The one important thing I learned in Italian class is that my username means "forget."

Oh, and I'm somewhat of a Pokémon nerd. Yes, "Pokémon," with the fancy accent mark. Not "Pokemon."

And here, I edit stuff. Mostly things like forgotten punctuation or taking a hammer and nails to sentences that are probably easier to read backwards. Once in a blue moon I'll actually add some information to an article. For example, I had the strange experience of buying White 2 several days after it came out in NA and suddenly having the urge to add stuff to articles.


If you can't tell, I haven't been playing Pokémon for very long.


This wasn't supposed to be a Typhlosion solo run, but it turned out that way after I learned that it's even more impossible to train a Tentacool than it is to train a Magikarp. Don't ask why I caught Skarmory. I don't remember the exact movesets, and they changed after finishing with Red.


Benching someone for an HM slave drives me crazy, since I always choose the team member who'll probably be the most useful on any given Route, so I just throw all of my useless Cut and Whirlpool on team members. In other words, I had 14 Gym Badges before having someone with Fly.

Magikarp, Growlithe, and Dratini felt like they were throwing their EXP into black holes for most of the game. Getting Youngester Joey's phone number saves so much time, believe it or not.

They all have pretty lousy movesets aside from the HMs, though. Working on that.

Not sure about ExtremeSpeed on Arcanine. Umbreon's last move depends on which Legendary I go after.

Magikarp was caught on Route 32 and evolved after taking down Whitney's Miltank. (With lots of X item spam, evasion n00b via Flash, healing items, and a PoisonPowder courtesy of Meganium.)


In sharp to contrast to HeartGold, this team entered Victory Road with only four members and was severely overleveled for most of the game.

I didn't know Archeops could learn Fly, since Archen couldn't, so (again) I didn't have anyone who could use Fly until I was almost done with the aftergame. And, since I didn't have a Gyarados until (first) the Magikarp Salesman or (second) Undella Town via Dream World, I didn't have anyone with Surf until then, either. Fortunately, there are fewer useless TMs in this generation.

I like to find a way to get a Gyarados on my team, in any game.

The first time around, the Magikarp/Gyarados from the salesman had Intimidate and DD instead of Bounce.

By the end of the game, I'd basically given up on training the Zebstrika (no Special Attack and I forgot about Wild Charge until recently) and used it mainly for catching Legendaries.

White 2

Plans for a collaborative playthrough/walkthrough/lets play of this with a friend on YouTube died, unfortunately. Too many Trainer battles, required and optional.

Yes, I know that's the wrong sprite at the top.

Normally I wouldn't be using a Legendary Pokémon in-game, but I felt compelled to use the GameStop Keldeo from over the summer for some reason. It looks a lot like Samurott, plus a secondary Fighting type. Interesting.

My real starter, Oshawott, served as a HM Waterfall and Dive slave.

Was originally going to use Braviary instead of Zoroark, but it took a while to get to Route 23 so I gave up on that. The Volcarona from the Ruins filled that role. Which really didn't need filling at all.

Even though Lucario and Zoroark take hits as well as Shedinja, they're still a pretty good attackers. Killed most stuff I threw them out against.

Espeon, as hard as its Psychic hits, was kind of disappointing. The only other Special attack that it really learns is Shadow Ball, and Zoroark and Lucario can adequately use Ghost and Dark moves (which already do the same job), so Shadow Ball would just be redundant. Work Up + Baton Pass saved my butt more than once, though (hello Iris).


Will add later.

Things I'd like to use on an in-game team but probably never will

In no particular order.

Pokémon Reason
Porygon-Z You have to trade to evolve it.
Zapdos Even though it's a Legendary, Dragonite and Hydreigon are statistically better; the problem is you don't find it until extremely late in the game.
Machamp You have to trade to evolve it, and it's slower than melting glass.
Magikarp Total 200 base stats speak for itself.
Ninjask Zero defense. Baton Pass may be useful, but it's a big waste of time in-game.
Shuckle Zero offense. Stalling with Toxic, Protect and the Leftovers in-game is also a big waste of time.
Vanilluxe Yes, I would use the ice cream cone Pokémon if Ice wasn't such a lousy type.
Scizor You have to trade to evolve it.
Arceus That's not a team, that's a one-man sweep of a continent. Which I've already done that with Typhlosion.