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All Stars, Togepi, Pikachu, Wobbuffet released on November 28th, also a three part bumper pack
Remember up to A on disambigs also come up with a standard for disambigs, maybe using the numbers as a base
Check up on article numbers for other NIWA wikis
Previous Gens on Poké pages, Prior Evolutions on Move pages, Z-Powers too? (Pika and other uniques)
Mystery Gift on Syntax
Battiro on Status Ailments
Game templates need links to the staff pages
Need to add the unused trainers from Gen 1, file on comp
Update for learnlist, finish the list and XML explain
Gravity Effects


Subpage Notes Related Subpages/Actual articles that help
User:Spriteit/DevelopmentInfo Beta article information/development See all the beta articles
User:Spriteit/GenerationTrading Protolist of moves needing trading between generations, still some notes, most exported to Excel Doc User:Spriteit/Sandbox
Learnlist tables and move articles
User:Spriteit/Manga stuff Various notes I made in the first 5 manga chapters, very old stuff None
User:Spriteit/Sleep Talk
Protocol movelist updates See Kog's pages for the templates
User:Spriteit/Underleveled Pokémon Underlevelled Pokémon page protocol, needs occasional checking None
User:Spriteit/Unique Types Unique types with notes about why they are no longer exclusive, not up to date with Gen 6 None