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Actual Team

025 521F 501 499 495 559
Pikachu Kenhallow Mijumaru Chaoboo Tsutarja Zuruggu
542 536 525 552
Hahakomori Gamagaru Gantle Waruvile

Predicted Team

025 521F 503 500 497 559
Pikachu Kenhallow Daikenki Enbuoh Jalorda Zuruggu
542 537 526 553 613 579
Hahakomori Gamageroge Gigaiath Waruvial Kumasyun Lanculus

At Home

001 099 089 128 143 214
Fushigidane Kingler Betbeton Kentauros Kabigon Heracros
153 156 158 164s 232 277
Bayleaf Magmarashi Waninoko Yorunozuku Donfan Ohsubame
254 341 324 362 398 389
Jukain Heigani Cotoise Onigohri Mukuhawk Dodaitose
392 418 443
Goukazaru Buoysel Fukamaru

  • Pikachu: Nothing to say.
  • Kenhallow: Done.
  • Daikenki: I can totally see Mijumaru evolving all the way. Because in every saga, there is one star Starter (Lizardon, Jukain and Goukazaru). In BW the star is Mijumaru, I see him evolving later and finally reach to Daikenki before the League.
  • Enbuoh: Already evolved in his first stage, I see him reaching into his final stage.
  • Jalorda: This Picture.[1]
  • Zuruggu: He's a mascot, I'm not sure he'll evolve (plus, I'm not a big fan of Zuruzukin).
  • Hahakomori: Done.
  • Gamageroge: I don't really like Gamageroge, but I think Gamagaru will evolve during the League. Like Kingler in the Original Saga.
  • Gigaiath: Now, I'm not sure he will evolve... but I still hope!
  • Waruvial: I hope this guy will evolve all the way. He's so badass. Hope he will keep his emotional personality and his sunglasses.
  • Kumasyun: Satoshi must catch one! This Pokémon just scream "SATOSHI" for me. Firstly not a good battler, but with Satoshi it will become a good Ice Pokémon and will be a good use against Shaga.
  • Lanculus: A good friendly-funny Pokémon that, I think, fits completely Satoshi.


Actual Team

530 610 587
Doryuzu Kibago Emonga

Predicted Team

530 610 587 584 633 253
Doryuzu Kibago Emonga Baivanilla Monozu Juptile

  • Doryuzu: Done.
  • Kibago: Will not evolve. 1) No Poké Ball. 2) If he evolves he can't be on Iris' hair.
  • Emonga: Done.
  • Baivanilla: From this. I really hope so!
  • Monozu: I still think that in the future, Iris will caught one. She could maybe will evolve it into Sazandora (or at least into Jihead).
  • Juptile: For 3G-remake purpose. Still, I think it fits Iris with her "wild-girl"-personality!


Actual Team

511 558 618
Yanappu Iwapalace Maggyo

Predicted Team

511 558 618 279
Yanappu Iwapalace Maggyo Pelipper

  • Yanappu: Don't think he'll evolve, I like him like that.
  • Iwapalace: Done.
  • Maggyo: Done.
  • Pelipper: This Picture.[2]


Actual Team


Predicted Team

528 202 336 469
Kokoromori Sonans Habunake Megayanma

  • Kokoromori: I hope she will evolve and learn new moves.
  • Sonans: With Best Wishes! season 2 beginning in June, I hope TR will get back their old 'mon.
  • Habunake: Same.
  • Megayanma: Same.


Actual Team


Predicted Team

563 439 455 058
Desukarn Manene Muskippa Gar-chan

  • Desukarn: I hope he will evolve, like Musashi's Koromori.
  • Manene: With Best Wishes! season 2 beginning in June, I hope TR will get back their old 'mon.
  • Muskippa: Same.
  • Gar-chan: Wishful thinking (and B2W2 promo).