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March 29, 2023

Hello. The name is Force Fire, I have been a user here since 2008 and am one of the staff members. I have made many contributions to the wiki and am a member of various projects. The areas I mainly edit are the anime and the games, I also inspect the trivia sections and other minor bits and pieces around the wiki. For Manga and TCG, go hassle someone else.

I have been a fan of Pokémon for quite a long time and have owned at least one game of from the first five generations. In relations to the anime, I had followed it through patches. Got back to regularly watching Pokémon each week during the Diamond and Pearl series. Currently, I have been watching the anime in patches, only watching episodes that are important to the story.

I am also a user at the forums and use the same username, if you want to ask anything non Pokémon-related ask me over there.

To be mainspaced

Page Category Status
List of anime Pokémon by capture Article Complete
Trivia Policy Policy Incomplete
List of Pokémon that appear in multiple regional Pokédex Article Incomplete
Edit Warring Warning template Complete
BetaShort Link template Complete
List of Webcomics Article Incomplete
Modelbox Template Complete
Nebby (anime) Article Complete
PersonInfobox Template Complete
Sign Warning template Complete
Sourcing Policy Incomplete
Team Rocket's arsenal Article Complete


If you have any questions, you can contact me via either:

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