Joined 3 April 2008
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About me

Having studied Computer Science in college, I greatly enjoy programming and designing software. In my free time, I enjoy playing Pokémon, especially breeding, training, trading, and looking for stuff in the Underground. I especially like training underpowered and poor-natured shinies for gimmicky teams.

I started here at Bulbapedia on 2 April 2008, but wasn't very active until November, when I got a little obsessed with the wiki. Unfortunately it proved to be short-lived and I had to turn my attention to other projects. I'm mostly interested in game mechanics and doing interesting things with wiki templates. Besides Bulbapedia, I have also used MediaWiki on Wikipedia, for a MUD I play, and for my own personal webpage.

Favorite teams

I don't really play competitively, but I enjoy battling with friends for fun. Maybe more to come later.


The first team I tried to plan movesets and EVs for, my electric team is pretty entertaining to play with on Battle Revolution. I especially enjoy throwing the Electivire/Rotom combo around in double battles, and when I lose I can blame it on having a single-typed team. The Luxray and Raichu have proven themselves useless though, and will probably be replaced by a Plusle and a different Raichu.


These guys were a lot of fun to train. All six shinies have terrible natures and often bad moves (no egg moves since they're mostly traded), but I tried to make the best of them. For instance, the Luxray has a Special Attack-boosting nature, so I tried turning him into a Mixed Attacker with Superpower.