Hello all! This is Magmortar46. As my title suggests, Magmortar is my favourite Pokémon, at least for now. When I first saw it I didn't like it much but now I see it's awesomeness, though now I have a new favourite Pokemon-Infernape! I'm not here for any particular reason, though i always liked Bulbapedia and i wanted to edit things for the hec of it!

My Pokemon

I've gone though all the regions (except Kanto-i'll get Fire Red someday), and here's the teams of amazing awesomness!!!....well not really-i can't say im brilliant at battles...but these guys at least make my team epic

Sinnoh Team-the First Team

Infernape-First Pokemon ever and the first team member







if i can get Fire Red, then,

Kanto Team

Charizard/Blastoise(which is better?!) Pidgeot Sandslash Jolteon Venusaur Alakazam

Hoenn Team

Blaziken Breloom Aggron Manectric Salamence Metagross

Johto Team

Meganium Noctowl Ampharos Vaporeon Magmortar Tyranitar Mamoswine

Unova Team- A touch of freshness

Samurott Unfezant Scolipede Krookodile Eelektross Haxorus