Hey there I am Frozen Fennec. I have been playing Pokémon since I was four actually. I had a cousin introduce it to me with Pokemon Red and a few cards. I still enjoy collecting copies of the Generation I-III games. I also have about twenty Pokemon plushies, some night lights, and close to 35,0000 Pokémon cards!! I'm mostly here to introduce new users every now and then, do some minor edits on pages. Probably the most disappointing Pokémon is Garchomp since it can't learn Fly which is a disappointment since almost every other dual dragon type except Kingdra can learn Fly. It's Pokédex entries constantly state it can fly and so does the anime and it can't learn it in the game. Maybe this will be fixed someday in the future generations.

Most of the shinies I have caught were in Generation II. The first one I ever found was a Caterpie and my second one was a Seel but I ran away then because I had no idea the coloration was a shiny and not a glitch. I still play the generation I games as well but I almost never do the Missingno. glitch any more since the game would slowly crash a couple days after and I would have to start it all over again as well. I'm enjoy computers, voice acting, anime, and obviously Pokemon. I've tended to change what my main two Pokémon I use over the years are. I used to prefer just certain ones and I still do but I aim at dual types for a better defense against attacks and special moves.

Probably the only pet peeves I have ever had in the whole series are that with certain Gym Leaders and Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/Galactic/Plasma members is that most of them will try to slap the Poison/Love/Sleep/Paralysis condition and then make it worse by making you confused as well which really starts to make the team dwindle quickly. However once you start being able to get Full Restore and stat raising items such as Protein and Carbos it becomes less of a problem later. Really just enjoy being able to beat the Elite Four and doing the rematches and such. I use to restart the games all the time just to redo something in the story but stopped after awhile because it is too much Pressure to keep on trying to catch them all and breed them to get Pokemon with better movesets.

Shiny Escapades

I've caught most of my shinies during the Generation II and III games. I don't consider Shiny Gyarados as catching a shiny since you could easily have a lot of people trade them to one game. The first actual shiny I ever found was in Pokémon Gold when I was visiting the route past CherryGrove Town and I suddenly encountered a Shiny Caterpie. I quickly raised it to a Butterfree and I still encounter them from time to time. If I get a shiny and I find it would be good to add to the team just because of its moveset then I add it to the storyline team and go with it. The latest shiny I caught though was a Ponyta in Pokemon Platinum. I don't use it though. The only shiny I have even put into my storyline team is a Shiny Larvitar I found in Heartgold. Quite happy to have a shiny Tyranitar on the team as well.

My Teams

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