Pokémon Games


I am a 13-year old obsessed with Pokémon ever since I played (a.k.a. overwrote) my brothers' Red/Blue.

Pokémon Favs and Not-So Favs


  • Raikou, since it's an Electric legendary, and the only pure one
  • Octillery, because of its varigated movepool
  • Mew, because of its access to all TMs and HMs (and now most move tutors)
  • Magneton, it owns and I have a shiney (YAY!)
  • Quilava, for its awesome looks and I beat the Elite Four with Flame wheel
  • Machamp, for massive strength
  • Charizard, for its strength and awesome looks
  • Gallade, because it looked cool and is good
  • Mr. Mime, because it combos with Gallade for total pwnage


I despise Ninjask, Wobbuffet, and Purugly.

Notable Pokémon In the Games

In my Pokémon Silver version:

Template:Team First, a few things about me:

  1. My name is a typo; it was supposed to be "SilverMetalthatisGold"
  2. My first game was Silver
  3. My first games of the set have always been the rival, other than Pearl (I got Diamond) and Blue (I don't own first-gen games, my brothers do).
  4. My first starter was Todadile, which was at level 43 before the fourth Gym.
  5. I always started with the Water starter, then, when I get the other game, I choose the Fire starter. The exeption is Diamond (I got Turtwig).
  6. I have gotten every Fire starter to level 100, exept Infernape (I don't own Pearl)
  7. I have only completed the Regional Dex in Diamond, but I only need the Bulbasaur trio and Scyther for LeafGreen.

Favorite Pokémon

Name Type Obtained
Jolteon Electic Thunder Stone+Eevee
Torterra Grass/Ground Evolve Grotle
Quilava Fire Evolve Cyndaquil
Alakazam Psychic Trade Kadabra
Pupitar Rock/Ground Evolve Larvitar
Ampharos Electric Evolve Flaafy
Zangoose normal align="right" Catch (Ruby only in Generation III)


My favorite Fire-type volcano-thingy
Gender Male
Age 13
Hometown Sunnyshore City
Current Region Johto