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Hey, I'm Rex.

I'm an administrator here, though I haven't been too active lately. While I spend much of my time on the forums now, I'm starting to come back to the wiki. So here is still the place to contact me if you need me for some reason. I handle inter-wiki disputes, which means that if you think that something has been taken from Bulbapedia and placed on a different site, come to me. This also applies vice-versa; if you come from a different Pokémon site and believe that Bulbapedia has taken your work, leave me a message and I'll take action as well as notifying higher ups if need be.

I like to revert people when they make stupid/unnecessary edits. A lot of the hounding that goes around on my talk page is people that are complaining about this. If you're one of those people, rework your grammar, remember those e-acutes, and decide if it's even relevant or not.

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