Dream Dive Ball Sprite.png This user's favorite ball is the Dive Ball.
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My favourite music


Some are present in RS as well:

  • Title credits
  • Prof. Birch intro music, which repeats in some land routes of eastern Hoenn
  • Wild Pokémon battles
  • Gyms (overworld) - I think this would be everyone's fave
  • Gym Leader battle
  • Gym leader battle conclusion (drumbeats)
  • Route 115
  • Grunt battle
  • Boss battle
  • Mt. Pyre indoor, especially its ending tunes - recommended for someone feeling sad
  • Rival battle
  • Victory Road
  • Elite Four battles
  • Some parts of Battle Frontier


  • The subways - it is also found in many Kanto/Johto episode starts
  • Indigo Plateau outdoor


  • Only 1 route's music is what I can remember. Will soon find it out! It was near or in the Valley Windworks.

My favourite anime scenes

  • From Kanto, I would say, way too many to list.
  • I think mother Lugia screaming inside her cage in A Promise is a Promise was the most representative and unforgettable scene of the entire Johto arc.
  • Another is from Sinnoh, when James's Carnivine stares and decides to learn Vine Whip.

My expectations

Hw I wish arcs like the St. Anne cruise, Lugia, Kyogre vs. Groudon etc were one or two episodes longer. There was room for this. So much was happening in each arc. They were exciting with cliffhanger endings.

My plan

An article I am planning is User:Eastern Goldfinch/Architecture of the Pokémon world