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Joined 5 March 2012
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September 29, 2020
Charizard using Dragon Breath

poikins (properly lowercase) has been an editing user of Bulbapedia since March 4th, 2012. He was born in September, 1990 and has been playing Pokémon since his mother bought Blue Version for him and Red Version for his brother in 1998. He was born in Oregon in the United States and grew up in that state, Washington, and Hawaii, as well as traveled around the country for a year in a motorhome. He is currently in his third year of college and is studying to become a math teacher at the High school level.


poikins played all six versions of the games through Generation II as they came out but didn't start playing Pokémon Emerald of Generation III until the summer of 2011. It was at this time that he found Bulbapedia and began using it as a reference for help in completing the game. Unfortunately, he has yet to play the other games of Generation III, nor has he played any of those of Generations IV or V. He did not watch the anime as a kid, but eventually began to do so in 2009 during his first year at college.

Charizard using Dragon Rage
Ash's Charizard, having just evolved from Charmeleon


When he discovered that Bulbapedia hosts game walkthroughs, poikins finally decided to create an account and join the team.

He quickly began editing pages in the Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough. At first, he didn't know much about the wiki-editing process; but, after several weeks of trial and error, his determination seemed to pay off.

poikins's Talk and Discussion Page signature is: poikins


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