeding on small bugs and the like. While they feast on Caterpie and Weedle, they oddly ignore Venonat.”
017MS6.png Pidgeotto “#107. Pidgeotto: Pidgey’s evolution. They dive from an altitude of 800 meters to capture prey. The claws on their feet are powerfully developed. They have no trouble carrying an Exeggcute– their prey– weighing 25 kilograms to their nest 100 kilometers away.”
018MS6.png Pidgeot “#108. Pidgeot: They fly around at Mach-2 speed at 1,200 meters altitude. If they encounter a foe while on the ground, they spread their gorgeous wings for intimidation. Their search for food leads them to even the seas where they make easy prey of meaninglessly splashing Magikarp. It goes without saying that they are the evolution of Pidgeotto."
021MS6.png Spearow “#109. Spearow: Compared with Pidgey, they are much more aggressive. They mainly search for prey among tall grass where they can be seen busily flitting about. While they have little power, they learn the rare Mirror Move.”
022MS6.png Fearow “# 110. Fearow: Spearow’s evolution. They can soar high all day long on their broad wings. Their powerful beaks let them swallow prey like a Rattata whole.”
081MS6.png Magnemite “#111. Magnemite: They move around while levitating. The units on their sides radiate energy like electromagnetic waves. Although they are fundamentally different from the other Pokémon of the skies profiled here, they have been included here for the time being because there is nowhere else to group them. Further research is awaited.”
082MS6.png Magneton “#112. Magneton: Magnemite’s evolution. What keeps this Pokémon levitating is unknown for now. Formed by multiple Magnemite linked together, they discharge intense magnetic rays and high-voltage power.”
084MS6.png Doduo “#113. Doduo: A two-headed Pokémon discovered three years ago. They are probably a mutation. They appear to dislike flying. They seem to be much better at running based on their 100 kmh speed. In the near future, it is feared their wings will devolve and rob them of their ability to fly.”
085MS6.png Dodrio “#114. Dodrio: Doduo’s evolution. A rare species that is hardly ever found. Their three heads express the emotions joy, sadness, and anger. Some historians have sworn that in ancient times there was a religion that thrived deep in Central and South America which revered Dodrio as their symbol.”
083MS6.png Farfetch’d “#115. Farfetch’d: They always carry a plant stalk for crafting their nest when walking. A recent study also revealed the stalk to be food for emergencies. Several years ago, the mass media reported on the deliciousness of cooking Farfetch’d with their stalk. This news spread nationwide, resulting in a massive decline in their population.”
Urban "It is sad to say, but the Pokémon that live in urban settings are strongly affected by effluents from factories, sewage, and other pollutants. In general, there are many filthy Pokémon but they are guilty of nothing. Instead, we should be thankful to them– they serve as mirrors that reflect how our way of life affects the world around us.”
088MS6.png Grimer “#116. Grimer: X-rays from the moon transformed toxic sludge into Grimer. They love to eat filthy things. When first discovered, their appearances were limited to empty lots behind factories and so on. However, they have become progressively bolder in the places they appear.”
089MS6.png Muk “#117. Muk: They usually keep themselves hidden by mingling with soil. Contact results in a severe poisoning. Analysis of their cells revealed the presence of substances that are inconceivable in living things. They are thought to be Grimer’s evolution.”
137MS6.png Porygon “#118. Porygon: In 1995, Silph Co., which undertakes R&D into Pokémon and related products, successfully applied state-of-the-art technology to create this manmade Pokémon. While they are exceedingly rare, they somehow came to be offered as prizes by the Game Corner. Investigations by the authorities are ongoing in the matter. Their findings are eagerly awaited.”
109MS6.png Koffing “#119. Koffing: The thin-skinned, balloon-like body is filled with a powerfully toxic gas. Getting too close to this foul-smelling Pokémon makes eyes flood with tears. First discovered in a munitions factory, their habitat has been growing in recent years.”
110MS6.png Weezing “#120. Weezing: While very rare, mutations can result in Koffing twins that are joined together. The lab is developing a medicine for bleaching the toxicity out of Weezing.”
100MS6.png Voltorb “#121. Voltorb: A completely enigmatic creature. They generate an unpleasant buzzing noise. While many live in power plants, etc., they appear to have spread to towns in recent years by traveling on power lines. They possess Electric-type moves. They are reckless and prone to exploding without warning.”
101MS6.png Electrode “#122. Electrode: Voltorb’s evolution. Because they explode at the slightest provocation, they are feared with the nickname “Bomb Ball.””
092MS6.png Gastly “#123. Gastly: A life form composed of a diffuse, gaseous matter. Even an Indian elephant would fall in two seconds if enveloped in their gas. Many mysteries surround this Pokémon. Some theories claim they are photochemical smog come to life while others claim they are extra-dimensional beings. The answer remains unknown. For the time being, our study group adopted the former theory and included them among the Pokémon of towns.”
093MS6.png Haunter “#124. Haunter: Gastly’s evolution. They learn moves like Dream Eater and Psychic. It is said that if you feel as though you are being watched in a dark place with no one else around, there is a Haunter lurking.”
094MS6.png Gengar ”#125. Gengar: Thought to be Haunter’s evolution from the moves they learn and their physical attributes, but the hypothesis is yet to be proven. They are said to emerge from darkness to kill people who become lost on mountains. There are shrines honoring Gengar on several mountains.”
Enigmatic "Precognition, telekinesis, X-ray vision, and on and on, there are paranormal phenomena that sadly defy explanation using the scientific knowledge we have now. And, in the world of Pokémon that we study and analyze, there are paranormal Pokémon that possess otherworldly powers. They remain yet-unsolved enigmas. Here we share what we have learned so far."
063MS6.png Abra “#126. Abra: They sleep for 16 hours a day. However, even asleep they use a variety of extrasensory powers. They are rarely encountered due to their small population. Moreover, they will Teleport instantly if threatened. As a result, they often escape before they could be captured in a rare encounter. They evolve into Kadabra.”
064MS6.png Kadabra “#127. Kadabra: ‘As a psychic boy awoke one morning, he found himself transformed in his bed into a Kadabra.’ The crowning of the Kadabra-themed short story ‘The Transformation’ as the 2nd Pokémon Literary Award winner is still fresh in our memory. If Pikachu is the Pokémon idol, Kadabra can be considered a favorite among those in the know.”
065MS6.png Alakazam “#128. Alakazam: Disdainful of physical attacks, they adeptly wield extrasensory powers to defeat their foes. While they are believed to be Kadabra’s evolution, no one has proven it conclusively. In battle, Alakazam remain expressionless throughout.”
035MS6.png Clefairy “#129. Clefairy: Popular as pets for their adorable appearance. They are surprisingly well liked by not only people but even by their fellow Pokémon. However, they are also few. They have only been captured in the caves of Mt. Moon. Clefairy is best at using the move Metronome which triggers a random move from many choices. Occasionally, they startle themselves by losing a powerful move that doesn’t suit their cute appearance.”
036MS6.png Clefable “#130. Clefable: Neither Clefairy nor Clefable like squabbling. Perhaps that explains why their hearing is so superbly developed. They can even discern the sound of a pin dropping 1 kilometer away. They immediately flee if they hear danger approaching.”
132MS6.png Ditto “#131. Ditto: They transform into other life forms by rearranging their body’s cellular structure. They learn almost no moves of their own. Ditto can be considered one of the most enigmatic Pokémon ever.”
122MS6.png Mr. Mime “#132. Mr. Mime: They use advanced moves like Confusion, Light Screen, Meditate, and Substitute. Being skilled mimes, they are masters at convincingly tricking people. It is said the walls they mime turn real. Their fingertips end in suction pads with which they apparently climb the walls they create. Little headway has been made in their study owing to the scarcity of specimens.”
039MS6.png Jigglypuff “#133. Jigglypuff: With their round and huge eyes they draw the attention of their foes. They then sing a comfortably soothing tune that lulls their foes to sleep. Belying their adorable appearance, they can learn a diverse array of moves. If they become displeased, they inflate themselves like a balloon.”
040MS6.png Wigglytuff “#134. Wigglytuff: The finely dense and supple fur is dreamily gorgeous. It is also a luxury item. While they share many moves with Jigglypuff, they additionally learn Hyper Beam.”
096MS6.png Drowzee “#135. Drowzee: The descendant of the legendary creature, Baku, which is said to have eaten dreams. Drowzee is famous as the first Pokémon to use a move combo – Hypnosis followed by Dream Eater. They are gluttonous herbivores. From their four stomachs, they repeatedly bring up eaten food and rechew it to feed. They are not popular among women due to their appearance. They also have a habit of muttering under their breath to themselves.”
097MS6.png Hypno “#136. Hypno: Drowzee’s evolution. They carry around a pendulum-like object. They are skilled at using Psychic. In towns where Hypno appear, child disappearances mysteriously surge.” Hypno's penchant for kidnapping children was later turned into a story arc in FireRed & LeafGreen's post-game, where the player has to save a little girl named Lostelle from Hypno's grasp.
124MS6.png Jynx “#137. Jynx: An extremely rare Pokémon. They become volcanically enraged if any attempt is made to remove the clothlike shroud around their waist. That reaction informs us they have a sense of shame. While they speak in a humanlike manner, their language is indecipherable. Linguistic research is ongoing.”
Extinct "Pokémon are said to have appeared around two million years ago. Since then, they adapted to the world’s changing environments and evolved in many ways. What did these ancient Pokémon look like? Using recently discovered fossils, their likenesses have been reconstructed."
142MS6.png Aerodactyl “#138. Aerodactyl: The progenitor of birds. They stood 1.8 meters tall. They flew on broad wings while emitting high-pitched cries. From the skull’s structure, it is evident their brain was relatively large. Some biologists claim they communicated by crying. Judging by their stiff fangs they were undoubtedly carnivorous. They must have caught small creatures with their large claws and preyed on them. A very recent discovery of their fossilized droppings attests to this theory.”
138MS6.png Omanyte “#139. Omanyte: A creature somewhere between sea snails and squids that lived in ancient seas. They swam by waving their ten feet. They fed on plankton and small fish.”
139MS6.png Omastar “#140. Omastar: Thought to be Omanyte’s evolution. They grew to around 1 meter height. They preyed on fish up to around 50 centimeters. They hunted by grabbing and clinging to prey with their dexterously developed tentacles and biting at the same time.”
140MS6.png Kabuto “#141. Kabuto: Said to be the ancestor of both hermit crabs and of turtles. They kept themselves sheltered in their tough shell. They appear to have disliked fighting. They are thought to have been good swimmers, although not especially fast. Just recently, a Kabuto fossil was found in a mountain cave 1,000 meters above sea level. Its discovery revealed that the area had once been submerged under the sea.”
141MS6.png Kabutops “#142. Kabutops: Thought to be Kabuto’s evolution. They swam expertly underwater where they hunted. They captured prey with their sharp scythe arms and drained the prey of their body fluids. Evolution apparently flipped their nature from timid to aggressive. The relationship between Kabuto and Kabutops can be likened to that of mogwai and gremlins. The one and only Kabutops’ fossil was discovered six years ago in a soil horizon approximately two million years old. They are therefore considered the oldest of all Pokémon.”
Legendary "Many Pokémon appear in the worlds of myths and legends. The most famous must be 'The Phoenix.' Previously, there had been few believing in the existence of such Legendary Pokémon. Since the discovery of Dratini, however, the non-believers are dwindling. Now, an endless stream of researchers embarks on expeditions convinced that the legends live."
144MS6.png Articuno “#143. Articuno: They fly among wintry mountains with their long, flowing tails streaming in their wake. Folklore has it that those seeing an Articuno in flight become so enraptured by its beauty they die rooted to the spot.”
145MS6.png Zapdos “#144. Zapdos: Said to fly with what sounds like the buzzing and snapping of sparking electricity. As the divine bird presiding over the heavens, Zapdos spend thousands of years above the clouds. Perhaps lightning is their way of showing anger.”
146MS6.png Moltres “#145. Moltres: “The Phoenix” – the famous legend of a bird whose fresh blood confers immortality when drunk – is said to be modeled after Moltres. If this Pokémon were to exist, their fiery wings will surely bedazzle all those that witness them.”
059MS6.png Arcanine “#146. Arcanine: A legendary Pokémon that appears in Chinese folklore. Sanctified paper chits imprinted with an Arcanine illustration are considered beneficial for keeping evil at bay.”
147MS6.png Dratini “#147. Dratini: Legendary Pokémon live! A Safari Zone visitor just happened to catch a Dratini in the park’s pond. The lucky angler became an overnight sensation with news of the discovery exploding globally. This fortuitous accident convinced many that all legendary Pokémon exist without any doubt. It ignited a massive wave of Pokémon expeditions. Even when young, Dratini reach a length of nearly 2 meters. They grow by repeatedly shedding.”
148MS6.png Dragonair “#148. Dragonair: They live in the seas and lakes. They can freely summon rain and snow. Though they have no wings, they are said to fly high in the sky.”
149MS6.png Dragonite “#149. Dragonite: In spite of their bulky physique, they can orbit the earth in around sixteen hours. They are said to represent the god of destruction.”
150MS6.png Mewtwo “#150. Mewtwo: There is an urban legend of a mad scientist whose tenacious recombination of Pokémon DNA resulted in a horrifically brutal creature. Could such a frightening Pokémon really exist?”

Pokemon RG Pokedex Entry

Red (Jp) みなみアメリカに せいそくする ぜつめつしたはずの ポケモン。ちのうがたかく なんでも おぼえる。

Pokemon Entry
001MS6.png Bulbasaur うまれたときから せなかに しょくぶつの タネが あって すこしずつ おおきく そだつ。
002MS6.png Ivysaur はなから うっとりする かおりが ただよい たたかうものの きもちを なだめてしまう。
003MS6.png Venusaur はなから うっとりする かおりが ただよい たたかうものの きもちを なだめてしまう。
004MS6.png Charmander うまれたときから しっぽに ほのおが ともっている。ほのおが きえたとき その いのちは おわって しまう。
005MS6.png Charmeleon シッポを ふりまわして あいてを なぎたおし するどい ツメで ズタズタに ひきさいてしまう。
006MS6.png Charizard ちじょう 1400メートル まで ハネを つかって とぶことができる。こうねつの ほのおを はく。
007MS6.png Squirtle ながい くびを こうらのなかに ひっこめるとき いきおいよく みずでっぽうを はっしゃする。
008MS6.png Wartortle ペットとして にんきが たかい。また けで おおわれた しっぽは ながいきする シンボルだ。
009MS6.png Blastoise からだが おもたく のしかかって あいてを きぜつさせる。ピンチの ときは カラに かくれる。
010MS6.png Caterpie みどりの ひふに おおわれている。だっぴして せいちょうすると いとを かけて サナギに かわる。
011MS6.png Metapod かたい カラに つつまれているが なかみは やわらかいので つよい こうげきには たえられない。
012MS6.png Butterfree ハネは みずを はじく りんぷんに まもられている。あめの ひでも そらを とぶことが できる。
013MS6.png Weedle もりや くさちに おおく せいそく。あたまの さきに 5センチぐらいの ちいさく するどい どくばりをもつ。
014MS6.png Kakuna おとなの からだを つくるための いちじてきな じょうたい。じぶんでは ほとんど うごけない。
015MS6.png Beedrill しゅうだんで あらわれることもある。もうスピードで とびまわり おしりの どくばりで さしまくる。
016MS6.png Pidgey たたかいは すきではない。くさむらの なかに かくれて ちいさい むしなどを とらえる。
017MS6.png Pidgeotto あしの ツメが はったつしている。エサの タマタマを つかんで 100キロさきの す まで はこぶ。
018MS6.png Pidgeot うつくしい ハネを ひろげて あいてを いかくする。マッハ2で そらを とびまわる。
019MS6.png Rattata キバは ながくて するどい。いっしょう のびつづけるので かたい モノを かじって けずる。
020MS6.png Raticate うしろあしの ゆびは 3ぼんで ちいさな みずかきが ついている。かわを およいで わたる。
021MS6.png Spearow いそがしく あちこちを とびまわる。たいりょくは すくないが オウムがえしを つかうと てごわい。
022MS6.png Fearow おおきな つばさで おおぞらを とびつづけることが できる。1にち おりなくても だいじょうぶ。
023MS6.png Ekans くさちなどに おおく せいそくする。したを チロチロ させて まわりの きけんを かんじとる。
024MS6.png Arbok おなかの もようが こわいかおに みえる。よわいてきは そのもようを みただけで にげだしてしまう。
025MS6.png Pikachu ほっぺたの りょうがわに ちいさい でんきぶくろを もつ。ピンチのときに ほうでんする。
026MS6.png Raichu でんげきは 10まんボルトに たっすることもあり ヘタにさわると インドぞうでも きぜつする。
027MS6.png Sandshrew じめんに あなを ほって すむ。じぶんに きけんが せまると まるくなって みを まもる。
028MS6.png Sandslash すばしっこく はしり まわり せなかのハリと するどいツメでの こうげきが とくい。
029MS6.png Nidoran♀ ちいさくても どくばりの いりょくは きょうれつで ちゅういが ひつよう。メスのほうが つのが ちいさい。
030MS6.png Nidorina メスなので せいかくは おんこう。くちから だす ちょうおんぱは あいてを まどわす ちからがある。
031MS6.png Nidoqueen かたくて はりのような ウロコが からだを おおっている。こうふんすると はりが さかだつ。
032MS6.png Nidoran♂ みみが おおきく とおくの おとを きくとき はばたくように うごく。おこると どくばりを だす。
033MS6.png Nidorino おこりやすい せいかく。はったつした ツノを ふりまわして ダイヤモンドも くしざしに する。
034MS6.png Nidoking いしのように かたい ひふと ながく のびた ツノが とくちょう。ツノには どくもあるので ちゅうい。
035MS6.png Clefairy あいくるしい すがたから ペットように にんきが ある。ただし なかなか みつけられない。
036MS6.png Clefable みみが よくて 1キロ はなれた ところで おとした はりのおとを みごとに ききわけられる。
037MS6.png Vulpix こどもだが 6ほんの しっぽが うつくしい。せいちょうすると さらに しっぽが ふえる。
038MS6.png Ninetales おうごんに かがやく たいもうと 9ほんの ながい しっぽを もつ。1000ねんは いきると いわれる。
039MS6.png Jigglypuff まるくて おおきい ひとみで さそいこみ ここちよい うたを うたい あいてを ねむらせる。
040MS6.png Wigglytuff キメ こまかく しなやかな たいもうは うっとりするほど。けがわは こうきゅうひんだ。
041MS6.png Zubat りょうほうの めが そんざいしない。くちから ちょうおんぱを だして くらやみを とびまわる。
042MS6.png Golbat するどいキバで かみついて いちどに 300シーシーの ちを すいとってしまう。
043MS6.png Oddish べつめい アルキメンデス。よるに なると 2ほんの ねっこで 300メートルも あるくという。
044MS6.png Gloom めしべが はなつ とてつもなく くさい においは 2キロさきまで とどき きを うしなわせる。
045MS6.png Vileplume せかいいち おおきい はなびらから アレルギーを おこす かふんを オニの ように ばらまく。
046MS6.png Paras むしの せなかに はえているのは とうちゅうかそう という キノコ。そだつと キノコも おおきくなる。
047MS6.png Parasect キノコの カサから どくほうしを まきちらす。しかし ちゅうごくでは このほうしを かんぽうやくに する。
048MS6.png Venonat くらやみでも めが レーダーの やくわりをして かつどうできる。めから ビームを はっしゃする。
049MS6.png Venomoth はねに りんぷんが ついていて ヒラヒラと はばたくたびに もうどくの こなを ばらまく。
050MS6.png Diglett ちちゅうの あさいところを いどう。ほりすすんだあとは じめんが もりあがっているので すぐわかる。
051MS6.png Dugtrio ちちゅうを ほりすすんで あいてが ゆだんしているところを べつの ばしょから こうげきする。
052MS6.png Meowth ひるまは ねてばかりいる。 よるになると めが かがやき なわばりを あるきまわる。
053MS6.png Persian きしょうが はげしく しっぽを まっすぐ たてたら よう ちゅうい。とびかかって かみつく まえぶれだ。
054MS6.png Psyduck いつも ずつうに なやまされている。この ずつうが はげしくなると ふしぎな ちからを つかいはじめる。
055MS6.png Golduck てのひらが みずかきに なっていて およぐのが とくい。みずうみなどで ゆうがな すがたが みかけられる。
056MS6.png Mankey みのこなしが かるく きょうぼうな せいかく。おこって あばれると てが つけられなくなる。
057MS6.png Primeape いつも もうれつに おこっており にげても にげても どこまでも おいかけてくる。
058MS6.png Growlithe ひとなつこく せいじつな せいかく。てきには ほえて かみつき おいはらおうとする。
059MS6.png Arcanine ちゅうごくの いいつたえにある でんせつの ポケモン。ものすごい スピードで はしるという。
060MS6.png Poliwag スベスベした くろいひふは うすく しめっている。ないぞうの いちぶが すけて うずまきじょうに みえる。
061MS6.png Poliwhirl 2ほんの あしは はったつしており ちじょうで くらせるのに なぜか すいちゅう せいかつが すき。
062MS6.png Poliwrath およぎが とくいで クロールや バタフライが できる。オリンピックの せんしゅも かなわないほど はやい。
063MS6.png Abra 1にち 18じかんは ねている。ねむってる あいだでも さまざまな ちょうのうりょくを つかう。
064MS6.png Kadabra あるあさのこと。 ちょうのうりょく しょうねんが ベッドから めざめると ユンゲラーに へんしん していた。
065MS6.png Alakazam ちからわざを あまり このまず ちょうのうりょくを じざいに あやつって あいてを たおす。
066MS6.png Machop ぜんしんが きんにくに なっており こどもほどの おおきさしかないのに おとな 100にんを なげとばせる。
067MS6.png Machoke つかれることのない きょうじんな にくたいを もつ。おもい にもつの うんぱんなどの しごとを てつだう。
068MS6.png Machamp はったつした 4ほんの うでは 2びょうかんに 1000ぱつの パンチを くりだすことができる。
069MS6.png Bellsprout ひとの かおのような ツボミから でんせつの マンドラゴラの いっしゅ ではないかと ささやかれている。
070MS6.png Weepinbell ハッパの ぶぶんは カッターになって あいてを きりさく。くちからは なんでも とかす えきたいを はく。
071MS6.png Victreebel ミツの ような かおりで くちの なかに さそいこまれたら さいご。ようかいえきで とかされてしまう。
072MS6.png Tentacool すいしょうの ように すきとおった めだまから ふしぎな ひかりの ビームを はっしゃする。
073MS6.png Tentacruel 80ぽん の しょくしゅが じゆうに うごく。さされると どくに おかされ するどい いたみが はしる。
074MS6.png Geodude まるくて もちやすいので つかんで あいてに なげて ぶつける イシツブテ がっせんが できる。
075MS6.png Graveler やまのなかの さかみちを あるいていると ゴローンが ころがって くることが ある。
076MS6.png Golem がんばんのような かたい カラで おおわれている。1ねんに 1かい だっぴして おおきくなる。
077MS6.png Ponyta からだが かるく あしの ちからが ものすごい。1かいの ジャンプで とうきょうタワーも とびこえる。
078MS6.png Rapidash じそくは さいこう 240キロ。メラメラ もえながら しんかんせんと おなじ スピードで かけぬける。
079MS6.png Slowpoke いつも ボーッとしていて なにを かんがえているか わからない。しっぽで エサを つるのが とくい。
080MS6.png Slowbro ヤドンが うみへ エサを とりにいったとき シェルダーに しっぽをかまれ ヤドランになった。
081MS6.png Magnemite くうちゅうに ういたまま いどうして さゆうの ユニットから でんじはなどを ほうしゃする。
082MS6.png Magneton ふくすうの コイルが れんけつして きょうりょくな じりょくせんと こうでんあつを ほうしゃする。
083MS6.png Farfetch’d じぶんの すを つくるための しょくぶつの クキを いっぽん いつも もって あるいている。
084MS6.png Doduo とつぜんへんいで みつかった ふたつの あたまを もつ ポケモン。じそく 100キロで はしる。
085MS6.png Dodrio めったに みつからない ちんしゅ。3つの あたまは よろこび かなしみ いかりの かんじょうを あらわす。
086MS6.png Seel みずいろの たいもうに おおわれた ひふは ぶあつくて じょうぶ。れいか40ど でも かつどうできる。
087MS6.png Dewgong ぜんしんが まっしろな けで おおわれている。さむさに つよく むしろ さむいほど げんきになる。
088MS6.png Grimer つきからの エックスせんを あびた ヘドロが ベトベターに へんかした。 きたないモノが だいこうぶつ。
089MS6.png Muk ふだんは じめんに まざっていて わからない。からだに さわると もうどくに おかされる。
090MS6.png Shellder ダイヤモンドよりも かたいカラに おおわれている。しかし なかは いがいと やわらかい。
091MS6.png Cloyster カラが ひじょうに かたく ナパームだんでも こわせない。こうげきするときだけ ひらく。
092MS6.png Gastly うすい ガスじょうの せいめいたい。ガスに つつまれると インドぞうも 2びょうで たおれる。
093MS6.png Haunter くらやみで だれもいないのに みられているような きがしたら そこに ゴーストが いるのだ。
094MS6.png Gengar やまで そうなんしたとき いのちをうばいに くらやみから あらわれることが あるという。
095MS6.png Onix ふだんは つちのなかに すんでいる。ちちゅうを じそく 80キロで ほりながら エサを さがす。
096MS6.png Drowzee ユメを たべるという でんせつの いきもの バクの しそん。さいみんじゅつが とくいだ。
097MS6.png Hypno ふりこのようなものを もちあるく。こどもに さいみんじゅつを かけて どこかへ つれさるじけんが あった。
098MS6.png Krabby うみの ちかくで みつかる。おおきな ハサミは もぎとっても あとから また はえてくる。
099MS6.png Kingler かたい ハサミは 1まんばりきの パワーを もっているが おおきすぎて うごきが にぶい。
100MS6.png Voltorb しょうたい ふめいの いきもの。いやなおとを だしたり とつぜん じばくする ことも あるという。
101MS6.png Electrode すこしの しげきに はんのうして ばくはつする。バクダンボールという あだなで こわがられて いる。
102MS6.png Exeggcute なにかの たまごの ようだが じつは しょくぶつの タネにちかい いきもの であることが わかった。
103MS6.png Exeggutor あるく ねったいうりん とよばれる。みの ひとつひとつに かおがあって それぞれ いしを もっている。
104MS6.png Cubone しにわかれた ははおやの ほねを あたまに かぶっている。さびしいとき おおごえで なくという。
105MS6.png Marowak からだも ちいさく もともと よわかった。ホネを つかうようになり せいかくが きょうぼうか した。
106MS6.png Hitmonlee あしが じゆうに のびちぢみして とおく はなれている ばあいでも あいてを けりあげることが できる。
107MS6.png Hitmonchan プロボクサーの たましいが のりうつっている。パンチのスピードは しんかんせんよりも はやい。
108MS6.png Lickitung したが しんちょうの 2ばいもある。エサをとったり こうげきをしたりと まるで てのように うごかせる。
109MS6.png Koffing うすい バルーンじょうの からだに もうどくの ガスが つまっている。ちかくにくると くさい。
110MS6.png Weezing ごくまれに とつぜんへんいで ふたごの ちいさい ドガースが れんけつしたまま でることがある。
111MS6.png Rhyhorn あたまは わるいが ちからが つよく こうそうビルも たいあたりで コナゴナに ふんさいする。
112MS6.png Rhydon しんかして うしろあし だけで たつようになった。ツノで つかれると がんせきにも あながあいてしまう。
113MS6.png Chansey 1にちに いくつか たまごを うむ。その たまごは えいよう まんてんで ものすごく おいしい らしい。
114MS6.png Tangela ブルーの つるしょくぶつが からみあい しょうたいは みえない。ちかづくものに からみついてくる。
115MS6.png Kangaskhan メスは おなかの ふくろに こどもを いれて そだてる。れんぞくパンチ こうげきが とくい。
116MS6.png Horsea ぜんまいのように クルクルまかれた しっぽで からだの バランスをとる。くちから スミを はくことが ある。
117MS6.png Seadra うかつに さわろうとすると からだじゅうに はえる トゲに さされて きぜつすることも ある。
118MS6.png Goldeen せビレ むなビレが きんにくのように はったつしており すいちゅうを 5ノットの はやさで およぐ。
119MS6.png Seaking ドリルのように とがっている ツノで いわはだを くりぬき じぶんの すを つくっている。
120MS6.png Staryu うみべに おおく あらわれ よるになると ちゅうしんが あかく てんめつする。
121MS6.png Starmie きかがくてきな ボディーから うちゅうせいぶつ ではないかと じもとでは うたがわれている。
122MS6.png Mr. Mime ひとを しんじこませるのが うまい。パントマイムで つくったカベが ほんとうに あらわれるという。
123MS6.png Scyther するどいカマで えものを きりさき いきのねを とめる。ごくまれに ハネをつかって とぶ。
124MS6.png Jynx にんげんのような ことばを はなすが まだ なにをいっているか ふめいで げんざい けんきゅうされている。
125MS6.png Electabuzz つよい でんきが だいこうぶつで おおきな はつでんしょ などに しばしば あらわれる。
126MS6.png Magmar かざんの かこうちかくで みつかった。くちから ほのおをはく。たいおんは 1200ど もある。
127MS6.png Pinsir 2ほんの ながい ツノは パワフル。いちど はさまれて しまったら ちぎれるまで はなさない。
128MS6.png Tauros たいあたりしてくるとき 3ぼんの しっぽで じぶんの からだを ピシピシと たたく。
129MS6.png Magikarp ちからも スピードも ほとんどダメ。せかいで いちばん よわくて なさけない ポケモンだ。
130MS6.png Gyarados ひじょうに きょうぼうな せいかく。 くちからだす はかいこうせんは すべてのものを やきつくす。
131MS6.png Lapras ひとのことばを りかいする たかい ちのうをもつ。うみの うえを ひとをのせて すすむのが すき。
132MS6.png Ditto からだの さいぼうの つくりを じぶんで くみかえて ほかの せいめいたいに へんしんする。
133MS6.png Eevee 3しゅるいの ポケモンに しんかする かのうせいを もつ めずらしい ポケモンだ。
134MS6.png Vaporeon からだの さいぼうの つくりが みずの ぶんしと にている。みずに とけると みえなくなる。
135MS6.png Jolteon おこったり おどろいたりすると ぜんしんの けが はりの ように さかだって あいてを つらぬく。
136MS6.png Flareon たいないに ほのおぶくろが あり ふかく いきを すいこんだあと 1700どの ひを はく。
137MS6.png Porygon さいこうの かがくりょくを つかい ついに じんこうの ポケモンを つくることに せいこうした。
138MS6.png Omanyte おおむかし うみに すんでいた こだい ポケモン。10ぽんの あしを くねらせて およぐ。
139MS6.png Omastar しょくしゅが てあしの ように はったつ してる。しがみつくと どうじに かみついて くる。
140MS6.png Kabuto こだい せいぶつの かせきから さいせいしたポケモン。かたい カラで みを まもっている。
141MS6.png Kabutops すいちゅうを じゆうに およぎ するどい カマで えものを とらえ たいえきを すいとってしまう。
142MS6.png Aerodactyl こはくに のこされた きょうりゅうの いでんしから ふっかつさせた。たかいこえで なきながら とぶ。
143MS6.png Snorlax 1にちに たべものを 400キロ たべないと きが すまない。たべおわると ねむってしまう。
144MS6.png Articuno でんせつの とりポケモンの ひとつ。ながい しっぽが たなびいて とんでいく すがたは すばらしい。
145MS6.png Zapdos でんせつの とりポケモンの ひとつ。とぶときに バチバチと なにかの はじけるような おとがする。
146MS6.png Moltres でんせつの とりポケモンの ひとつ。オレンジいろの もえるようなハネが みるものを あっとうする。
147MS6.png Dratini こどもでも しんちょうは 2メートル いじょう。だっぴを くりかえして おおきくなる。
148MS6.png Dragonair うみや みずうみなどに すむという。はねをもたないが たまに そらを とぶ すがたが もくげきされる。
149MS6.png Dragonite おおきな たいかくで そらを とぶ。ちきゅうを やく16じかんで 1しゅう してしまう。
150MS6.png Mewtwo けんきゅうの ために いでんしを どんどん くみかえていった けっか きょうぼうな ポケモンに なった。
151MS6.png Mew みなみアメリカに せいそくする ぜつめつしたはずの ポケモン。ちのうがたかく なんでも おぼえる。

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Pokemon Entry
003MMS6.png Venusaur When Venusaur becomes Mega Venusaur, the flower on the Pokémon's back blooms even more fantastically than before. Its legs and frame become more sturdy to support the weight of the huge flower.

After it Mega Evolves, Mega Venusaur's Ability changes to Thick Fat, which gives it some protection against two of its weaknesses: Fire-type moves and Ice-type moves.

009MMS6.png Blastoise The two rocket launchers on Blastoise's shoulders turn into a single huge cannon when it Mega Evolves into Mega Blastoise. This cannon boasts a blast range so great that it can strike targets more than six miles away!
006MXMS6.png Charizard When Charizard holds a Charizardite X, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X! This item can be obtained only in Pokémon X. Unlike Mega Charizard Y, Mega Charizard X changes types when it Mega Evolves. It changes from a Fire- and Flying-type Pokémon to a Fire- and Dragon-type Pokémon.

With this transformation, Mega Charizard X's body turns black, and its flames burn blue with increased heat.

006MYMS6.png Charizard Mega Charizard Y is the result when Charizard Mega Evolves using Charizardite Y, which can be obtained in Pokémon Y. When Charizard becomes Mega Charizard Y, its pointed horns and long tail give the Pokémon a look of sleek sharpness. Mega Charizard Y is in a league of its own when it comes to flying prowess, able to reach incredible heights.

When Charizard Mega Evolves, its wings become larger than ever.

065MMS6.png Alakazam Alakazam's Speed and Sp. Atk are both highly developed, and those strengths shine more brightly after it Mega Evolves. Because it dedicates its energy entirely to its psychic powers, it maintains an unvarying meditative pose, floating in the air.

A red organ that is said to emit psychic power manifests on Mega Alakazam's forehead.

094MMS6.png Gengar When Gengar Mega Evolves into Mega Gengar, its Sp. Atk rises significantly, putting it in the top tier of all Pokémon.

Mega Gengar's unblinking third eye allows it to see into other dimensions.

115MMS6.png Kangaskhan The Parent Pokémon, Kangaskhan, Mega Evolves into Mega Kangaskhan. Amazingly, the child contained in its pouch can leap out and join in the battle! This young Pokémon is feisty and hates to lose.

In order to protect its mother, the child will boldly challenge Pokémon many times its size!

127MMS6.png Pinsir When it Mega Evolves, Pinsir's Attack and Speed both increase, and it gains the Flying type. It also changes its Ability to Aerilate, a new Ability debuting in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Under the influence of Aerilate, Normal-type moves become Flying-type moves. Pinsirite, the Mega Stone needed to Mega Evolve Pinsir, can only be obtained in Pokémon X.

Mega Pinsir acquires wings and can fly through the air.

130MMS6.png Gyarados After Mega Evolving, Gyarados becomes more rough-tempered than ever and changes from a Water- and Flying-type Pokémon to a Water- and Dark-type Pokémon. This changes its weaknesses, so you can fight effectively against a variety of different Pokémon by Mega Evolving after seeing your opponents' types.

Only a trainer with very deep ties to Gyarados will be able to battle together with Mega Gyarados as a partner.

142MMS6.png Aerodactyl Aerodactyl is a Pokémon that is revived from a Fossil, and some researchers insist that its Mega-Evolved appearance is the true appearance that Aerodactyl had before being fossilized.

Aerodacty's Mega Evolution causes its body to begin turning to stone.

181MMS6.png Ampharos When Ampharos Mega Evolves into Mega Ampharos, its head and tail are covered with white fur in this new, gallant appearance. When Ampharos undergoes Mega Evolution, it gains the Dragon type in addition to its original Electric type.

When Mega Ampharos increases the amount of electrical energy within itself, the red orbs on its body and fur emit a strong light.

150MXMS6.png Mewtwo Encounter the fierce Pokémon Mewtwo during your adventures in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y after you enter the Hall of Fame. The Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo is said to have been born from years of scientific research into genetics, all done in an effort to push its battle abilities to the limits. It is also said to have the most savage heart of any Pokémon.

Mewtwo's Sp. Atk is what particularly sets this Pokémon apart, placing it as one of the highest among all Pokémon.

Yet another secret lurks within Mewtwo! The Genetic Pokémon doesn't have just one Mega-Evolved form—it has two! Meet Mega Mewtwo X, an even larger Pokémon than Mega Mewtwo Y, with muscles bulging from its arms and legs. To evolve Mewtwo into Mega Mewtwo X, you'll need the Mewtwonite X Mega Stone.

Mega Mewtwo X gains the Fighting type, and it's Attack stat shows formindable growth.

150MYMS6.png Mewtwo The truth behind the new Pokémon that resembles Mewtwo is clear. It’s a Mewtwo that has achieved Mega Evolution, a new kind of Pokémon Evolution! The Mega Mewtwo shown here is Mega Mewtwo Y. Use the Mewtwonite Y Mega Stone to evolve Mewtwo into Mega Mewtwo Y.

Its streamlined body always appears to be floating in the air.

212MMS6.png Scizor Scizor Mega Evolves into Mega Scizor. The pincers on both of its arms become even bulkier, featuring sharp barbs that can stab right through concrete. Scizor's Defense and Sp. Def both go up when it Mega Evolves, making it a fortress of defense.

Any opponent that gets caught by Mega Scizor's pincers will have no hope of getting away.

214MMS6.png Heracross Mega Evolving increases Heracross's Attack greatly, putting it in the top tier of all Pokémon. When it unleashes its maximum power, its body temperature increases dramatically, so it opens the shells of its arms and torso to let the heat escape. Heracronite, the Mega Stone needed to Mega Evolve Heracross, can only be obtained in Pokémon Y.

The horn on Mega Heracross's head grows huge, and it boats enough strength to lift a fighter plane.

229MMS6.png Houndoom When Houndoom Mega Evolves into Mega Houndoom, its Sp. Atk and Speed grow significantly. Houndour, the Pokémon that evolves into Houndoom, can only be caught in Pokémon X. Houndoominite, the Mega Stone needed to Mega Evolve Houndoom, can only be obtained in Pokémon Y.

Mega Houndoom's claws exhibit a more intense red color due to the greater heat that it can now produce as a result of Mega Evolution.

248MMS6.png Tyranitar Tyranitar Mega Evolves into Mega Tyranitar. Tyranitarite, the Mega Stone needed to Mega Evolve Tyranitar, can only be obtained in Pokémon X. When Tyranitar Mega Evolves, its Attack and Defense both increase. The Sand Stream Ability is triggered when Tyranitar enters battle, and it also triggers when it Mega Evolves into Mega Tyranitar.

The red parts of its torso seethe with energy, enabling Mega Tyranitar to emanate even more power.

257MMS6.png Blaziken Blazikenite, the item needed to Mega Evolve Blaziken, cannot be obtained through normal gameplay in Pokémon X or Pokémon Y.

With its high Attack and the Speed Boost Ability, Mega Blaziken will become a truly awe-inspiring opponent!

Blaziken has a high Attack stat, and Mega Evolving the Pokémon will raise it even higher!

282MMS6.png Gardevoir The red plate in Mega Gardevoir's chest is said to be a physical manifestation of its heart. Mega Evolving enhances Gardevoir's Sp. Atk significantly.

By opening its heart, Mega Gardevoir becomes able to use tremendous psychic power.

303MMS6.png Mawile When Mawile undergoes Mega Evolution, its trademark huge mouth has multiplied, and now there are two great maws to contend with!

It even seems that Mega Mawile is able to control each maw independently.

306MMS6.png Aggron Aggron Mega Evolves into Mega Aggron. When it does, the destructive ability of its fearsome horns can turn a steel-clad tank into so much scrap metal. Aggronite, the Mega Stone needed to Mega Evolve Aggron, can only be obtained in Pokémon Y. By Mega Evolving, Aggron changes both its type and its Ability. By changing to a purely Steel-type Pokémon, it reduces its weaknesses, and its Filter Ability also reduces the damage it takes from supereffective moves.

Mega Evolving provides a heartly boost to Aggron's Defense stat, making this one Pokémon that will not go down easily in battle!

308MMS6.png Medicham Medicham Mega Evolves into Mega Medicham. It uses its amped-up willpower to remake its spirit into a physical force and to create additional arms for itself. The more Medicham has trained its spirit, the more realistic these self-created arms become, and it can use them with great dexterity.
310MMS6.png Manectric Mega Evolution improves a variety of Manectric's stats. You'll find Electrike, the Pokémon that evolves into Manectric, only in Pokémon Y. Manectite, the Mega Stone needed to Mega Evolve Manectric, can only be obtained in Pokémon X.

Mega Manectric's explosive power is said to be as fast as a lightning strike.

354MMS6.png Banette Mega Evolution unzips the zippers that restrained Banette, enabling it to unleash the energy it had been suppressing and show its baleful power. Mega Banette's Attack stat also increases.

359MMS6.png Absol When Absol undergoes Mega Evolution, it becomes Mega Absol.

The increased energy that courses through Absol's body upon Mega Evolution makes its fur stand on end, giving it the appearance of wings.

445MMS6.png Garchomp When Garchomp becomes Mega Garchomp, the increased energy flows into the Pokémon's arms, turning them into huge blades! Mega Garchomp's Attack and Special Attack both improve greatly, while its Speed goes down a little.

When Garchomp Mega Evolves, it becomes a Pokémon whose every blow you can count on!

448MMS6.png Lucario When Lucario Mega Evolves, it becomes Mega Lucario. This Pokémon becomes even larger than it was before it Mega Evolved.

Black patterns creep up and around Mega Lucario's arms and legs–marks left behind by the hightened aura energy that thrums throughout its body.

When Lucario Mega Evolves, its attack grows higher still. Plus, its Ability changes to Adaptability, which increases the power of moves that have the same type as the user.

460MMS6.png Abomasnow Abomasnow Mega Evolves into Mega Abomasnow. While its Speed does drop after it Mega Evolves, it gains in offensive and defensive strength.

The sprouts on Abomasnow's back grow into great shafts of ice.

Pokemon Entry
144MS6.png Articuno Articuno

This Legendary Pokémon can manipulate ice. It can freeze water particles within the air to create blizzards.

It is said that Articuno's seemingly crystalline wings are made of ice.

145MS6.png Zapdos Zapdos

The Legendary Pokémon Zapdos can manipulate lightning. As it beats its glimmering wings, lightning showers from them and great storms are whipped up.

146MS6.png Moltres Moltres

The Legendary Pokémon Moltres controls fire. It is said that when it receives an injury, it dives into a crater filled with magma and sets itself aflame to heal the wound. Moltres's orange wings, which appear to be burning, are imposing to behold.

650MS6.png Chespin Chespin

The Grass-type Pokémon Chespin has a tough shell covering its head and back. Despite having a curious nature that tends to get it in trouble, Chespin keeps an optimistic outlook and doesn't worry about small details.

651MS6.png Quilladin Quilladin

When Chespin evolves into Quilladin, the hard spikes on its body grow even sturdier. Despite its prickly appearance, Quilladin is considered a gentle Pokémon that avoids battle.

Quilladin uses its hard shell to repel attacks and strike back with its poined spines.

652MS6.png Chesnaught Chesnaught

When Quilladin evolves into Chesnaught, it gains the Fighting type. These gentle Pokémon care deeply for their allies. When one of its companions is in danger, Chesnaught will risk its own life to protect it.

In its protective stance with its arms over its face, Chesnaught can endure the force of massive explosions.

653MS6.png Fennekin Fennekin

Searing heat blows from the ears of the Fire-type Pokémon Fennekin. This Pokémon loves to snack on twigs. Fennekin can be temperamental, but it tries to do its best for its Trainer.

654MS6.png Braixen Braixen

Once Fennekin evolves into Braixen, it no longer eats branches. But it still keeps a tree branch in its tail, which seems to calm the Pokémon. Braixen will occasionally weild the branch in battle and use friction to light it on fire.

655MS6.png Delphox Delphox

Delphox gains the Psychic type when it evolves from Braixen. With its psychic abilities, it’s able to control flames of extreme temperatures! Bradishing a tree branch like a wand, Delphox can perceive future events by concentrating on the branch's burning tip.

656MS6.png Froakie Froakie

The Water-type Pokémon Froakie is both light and strong, making it capable of jumping incredibly high. The bubbles on its chest and back protect it from attacks. Froakie may appear absentminded, but in truth it pays close attention to its surroundings at all times.

657MS6.png Frogadier Frogadier

Frogadier evolves from Froakie, and when it does, its jumping skill improves. During battle, Frogadier confounds its opponents by leaping about the ceiling or into trees.

Frogadier attacks by launching small stones wrapped in bubbles at its opponents.

658MS6.png Greninja Greninja

Greninja evolves from Frogadier, and in so doing gains the Dark type. Elusive as a ninja, this Pokémon throws opponents into disarray with its high-speed movements.

It can compress water into shuriken, launching them with enough force to cleave metal!

659MS6.png Bunnelby BunnelbyIt is said that the Normal-type Pokémon Bunnelby creates its den by digging in the ground with its large, shovel-shaped ears.

Bunnelby's ears are strong enough to to chop right through thick tree roots, making it a force to be reckoned with in battle!

660MS6.png Diggersby DiggersbyBunnelby evolves into Diggersby and gains the Ground type when it does. It uses its large ears to dig holes in the ground. The ears are powerful excavators that can easily shift heavy stones.

With their excellent digging skills, these Pokémon even help out at construction sites!

661MS6.png Fletchling FletchlingWith a friendly nature and a beautiful chirp, Fletchling is a popular Pokémon among many Trainers. But Fletchling is also known to be ferocious in battle, capable of unleashing relentless attacks!

662MS6.png Fletchinder FletchinderFletchinder is the middle link of the Evolution chain between Fletchling and Talonflame. It gains the Fire type when it evolves from Fletchling.

Fletchlinder has a flame sac in its belly. As its internal furnace heats up, it can fly faster and faster.

663MS6.png Talonflame TalonflameAn evolved form of the recently announced Fletchling, Talonflame is a Fire- and Flying-type Pokémon that gains a whole new level of speed and firepower. It dives at foes, and then attacks with devastating kicks.

When the battle heats up, flames will pour from its body as it zooms through the sky.

664MS6.png Scatterbug ScatterbugThe Bug-type Scatterbug resides mostly in forests and wild plains. After Scatterbug has reached a high enough level, it will evolve into Spewpa.

This Bug type uses the fur around its neck to control its body temperature.

After evolving from Spewpa, Vivillon gains beautiful wings.

665MS6.png Spewpa SpewpaSpewpa is the middle Pokémon of this evolutionary chain. With enough experience gained from battle, Spewpa will eventually evolve into Vivillon.

Spewka gains a stiff carapace once it evolves from Scatterbug, so less forcefull attacks will hardly make a scratch.

666MS6.png Vivillon VivillonIn its final Evolution, in addition to becoming stronger, Vivillon also changes its type. You can continue to level up the Pokémon to make it even stronger! Check out the variety of Vivillon patterns that can be found!
667MS6.png Litleo LitleoThe hot-blooded Litleo is always ready for a good fight! Its mane blazes with heat during battle, burning hotter and hotter the stronger its opponent.

In the wild, Litleo will venture out on its own to make its way in the world.

668MS6.png Pyroar PyroarWhen Litleo evolves into Pyroar, it gains a great mane of burning flame! Male and female Pyroar have different forms.

The male Pyroar with the largest mane becomes the leader of its pride. The female Pyroar of the pride protect the group's young.

669MS6.png Flabébé FlabébéAnother newly discovered Fairy-type Pokémon, Flabébé clings to a flower early on, and then cares for it for its entire life. Because of this, Flabébé may be found holding flowers of different colors. It seems that the area where you find Flabébé has some effect on what color of flower it will be holding. Seek out Flabébé in a number of areas on your journey!

Flabébé can draw forth the power that lies within flowers and use it freely in moves.

670MS6.png Floette FloetteWhen Flabébé evolves into Floette, the color of its associated flower stays the same.

Floette has the new Flower Veil Ability, which prevents stat reduction of any Grass-type Pokémon on your team.

671MS6.png Florges FlorgesIt claims its territory by gathering flowers and creating exquisite flower gardens. It draws out the energy of flowers and uses that energy as its own power during battles. In the past, rulers of castles would invite Florges to create beautiful flower gardens.

Florges obtains power for battling from its symbiotic flower and surrounding plants.

672MS6.png Skiddo SkiddoThe gentle-natured Skiddo is said to have been the first Pokémon to live alongside humans. Thanks to living with humans so long, it doesn’t seem to mind carrying people or loads on its back. Skiddo evolves into Gogoat, another Pokémon you'll be able to ride!

Skiddo has become able to read the feelings of its riders through their grip on its horns.

673MS6.png Gogoat GogoatGogoat is so large that people are able to ride on its back. It's very calm, and can form a strong bond with its Trainer's feelings when its Trainer grabs onto its horns.

People can get around Lumiose City on the back of Gogoat to shorten their travel times.

674MS6.png Pancham PanchamWith its trademark leaf always sticking out of its mouth, Pancham tries to intimidate its opponents by glaring at them intensely (although this is rarely successful).
675MS6.png Pangoro PangoroPangoro is the evolved form of Pancham. It's a cantankerous Pokémon, but it has a strong heart and doesn't forgive those who pick on the weak.

Pangoro has the Iron Fist Ability, which strenghtens punching moves.

676MS6.png Furfrou FurfrouThe stylish Pokémon Furfrou can have its appearance changed by grooming. There are number of different appearances it can take, and the more you groom it, the more styles may become available!

If you leave Furfrou's style untended for a few days, its fur will grow long and shaggy again, returning to its original look. Keep a regular grooming schedule to maintain Furfrou's style! Furfrou isn't jstu stylish–it's also consideredvery intelligent and loyal to it's Trainer. It's said that in ancient times, Furfrou guarded the king of Kalos. Trimming Furfrou's shaggy fur can transform it into a number of beautiful appearances.

677MS6.png Espurr EspurrThe Psychic-type Pokémon Espurr evolves into Meowstic. This Pokémon values its independence, and you will often find Espurr acting on its own.

Espurr possess great psychic power, and it keeps its ears tightly shut to prevent the power from being released inadvertently.

678MS6.png Meowstic MeowsticMeowstic is a Pokémon that has different forms depending on its gender. Not only do male and female Meowstic look different, but they also have different moves they can learn!

The organs within Meowstic's ears possess a formidable psychic power, so it usually keeps them clamped shut. But when Meowstic is threatened, it will lift its ears and release this power.

This Pokémon tends not to show its emotions to others and remain expressionless, but it seems that some Trainers love the unsociable air it puts on.

679MS6.png Honedge HonedgeHonedge comes into being when a departed spirit inhabits a sword that once belonged to humans. It can use the blue cloth attached to its hilt as nimbly as an arm.

If you were to carelessly take this blade in hand, you may find that blue cloth wrapping around you... draining the energy from your body!

680MS6.png Doublade DoubladeWhat appeared to be a single blade becomes two blades when Honedge evolves into Doublade!

The two swords converse telepathically and can carry out complicated attacks together.

681MS6.png Aegislash AegislashAegislash is the evolved form of Doublade, bearing a shield in addition to its blade. Its Ability, Stance Change, debuts in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y and is exclusive to Aegislash.

Aegislash will shift between its Shield Forme and Blade Forme based on the actions it takes. When it's in Shield Forme, its Defense and Sp. Def stats are raised; when it's in Blade Forme, its Attack and Sp. Atk stats are raised.

682MS6.png Spritzee SpritzeeSpritzee is a Pokémon that can be found in the wild only in Pokémon Y. It emits a unique fragrance from its body, and any who smell it fall under its spell.

Spritzee's fragrance changes based on its diet.

683MS6.png Aromatisse AromatisseAromatisse, the evolved form of Spritzee, can give off a variety of different smells, from a pleasant fragrance to an odor so repugnant to its opponent that it can turn a battle in its favor.
684MS6.png Swirlix SwirlixExclusive to Pokémon X, Swirlix loves sweets and eats nothing else, making its body as sweet and sticky as cotton candy.

Swirlix's Sweet Veil Abiltiy is new to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It keeps Swirlix's Pokémon teammates from falling asleep. In battle, Swlirlix shoots out strings of candy-like sticky thread to blind its opponents.

685MS6.png Slurpuff SlurpuffSlurpuff has an unbelievable sense of smell—a hundred million times more sensitive than that of humans. With its highly attuned senses, it can distinguish the faintest of odors.

Since its particularly good at distinguishing sweet smells, some Slurpuff work to assist pastry chefs.

686MS6.png Inkay InkayTransmitters above Inkay's eyes have the ability to drain the will to fight from other Pokémon. It uses this skill to run and hide when attacked by stronger enemies.

With Inkay's Contrary Ability, any effect that would lower its stats increases them instead! The transmitters above Inkay's eyes are also used to communicate with other Pokémon of its kind.

687MS6.png Malamar MalamarThe evolved form of Inkay, Malamar wields some of the strongest hypnotic powers of any Pokémon and can make its opponents bend to its will.

Malamar looks differently from Inkay and has different stats, but its Contrary Ability remains the same. There is never a shortage of humans attempting to use Malamar to achieve their own nefarious purposes.

688MS6.png Binacle BinacleBinacle is a Rock- and Water-type Pokémon. These Pokémon spend their lives affixed to rocks along the seaside. They generally live two to a rock, but if they quarrel, one will move to another rock.

Binacle can have the Ability Tough Claws, which debuts in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It raises the power of moves that make direct contact.

689MS6.png Barbaracle BarbaracleWhen Binacle evolves into Barbaracle, two Binacle multiply into seven.

They fight with the power of seven Binacle under the orders of the Barbaracle's head.

690MS6.png Skrelp SkrelpDisguised by its shape, Skrelp pretends to be a piece of seaweed. When prey gets too close, Skrelp bathes it in poison to keep it from struggling.
691MS6.png Dragalge DragalgeWhen Skrelp evolves into Dragalge, it gains the Dragon type. This ferocious Pokémon will attack any intruder without distinction. Dragalge is greatly feared, and its home waters are under a dire warning of danger.

The poison Dragalge emits is so toxic that it can erode ship hulls.

692MS6.png Clauncher ClauncherClauncher is easily recognizable by the oversized claw on one of its arms. This useful claw can seize prey and shoot water at others as a projectile!

Clauncher's enormous claw can also crack boulders when the Pokémon is at close range.

693MS6.png Clawitzer ClawitzerThe evolved form of Clauncher, Clawitzer possesses an immense claw that can shoot projectiles of water with enough force to perforate armored vessels.

Clawitzer can speed through the water by expelling wanter from the back of its claw.

694MS6.png Helioptile HelioptileHelioptile charges itself by bathing in the light of the sun, providing it with enough energy that it doesn't need to eat!
695MS6.png Heliolisk HelioliskHeliolisk is the evolved form of Helioptile. A single Heliolisk can produce enough electricity to power a high-rise building.

By spreading its frilled collar, it can soak up the rays of the sun and charge up with electric power.

696MS6.png Tyrunt TyruntTyrunt is an ancient Pokémon from another age, and to add it to your team, you'll have to restore it from a Fossil. You can choose between two Fossils during your adventure in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y—Tyrunt can be obtained by restoring the Jaw Fossil.

Tyrunt and Amaura are ancient Pokémon from another age that can be added to your team by restoring the from Fossils. You will be able to restore Fossils by going to the Fossil Lab. It's believed that Tyrunt is over one hundred million years old. The Pokémon is known to be a bit selfish, and will throw an fit when it doesn't like something.

697MS6.png Tyrantrum TyrantrumTyrantrum is the evolved form of Tyrunt. Nothing could stop this Pokémon 100 million years ago, so it behaved like a king!

Tyrantrum's greatest weapon is its gargantuan jaws, which can shred thick metal plates as if they were paper.

698MS6.png Amaura AmauraTo obtain Amaura, you'll need to restore the Sail Fossil. Choose wisely whether you want Tyrunt or Amaura when you pick between the Jaw and Sail Fossil!

Like, Tyrunt Amaura is believed to be one hundred million years old. Amaura has the Refrigerate Ability, a new Ability in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It turns Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves.

699MS6.png Aurorus AurorusThe evolved form of Amaura, Aurorus can blast freezing cold air to damage enemies.

Aurorus can also blast air to form a wall of ice to protect itself from attacks.

700MS6.png Sylveon SylveonSylveon is a newly discovered Evolution of Eevee! Experienced Pokémon Trainers know that Eevee can evolve into seven different types, and now a new Eevee Evolution with a different type has been revealed! Sylveon is one of the first Pokémon clearly identified as a Fairy-type Pokémon. This means that Eevee can now evolve into eight possible Pokémon, each with a different type! If you want to evolve Eevee into Sylveon, you first have to work to make sure that Eevee has a strong bond with you as a Trainer. Plus, your Eevee has to learn a Fairy-type move before it can evolve!

Get ready for epic battle between Fairy-type Pokémon and Dragon-type Pokémon!

701MS6.png Hawlucha HawluchaHawlucha is a Fighting- and Flying-type Pokémon, a combination never before seen. It is fixated on performing its moves with grace. Hawlucha can learn Flying Press, a new move debuting in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y that only it can learn.

Hawlucha's body may be compact, but it is a true technican, one that makes sport of its opponents even as it dives out of the sky in battle.

702MS6.png Dedenne DedenneThe round shape of Dedenne makes this Fairy-type Pokémon instantly recognizable. Dedenne has the Cheek Pouch Ability, new to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. If a Pokémon with this Ability eats a Berry during battle, it will not only reap the usual benefits of that Berry, but will also be able to regain HP.

By emmiting radio waves from its antenna-shaped whiskers, it can communicate with far-off allies.

Dedenne can also plug its tail into outlets to drain electricity from them.

703MS6.png Carbink CarbinkThe Rock- and Fairy-type Carbink is born deep, deep underground and has remained hidden there for millions of years.

Carbink's timid personality leads it to live in gloomy caves, where it usually remains unseen by human eyes.

704MS6.png Goomy GoomyGoomy does not move quickly and is not best-suited to battle, so it’s called the weakest Dragon-type Pokémon. However, if you can raise one of these Pokémon well, it may be able to show hidden depths that will put it on a level with any other Dragon-type Pokémon!

This Dragon-type Pokémon is covered with a gooey mucus.

705MS6.png Sliggoo SliggooSliggoo evolves from Goomy, which is said to be the weakest Dragon-type Pokémon.

Sliggoo attacks opponents by excreting a sticky liquid that can dissolve anything Its four horns are a high-performance radar system. It uses them to sense sounds and smells, rather than using ears or a nose.

706MS6.png Goodra GoodraGoomy, whose reputation paints it as weak, evolves into Sliggoo and then into a very powerful Pokémon—Goodra.

Goodra attacks opponents with the retractable horns on its head. It can throw a punch that's the equuvalent of the force of a hundred pro boxers.

707MS6.png Klefki KlefkiKlefki has a habit of collecting keys, and it never lets go of a key it likes. Some people give it the keys to vaults and safes as a way to prevent crime.

The Steel- and Fairy-type Pokémon Klefki has a placid disposition and doesn't like to battle. If Klefki is attacked, it threatens the attackers by fiercely jingling its keys at them, avoiding battle while they flinch.

708MS6.png Phantump PhantumpPhantump arise when lost souls in the woods come to inhabit old stumps. It’s said that in forests where humans seldom tread, the stumps of the very biggest trees become Phantump.

People who enter the forest can be lead astray by Phantump that imitate the sound of children's voices.

709MS6.png Trevenant TrevenantTrevenant can control trees at will. It will trap people who harm the forest, so they can never leave. Trevenant evolves from Phantump.

Although its power is terrifying, a lot of Pokémon live among Trevenant's lush leaves, and it's very kind to the Pokémon that reside in it.

710MS6.png Pumpkaboo PumpkabooThe Ghost- and Grass-type Pokémon Pumpkaboo are born when souls that have been unable to move on take up residence inside pumpkins.

Pumpkaboo can come in a number of different sizes, and the largest Pumpkaboo can be more than twice the size of the littlest ones.

711MS6.png Gourgeist GourgeistGourgeist evolves from Pumpkaboo, and just as with Pumpkaboo, there are different sizes of Gourgeist. A large Pumpkaboo evolves into a large Gourgeist, and a small Pumpkaboo evolves into a small Gourgeist.

Singing in eerie voices, Gourgeist wander the streets of towns on the night of the new moon. They say anyone who hears their song is cursed.

712MS6.png Bergmite BergmiteBergmite live in herds on mountains covered by snow, or on drift ice on the sea.

Using extremely cold air, Bergmite freeze opponents solid.

713MS6.png Avalugg AvaluggAvalugg evolves from Bergmite. When several Bergmite huddle on Avalugg's flat, spacious back, it looks like an aircraft carrier made of ice.

Ice ice-covered body is hard as steel.

714MS6.png Noibat NoibatNoibat, a Flying- and Dragon-type Pokémon, evolves into Noivern. Its ears radiate ultrasonic waves, enabling it to communicate with others of its kind or to immobilize prey.

Noibat can even use sounds waves to determine the ripeness of the fruits it loves to eat.

715MS6.png Noivern NoivernNoivern is extremely combative toward anything that wanders too close to it. It flies through even the darkest nights using ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears. This Pokémon loves fruit, and feeding it fruit will keep it calm.

The waves Noivern emits from its ears are string enough to reduce large boulders to rubble.

716MS6.png Xerneas
717MS6.png Yveltal
718MS6.png Zygarde Zygarde

There's one more Legendary Pokémon in the Kalos region. Get Zygarde on your team! This Legendary Pokémon spends its life unmoving, deep within a dark cave. It is said to appear when the ecological balance of Kalos is threatened, only then releasing its hidden powers.

719MS6.png Diancie Diancie

Diancie can create diamonds out of thin air by compressing the carbon in the atmosphere with its hands. It uses these jewels in battle to attack enemies and protect itself.

Groups of Carbink tend to gather around Diancie, but Diancie pays them little heed and acts only according to its own will.

720MS6.png Hoopa
720MS6.png Hoopa
721MS6.png Volcanion

ORAS page

Pokemon Entry
720MS6.png Hoopa

Hoopa is a Mythical Pokémon in the world of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire that cannot be encountered through regular gameplay! The Pokémon is recognizable by its two horns and the golden ring that adorns its trunk. Hoopa’s rings are said to have the power to bend dimensions and move objects across great distances.

719MMS6.png Mega Diancie

The Mythical Pokémon Diancie, with its pink, glittering body, is said to be the most beautiful Pokémon in the world. Now, with Mega Diancie, the Mega Evolution of a Mythical Pokémon has been confirmed for the first time ever!

Bring Diancie Over to Your Game! Diancie is a Mythical Pokémon that you can get in Pokémon X or Pokémon Y by picking up a special code at participating stores. Once you obtain Diancie, you can bring Diancie over to your copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Or use Pokémon Bank to bring Diancie to your copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. You can then obtain Diancite in the game, and Mega Evolve Diancie into Mega Diancie during battle.

719MS6.png Diancie

In order to Mega Evolve Diancie into Mega Diancie, you'll have to start by obtaining Diancie for your Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game. Then, bring the Diancie you received into Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire! Stay tuned for information on how to get Diancie.

The impurities upon its body’s surface have fallen away, and it sparkles so brilliantly when reflecting light that you cannot look directly at it. The diamond on its head measures over 2,000 carats.

Diancie can do even more when it Mega Evolves, changing its Ability and its stats. With the Magic Bounce Ability, any status conditions or stat-lowering effects can be bounced back at the one trying to inflict them. Also when Diancie Mega Evolves, its Speed increases greatly. Mega Diancie's Defense and Sp. Def both go down, but its Attack and Sp. Atk gain big boosts, making its Mega Evolution perfect for getting off fast attacks.

Because of its noble beauty, it is commonly referred to as "the Royal Pink Princess."

Seize Victory with Mega Diancie!

Check out some recommended moves for Mega Diancie that take advantage of its extremely high Attack and Sp. Atk, and its aptitude for blindingly fast attacks. This Pokémon, blessed with both beauty and skill, can adapt quickly to any situation!

To utilize Mega Diancie's high Attack stat, use the move Diamond Storm!

208MMS6.png Mega Steelix

Steelix Mega Evolves into Mega Steelix. The cells within its body, crystallized by the energy produced from Mega Evolution, are stronger than any mineral and able to withstand any temperature. It moves incredibly slowly, but its strengthened body is also impervious to damage, and it lashes out at foes without flinching.

Steelix gains an outstanding Defense stat after Mega Evolving.

095MS6.png Onix

Onix can bore through the ground at speeds of 50 miles per hour by twisting its huge, rugged body. It has a magnet in its brain that prevents it from ever losing its sense of direction, even while deep underground.

208MS6.png Steelix

Steelix bites through rocks with its sturdy jaws, digging towards the planet's center. It can dig more than half a mile into the ground. Its body, able to withstand the high pressure and heat in the planet's center, is harder than any metal.

Onix evolves into Steelix when it is traded holding a Metal Coat.

362MMS6.png Mega Glalie

The excessive energy from its Mega Evolution gushes out of its mouth, blasting away and destroying its jaw. It is no longer able to close its mouth, and the freezing air it emits becomes far stronger. It tosses foes into its gaping mouth, expelling a burst of chilled air to freeze them instantly.

When Glalie Mega Evolves, its Attack and Sp. Atk both shoot upward. Its Speed stat also sees some increase.

361MS6.png Snorunt

Snorunt lives on a diet composed solely of snow and ice, and it is perfectly fine even at temperatures as low as –150 degrees Fahrenheit. It is said that a home visited by Snorunt will come into wealth.

478MS6.png Froslass

Froslass freezes foes by blowing on them with breath of nearly –60 degrees Fahrenheit. There are legends in snowy regions that say Froslass is the reincarnation of a girl who became lost upon a snowy mountain.

362MS6.png Glalie

Glalie's stone body is protected by armor made of ice. Fire will not melt it. It can freeze all the moisture in the air in the fraction of a second, and it has the ability to manipulate ice freely.

Give a female Snorunt a Dawn Stone to have it evolve into Froslass. Raise Snorunt to Level 42 to have it evolve into Glalie.

018MMS6.png Mega Pidgeot

Pidgeot Mega Evolves into Mega Pidgeot. The gusts it can whip up with its tough and well-developed wings are powerful enough to smash huge trees.

Upon Mega Evolving, its Sp. Atk gets a great boost. Take good advantage of its zippy Speed stat, and you can pummel opponents in no time flat. Its No Guard Ability means its attack will never miss—nor will attacks used against it. You can be sure of dealing damage even with moves that have low accuracy.

The minerals that go into Pidgeot's feathers change, resulting in a change in their coloration as well.

016MS6.png Pidgey

Pidgey has a peaceful personality and does not enjoy battle, but if you take a wrong step around it, it will beat its wings furiously and attack by kicking up sand.

017MS6.png Pidgeotto

Pidgeotto flies around its expansive territory, always on patrol. It uses the sharp and well-developed claws on its feet to ruthlessly punish those who invade its territory.

018MS6.png Pidgeot

Pidgeot intimidates foes by spreading its beautiful, glossy wings. When it beats its wings at full strength, tall trees bend and sway. It can fly through the air at speeds of Mach 2.

015MMS6.png Mega Beedrill

Beedrill Mega Evolves into Mega Beedrill. The poison it produces from its four limbs all work instantaneously, yet the poison it emits from its tail is slow-acting. It uses the former to prevent its foes from fleeing, and the latter to deal the finishing blow.

Mega Evolution gives its Attack and Speed stats an explosive boost. Adaptability is an Ability that increases the power of moves of the same type as the user from the standard 150% to 200%. Put it together with this Pokémon's powerful Attack stat and aim for massive damage!

With six wings, Mega Beedrill flies to the attack with great speed!

013MS6.png Weedle

Weedle has a small poisonous stinger, less than two inches tall, on its head. This is what it uses to drive off attacking foes. Its brightly colored body is intended to put a scare into any potential enemies it happens to meet.

014MS6.png Kakuna

Kakuna hides on the underside of leaves and between branches, trying to avoid being spotted by foes as it waits for Evolution. When in danger, it can harden its shell to protect itself.

015MS6.png Beedrill

Beedrill is extremely vigilant over its territory. When angered, Beedrill attack in swarms to sting foes with the poisonous stingers on their arms and tails. Do not approach their nests, for your own sake.

323MMS6.png Mega Camerupt

The humps on its back have transformed into one large and very active volcano. Magma is constantly bubbling up from within its body. It has a deep hatred of water or any moisture, and has an explosive personality and a short temper. The volcano on its back erupts constantly in an effort to intimidate its foes.

When it Mega Evolves, its Ability changes to Sheer Force. It grows stronger, and any moves that can have additional effects will grow in power—but it’s important to keep in mind that they will no longer be able to trigger their additional effects! Most of its stats are uniformly raised, but its Speed does drop. Try to think of strategies based on the likelihood of being second to act in battle.

323MS6.png Camerupt

The humps on Camerupt's back contain volcanoes. The magma that boils up in its body spews from these humps. Huge eruptions occur regularly once a decade, but if the Pokémon becomes angry, the volcanoes will gush with great force.

319MMS6.png Mega Sharpedo

The fangs in Mega Sharpedo's mouth have transformed, and the horns that have sprouted from its nose can be regrown countless times. The yellow patterns on its body are scars carved into it in battle. With explosive propulsion, it can exceed 125 mph in an instant.

When it Mega Evolves, all of its stats see a boost, and its already high Attack is whetted still further. In addition, Mega Sharpedo gains the Strong Jaw Ability, which raises the power of biting attacks. Have it learn moves that will take advantage of this aggressive Ability!

319MS6.png Sharpedo

Brutal and cruelly clever, Sharpedo is the gangster of the seas. It has fangs that can snap through steel, and a single Sharpedo can tear a large tanker into pieces. At its top speeds, it can travel faster than 75 mph.

475MMS6.png Mega Gallade

Plates emerge on Gallade's arms, and the helmet and cape-like protrusions on its head and back give it a knightly appearance. When the situation demands, Mega Gallade can use its psychic power to reshape both arms into blades simultaneously, and fight using a dual-wielding style.

When it Mega Evolves, its Ability changes to Inner Focus, so it’s protected from flinching. Its Attack and Speed stats improve, making this a Pokémon likely to excel at first-strike strategies.

280MS6.png Ralts

When its red horns capture the warm feelings of people or Pokémon, its body warms up slightly. Ralts draws closer if it senses someone with a positive disposition.

281MS6.png Kirlia

A Kirlia that is exposed to the positive emotions of its Trainer grows beautiful. This Pokémon has the psychic power to create a rip in the surrounding dimension and see into the future.

282MS6.png Gardevoir

If you let any Kirlia level up to Lv. 30 without giving it a Dawn Stone, it will evolve into Gardevoir, regardless of its gender. Gardevoir has the power to predict the future, and it will guard its Trainer with its life. It can expend its psychic power to warp dimensions and create a small black hole.

475MS6.png Gallade

If you use a Dawn Stone on a male Kirlia, it will evolve into Gallade. A master of courtesy and swordsmanship, Gallade fights using extending swords on its elbows. It has the power to sense what its foe is thinking.

080MMS6.png Mega Slowbro

Mega Slowbro's energy has gathered in the Shellder clamped onto its tail. As a result, the hardness of its shell is boosted, making an armor so hard that nothing and no one can scratch it. When Mega Slowbro battles, it stands up on its tail. It can move by bouncing along, using its tail as a spring.

After Mega Evolving, its Shell Armor Ability means that opponents' attacks will never land a critical hit. In terms of stats, its previously high Defense jumps still more, and its Sp. Attack also increases, making Mega Slowbro a great Pokémon for long, sticky battles that require endurance.

079MS6.png Slowpoke

Slowpoke is always vacantly lost in thought, but no one knows what it's thinking about. A sweet sap leaks from the tip of its tail, and it doesn't even notice if something gnaws on its tail tip.

080MS6.png Slowbro

Shellder won't let go because of the tasty flavor that oozes from Slowbro's tail. Slowbro seems to become inspired if the Shellder on its tail bites down strongly. Slowbro evolves from Slowpoke when Slowpoke reaches a certain level.

199MS6.png Slowking

When its head was bitten, toxins entered Slowpoke's head and unlocked an extraordinary power. Whenever Slowking yawns, Shellder injects more poison, making Slowking ever more intelligent. Slowking evolves from Slowpoke when Slowpoke is traded holding a King's Rock.

531MMS6.png Mega Audino

Mega Audino emits a soothing pulse from its body that reduces hostility in others. This powerful pulse calms any who come in range. Additionally, any creature that happens to come in contact with its second feelers will fall into a deep sleep.

When it Mega Evolves, this Pokémon gains the Fairy type. It has the Healer Ability regardless of what its Ability was prior to Mega Evolving. Its Defense and Sp. Defense are both improved, making it a good supporter in Double Battles and the like.

531MS6.png Audino

Audino touches others with the feelers on its ears, using the sound of their heartbeats to tell how they are feeling or when an Egg might hatch into a Pokémon.

334MMS6.png Mega Altaria

Mega Altaria's body is enveloped in its unique feathers, which glimmer with an iridescent sheen. They have grown even larger as a self-protective measure. It sings with a voice that is even more beautiful than before it Mega Evolved. It has a sociable personality and is not timid.

When it Mega Evolves, Altaria's type changes, and it becomes a Dragon- and Fairy-type Pokémon! It has the Pixilate Ability, which makes Normal-type moves into Fairy-type moves. Its Attack and Sp. Attack also get big boosts, and its Defense is increased as well. Its usefulness won't be limited to the contest stage!

333MS6.png Swablu

Swablu has light and fluffy wings that are like cottony clouds. It loves to make things clean. If it spots something dirty, it will immediately polish it with its wings. It loves to land softly on people's heads and act like it’s a hat.

334MS6.png Altaria

Altaria dances and wheels through the sky among billowing, cotton-like clouds. When it connects heart-to-heart with someone, it envelops that person in its soft, beautiful wings, humming in a pure soprano tone. Lisia's Altaria is named Ali.

373MMS6.png Mega Salamence

The energy from Salamence's Mega Evolution is focused on its wings. Its two wings fuse together, becoming a single huge wing in a crescent shape. When flying at high speeds, this wing becomes a great blade, slicing through anything loitering in Mega Salamence's way.

When it Mega Evolves, its Defense stat soars. With its already high stats climbing even higher, this becomes an even more promising Pokémon than before. Its Aerilate Ability also makes Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves, increasing the ways that Mega Salamence can battle.

371MS6.png Bagon

Bagon has a dream of flying through the wide skies, and it hurls itself off cliffs every day to practice. As a result, its head has grown as tough and hard as tempered steel.

372MS6.png Shelgon

Within Shelgon's armor-like shell, its cells have begun transforming. Its shell is extremely heavy, making its movements somewhat sluggish.

373MS6.png Salamence

As a result of its deeply felt and long-held dream of flying, Salamence has finally sprouted a magnificent set of wings. It becomes uncontrollable if it is enraged, scorching all the fields and mountains across the land with its flames.

428MMS6.png Mega Lopunny

Mega Lopunny's wild fighting instincts, long dormant, have been awakened! A full-power strike from its ears could crumple solid steel plates. Its personality transforms and becomes extremely aggressive, which often leaves its Trainer feeling bewildered by the change.

Lopunny's Attack gets a huge boost from Mega Evolution, and its already-high Speed also increases. With the Scrappy Ability, its Normal- and Fighting-type moves will even hit Ghost-type Pokémon.

427MS6.png Buneary

Buneary curls up its ears as an expression of its feelings. By extending its rolled-up ears and striking the ground, it can bound so high that it surprises itself, or shatter large boulders in an instant.

428MS6.png Lopunny

Lopunny is a very neat Pokémon and never fails to groom its ears. It is extremely cautious, and it bounds off lightly as soon as it senses danger.

Mega Metagross

Upon Mega Evolving, Metagross's Ability changes to Tough Claws, which increases the power of attacks that make physical contact. Its Speed is also increased greatly, and its stats are better balanced than ever! With increases in its Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, and Sp. Def, this is a Pokémon primed for both offense and defense.

374MS6.png Beldum

All of the cells in Beldum's body are magnetic, and it communicates with the others using magnetic wavelengths.

375MS6.png Metang

Two Beldum have been fused together in the formation of Metang. By linking their two brains, Metang's Psychic power grows even stronger. Metang flies through the air at speeds up to 60 mph.

376MS6.png Metagross

Two Metang are fused together in Metagross. Its four brains are faster than any supercomputer at obtaining the results of difficult computations. It folds its four legs as it floats in the air.

By repelling the ground’s natural magnetism, Beldum floats in the air.

The claws on its two arms have enough destructive power to slice through thick metal plates like silk.

Metagross pins down prey with its huge body as it devours them with the large mouth in its abdomen.

302MMS6.png Mega Sableye

Sableye has concentrated all of the energy from its Mega Evolution into the red jewel on its chest, which increases in size and detaches from its body. This enlarged jewel boasts incredible hardness, and it is said that no attack can even make a scratch on it!

When Sableye Mega Evolves, its Defense and Sp. Attack stats both get big boosts. Its Speed stat does decrease slightly, perhaps because of the weight of its huge jewel. Thanks to its Magic Bounce Ability, any moves that affect only stats or status conditions will be bounced back at its attacker.

During battle, Mega Sableye shelters itself behind the jewel, from where it can take advantage of any openings its target leaves exposed.

302MS6.png Sableye

Eating jewels has turned the eyes of this unique Pokémon into jewels themselves. Lurking within dark caves, Sableye rarely ever shows itself.

People fear that their souls will be stolen when Sableye's eyes glitter eerily in the dark.

263MS6.png Zigzagoon

Zigzagoon is a Pokémon with abundant curiosity. It shows an interest in everything, so it always covers the ground in a zigzagging motion. It's good at finding items in the grass and even in the ground.

265MS6.png Wurmple

Wurmple live in the forests and tall grass, and are often targeted by bird Pokémon. This Pokémon will try to resist attackers using the poisonous spikes on its rear.

261MS6.png Poochyena

Poochyena savagely threatens foes, running them ragged. However, it also has a cowardly side, and it will turn tail and flee if a foe strikes back.

276MS6.png Taillow

Taillow have a courageous spirit, but they grow timid when they are hungry. They fly about in search of warm lands.

278MS6.png Wingull

It makes its nests on sheer cliffs at the edge of the sea. It rides on the ocean winds, which it catches with its long wings in the same way as a glider.

349MS6.png Feebas

Feebas is the shabbiest Pokémon of all. With its tenacious will to live, it can survive on no more than the smallest amount of water. Feebas to Milotic is surely the most dramatic Evolution in Pokémon. To evolve this shabby-looking Pokémon into its stunning final form, raise its Beauty condition with Pokéblocks and then have it level up!

350MS6.png Milotic

It is said that seeing Milotic's beautiful form will soften even the hardest hearts and make anyone who sees it forget any hostile intentions.

336MS6.png Seviper

You'll find Seviper in the wild only in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Seviper shares a generations-long feud with Zangoose.

Seviper keeps its sword-edged tail, which is tipped with terrible poison, surgically sharp and ready for battle by sharpening it on stones.

335MS6.png Zangoose

Zangoose will appear in the wild only in Pokémon Omega Ruby. Memories of battling its archrival Seviper are etched into every cell of Zangoose’s body.

It slashes foes with its biggest weapon: sharp claws.

252MS6.png Treecko

Treecko lives by making nests in large trees in the forest. It has a cool and collected personality and a strong territorial sense. With its large tail, it strikes down foes that wander too close.

253MS6.png Grovyle

Grovyle, Treecko’s evolved form, has muscles in its thighs that are much more greatly developed, and provide astonishing explosiveness and jumping power. Grovyle has a way of leaping easily from branch to branch, giving it a reputation as the most-skilled tree-climber in the jungle.

254MS6.png Sceptile

Grovyle’s evolved form (and Treecko's final evolved form) is Sceptile. The leaves that sprout from its body have a razor edge that lets them cut clean through the trunks of large trees. With the way it handles its quick body, it possesses such strength that it has no real foes in the jungle.

254MMS6.png Mega Sceptile

Sceptile’s Mega-Evolved form is Mega Sceptile. Thanks to the power in its quick legs, Mega Sceptile can be on its opponent in a flash! When it Mega Evolves, it gains the Dragon type and its Dragon-type attacks become more powerful. It also has the Lightning Rod Ability, which absorbs the damage from Electric-type moves to raise its own Sp. Atk, a big advantage especially in Double Battles.

Mega Sceptile can cut off a portion of its tail to fire it like a missile at an opponent.

Because of the flame sac in its belly, Torchic feels warm and toasty when you hug it.Using its powerfully developed legs and hips, Combusken can unleash 10 kicks in a single second.

257MS6.png Blaziken

Blaziken is Combusken’s evolved form. This Pokémon’s legs have grown even more powerful, and it can easily leap over a 30-story building. When it meets a strong foe, its wrists flare with fire, and it rushes courageously into battle. The more fearsome the enemy it faces, the more the fires at its wrists blaze.

257MMS6.png Mega Blaziken

When Blaziken Mega Evolves into Mega Blaziken, it further hones the power of its kicks, always a source of pride to it. As it unleashes a flurry of savage kicks, its legs can begin to burn from the friction of the surrounding atmosphere.

By Mega Evolving, its famous Attack becomes even stronger. With its Speed Boost Ability making it faster with each passing turn, Mega Blaziken becomes unstoppable!

As Mega Blaziken’s body temperature increases, its power and speed continue to ramp up.

258MS6.png Mudkip

When Mudkip is in a tight spot, it can unleash power so strong that it can smash boulders larger than itself into dust. Despite its small body, this Pokémon has real strength to boast about.

259MS6.png Marshtomp

Marshtomp is Mudkip’s evolved form. The addition of Ground type means it is proficient at using mud-based attacks. Its legs have been trained by its life in boggy swamps, and it has developed the ability of walking on two legs.

260MS6.png Swampert

Marshtomp evolves into Swampert. This Pokémon possesses enough power to tow large ships while swimming. Its tough front limbs are hard as rock, and it can turn boulders into dust with a single swipe.

260MMS6.png Mega Swampert

When Swampert Mega Evolves into Mega Swampert, the strength that it needs to act in the water is increased, and it can use its tenacious power both on land and in the water. Upon Mega Evolving, Mega Swampert gains the Ability Swift Swim. Despite its large body, its Speed will fully double when the weather is rainy. With an improved Attack stat, put a quick stop to foes!

The musculature of Mega Swampert’s upper body has developed immensely, making it look tougher than ever.

381MS6.png Latios

Latios can understand human speech. It tucks its forelegs in against its body to achieve speeds that would outmatch a jet plane.

380MS6.png Latias

Latias is attuned to the hearts and minds of people and able to understand them. It is able to completely hide itself thanks to the feathers which cover its body and are able to refract light.

381MMS6.png Mega Latios and Mega Latias

Among the fastest Pokémon in existence, Mega Latios and Mega Latias can outrace a jet in flight and reach a speed of Mach 4! Use their enhanced wings to dominate your opponents in battle.

381MMS6.png Mega Latios

Latios Mega Evolves into Mega Latios. It's larger than Mega Latias, and can achieve higher speeds in flight. Latios has high stats in both Speed and Sp. Atk. When it Mega Evolves, its Sp. Atk is not the only stat to get a great boost—its Attack jumps, too! This Pokémon can use its Speed in battle to unleash a flurry of attacks!

380MMS6.png Mega Latias

Latias Mega Evolves into Mega Latias. Its body is smaller than Mega Latios's body. It is more agile and can make very sharp turns. Latias has high stats in Speed, Defense, and Special Defense, making it very durable. When it Mega Evolves, its famed defensive strength grows substantially! It can benefit you in a supportive role, such as having it use moves to aid an ally in Double Battles.

386MS6.png Deoxys (Normal Forme)

The Pokémon Deoxys resulted when the DNA of a space virus, attached to a meteorite, became mutated. It's highly intelligent and can wield psychic powers. Deoxys is able to switch among four different Formes. Catch Deoxys and enjoy all kinds of battling!

386MS6.png Four Deoxys Formes

Deoxys is a Pokémon that can switch among four different Formes. It's said that an aurora appears in the sky whenever it changes Formes. The Pokémon's stats change when it changes Formes, too.

386MS6.png Deoxys Attack Forme

This Forme has an even higher Attack and Sp. Atk than its Normal Forme. Its incredible Attack and Sp. Atk are the highest of any Pokémon.

386MS6.png Deoxys Defense Forme

This Forme has a higher Defense and Sp. Def than its Normal Forme. It can be a tenacious opponent in battles if you have it use the Recover move, which restores its HP.

386MS6.png Deoxys Speed Forme

This Forme has an even higher Speed than its Normal Forme—the highest of any Pokémon. When you don’t want to give opponents the chance to strike, this is the Forme to choose!

384MMS6.png Mega Rayquaza

Rayquaza is said to be somehow connected with the mysteries of Mega Evolution. Now its Mega-Evolved appearance can be revealed at last! The Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza is said to achieve Mega Evolution in a unique way—unlike that of other Pokémon—due to its unique biology. What is this unique method? And what is the mystery of Mega Evolution? All will become clear in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

Rayquaza is a Pokémon distinguished by its high Attack and Sp. Atk. When it Mega Evolves, almost all of its stats get a boost, including these two, and it gains overwhelming power!

Delta Stream is an Ability that only Mega Rayquaza possesses: it fills the air with mysterious strong winds that affect the weather. These strong winds cannot be dispelled by changing the weather condition, except by a very limited number of Pokémon.

Particles stream from the long filaments that extend from its jutting jaw. These particles can control the density and humidity of the air, allowing Rayquaza to manipulate the weather. Its green hide sparkles with an emerald-like quality.

Dragon Ascent The Dragon Ascent move, which Rayquaza alone can use, is a powerful one. It boasts one of the greatest power ratings of all Flying-type moves, putting it at the top of its class. Not only will you be surprised by its overwhelming power—you'll be mesmerized by its majestic appearance! After soaring up toward the heavens in a great burst of speed, it crashes down in attack, dealing massive damage.

Strong Winds Weather Condition When Mega Rayquaza whips up strong winds with its Delta Stream Ability, this is what happens:

The moves Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, and Hail will fail. The Abilities Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning will fail to activate. Moves of a type that Flying-type Pokémon are usually weak to will only deal normal damage to any Flying-type Pokémon in the battle.

Also, with Delta Stream, weather effects last indefinitely as long as Mega Rayquaza remains in battle. When it is swapped out for another Pokémon on your team, the weather immediately returns to normal.

This is different than the Abilities Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning, which can all affect the weather for five turns after being activated in battle, regardless of whether the Pokémon with these Abilities are still in battle or not.

The Delta Stream Ability and the Air Lock Ability are different in that Delta Stream fills the air with strong winds for as long as Mega Rayquaza remains in battle. Air Lock cancels out all weather-condition effects for all of the Pokémon in a battle as long as Rayquaza remains in the battle.

384MS6.png Rayquaza

In the Hoenn region, there is a third legend whose name is spoken in the same breath as Groudon and Kyogre. That is the third Legendary Pokémon: Rayquaza.

A Pokémon said to have lived in the ozone layer for hundreds of millions of years, it looks like a shooting star as it flies through the night sky. According to legend, when Groudon and Kyogre clash, Rayquaza descends to the planet's surface.

Rayquaza is said to be related to the mystery of Mega Evolution in some way.

250MS6.png Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh is a Legendary Pokémon said to fly through the skies above the world with its fantastic rainbow-colored wings. People say that rainbows follow in Ho-Oh's path wherever it flies.

249MS6.png Lugia

With tough wings and powerful stats, this Legendary Pokémon is heralded as a god of the seas. When Lugia flaps its wings, it whips up a storm said to last 40 days.

483MS6.png Dialga

Dialga is a Legendary Pokémon said to be able to move between the past and the future. It can freely manipulate the flow of time.

484MS6.png Palkia

This Legendary Pokémon is said to be able to move between distant places and even different dimensions. It can freely manipulate the links between dimensions.

643MS6.png Reshiram

The Legendary Pokémon Reshiram could burn all the world with its flames. It is said to come to the aid of those who want to build a world based on truth.

644MS6.png Zekrom

The Legendary Pokémon Zekrom could fry the whole world with its lightning. It is said to stand beside those who want to build a world based on ideals.

243MS6.png Raikou

It is said that Raikou's descent was marked by lightning. It can fire thunderbolts from the rain clouds on its back.

244MS6.png Entei

Entei races across the land, spewing flames hotter than the magma of a volcano. It is said that when it roars, a volcano erupts somewhere around the globe.

245MS6.png Suicune

Suicune runs gracefully across the land and can purify filthy, murky water in an instant. It is said to be the reincarnation of the north wind.

480MS6.png Uxie

It is said that Uxie's emergence gave humans the intelligence to improve their quality of life. According to legend, Uxie can wipe out the memories of those who meet its eyes.

481MS6.png Mesprit

When Mesprit flew, people learned the joy and sadness of living. It is called the god of emotions.

482MS6.png Azelf

Azelf is said to have endowed humans with the determination needed to face any of life's difficulties. It sleeps at the bottom of a lake to keep the world in balance.

638MS6.png Cobalion

Cobalion has a body and heart of steel. This Legendary Pokémon battled against humans to protect Pokémon. Its personality is calm and composed, yet its glare is enough to make unruly Pokémon obey it.

639MS6.png Terrakion

Its charge is strong enough to break through a giant castle wall in one blow. This Pokémon came to the defense of Pokémon that had lost their homes in a war among humans.

640MS6.png Virizion

Virizion's head features horns as sharp as blades. Using whirlwind-like movements, it bewilders its opponents and swiftly cuts them down. This Pokémon fought humans in order to protect its friends.

641MS6.png Tornadus

Tornadus zooms through the sky at 200 mph. Tornadus expels massive energy from its tail, causing severe storms. The winds it causes are so powerful, they blow everything away. Thundurus The spikes on this Pokémon's tail discharge immense bolts of lightning. Countless charred remains mar the landscape of places through which Thundurus has passed.

645MS6.png Landorus

Lands visited by Landorus grant such bountiful crops that it has been hailed as "The Guardian of the Fields." The energy that comes pouring from its tail increases the nutrition in the soil.

488MS6.png Cresselia

Those who sleep holding Cresselia's feather are assured of joyful dreams. On nights around the quarter moon, the aurora from its tail grows longer and more beautiful.

485MS6.png Heatran

Boiling blood, like magma, circulates through Heatran's body. It digs in with its cross-shaped feet to crawl on ceilings and walls. Heatran dwells in volcanic caves.

In these games, you can encounter Legendary Pokémon in all kinds of places, and Mirage spots are just one of many!

383MS6.png Groudon Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre

The identities of the package Pokémon confirmed! Their names are Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre! In the Hoenn region, it is believed that there are two great Legendary Pokémon: Groudon, who created the land, and Kyogre, who created the seas.

Their existence was told in a famous Hoenn legend:

Long, long ago, there appeared in Hoenn two Pokémon of fearsome power. These two became known, in later times, as Groudon and Kyogre. When Groudon howled, the earth swelled and the land grew wide. The sun blazed overhead, and all the world around the creature was enveloped in incandescent heat. When Kyogre roared, water poured forth and the seas spread outward. Dark clouds enshrouded the world, and the deluge fell upon all... It seems that somewhere there are great cave paintings to be found that show a scene exactly as described in the legends.

Primal Reversion

The legend told in Hoenn did not end there, however.

It was a primal age, early in the world’s history. The natural world was overflowing with energy. That energy granted Groudon and Kyogre an overwhelming power. Seeking ever more of that energy for themselves, the two clashed again and again, and their battles cast the people and Pokémon of Hoenn into great danger. Brimming with the overwhelming power granted to them by nature’s energy, their transformation was named "Primal Reversion" by later people. And the people called their tormentors Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre...

The Pokémon that appear on these titles’ packaging are indeed Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, the Primal Reversion forms that have reclaimed their original power! What kind of power lies in this newly revealed transformation known as Primal Reversion? And what is the connection between Primal Reversion and Mega Evolution?

377MS6.png Regirock

Regirock is a Pokémon that is made entirely of rocks and boulders. If parts of its body chip off in battle, Regirock repairs itself by adding new rocks.

378MS6.png Regice

Regice's body is made from ice from the ice age. It controls frigid air of –328 degrees Fahrenheit.

379MS6.png Registeel

Tempered by pressure underground over tens of thousands of years, Registeel's body cannot be scratched. Not only is it hard, this mysterious material also shrinks and stretches flexibly.

486MS6.png Regigigas

Regigigas is said to have made Pokémon that look like itself from special icebergs, rocks, and magma. There is an enduring legend that states this Pokémon towed continents with ropes.

Legends have been passed down in the Hoenn region for generations about Groudon and Kyogre. In the continued tale of those legends, who should appear but mighty Rayquaza? Rayquaza is the third Legendary Pokémon of the Hoenn region, standing equal to Groudon and Kyogre. Rayquaza can be encountered in both Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

It was a primal age, early in the world's history... The natural world was overflowing with energy. That energy granted Groudon and Kyogre an overwhelming power. Seeking ever more of that energy for themselves, the two clashed again and again, and their battles cast the people and Pokémon of Hoenn into great danger. Brimming with the overwhelming power granted by the energy of nature, this transformation was named by later people "Primal Reversion." And the people called their tormentors Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre.

One Pokémon looked down upon this battle from the sky above. The Pokémon that dances in the heavens: Rayquaza. Rayquaza is venerated by the people of Hoenn as their protector and savior. When Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre had battled for 20 dawns and 20 nights, the world began to lose its natural balance and tilt toward destruction. The people, unable to endure any more, cried out to their mighty savior Rayquaza before a great stone that shone with rainbow brilliance. And a change came upon Rayquaza, weaving in the sky above Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. Suffused in brilliant light, its body began to transform visibly. And then...

The epic battle between Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre threatens to disrupt the balance of the entire world. The truth behind the Hoenn region's legends and the mysteries of Mega Evolution will be revealed in November. Observe the truth for yourself!

383MS6.png Groudon

Said to have expanded the landmass, Groudon is able to dispel rain clouds with its light and evaporate water with its heat.

At the end of its mortal battle with Kyogre, it is believed to have fallen into a long slumber within the magma beneath the earth’s crust.

Primal Groudon

With an Ability that can control the weather and a high Attack and Defense, the powerful Pokémon Groudon obtains even greater power upon Primal Reversion. When Groudon undergoes Primal Reversion, it becomes Primal Groudon.

Through Primal Reversion, Groudon's powerful Attack grows even greater. It also gains the Fire type, raising the power of the Fire-type moves it can learn. And it appears that its Ability might get a boost! Look forward to more details about the power hidden within Primal Groudon!

The energy that fills its body pours forth as magma, and it burns with such an extreme temperature that its body is always shimmering with the haze of its heat.

Primal Groudon

Groudon has long been the heaviest of all known Pokémon. With its Primal Reversion, it smashes that record to pieces!

Primal Groudon's Ability Revealed The Desolate Land Ability, which only Primal Groudon has, changes the weather condition to extremely harsh sunlight. It is not possible to change the weather condition during extremely harsh sunlight (leaving aside the efforts of an exceedingly small number of Pokémon).

Features of the extremely harsh sunlight condition: ・Grants the same effects to Pokémon and their moves as the harsh sunlight brought about by the Drought Ability ・The moves Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, and Hail will fail ・The Abilities Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning will fail to activate ・Water-type attacks will become ineffective

Normally, the Abilities Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning all last for five turns after being activated, regardless of whether the Pokémon is still in battle or not, and then the weather returns to normal.

Desolate Land’s weather effects, however, will last as long as Primal Groudon remains in battle. As soon as it is swapped out for another Pokémon, the weather immediately returns to normal.

An Exclusive Move for Groudon The Precipice Blades move, which is a Ground-type move only Groudon can use, is a powerful attack that can hit multiple opponents. Scores of sharp rocks surge upward to spear its foes.