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OK. I guess this is My Page. I can talk about anything I want here. So what do I do?

I'll play with the fonts Bold text Italic textéĀĒĪŌŪāēīōū・☆?♥♪δ

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My Life

I am a high schooler. I make youtube videos here and have my website, devoted to my comical youtube videos here


I do battle competitively, and uploaded a few videos to youtube, but I'm not very good at it yet. I don't do it much is the problem.


Yes. I will get one of those two games. I'm planning to get Heart Gold to get a Kyogre. I have a Groudon from Emerald but I forgot to save when I encountered Kyogre. I have a Kyogre from Sapphire, but I'm using it as my 'back-up'. I've already trained it to level 100, so I can't use it in battle over wi-fi.

Level 100 Pokemon




Ho-Oh (Silver) Kabutops (Silver)


I didn't train them. I got the game used with those pokemon on it.


Kyogre (Sapphire) Blasikan (Sapphire) Rayquaza (Sapphire)


Kyogre (Sapphire) Rayquaza (Sapphire)

My Contributions I used this link to gather many of the book covers I uploaded to Bulbapedia. For ones not on the list, I googled them and found the book cover. Isn't the internet nifty?