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Welcome to the Pokémon branch of MK's wiki presence!
Here's a list of all the wikis I go to:
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Pokémon Bulbapedia
The community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.
Digimon Wikimon
The Digimon Wiki!
Ragnarok Online RO Future Wiki
Dedicated to future game updates in RO.
Star Trek Memory Alpha
The Star Trek Wiki.
Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress Wiki TF2 Wiki
Official Team Fortress Wiki The Team Fortress 2 Wiki.
Everything Else Wikipedia
The free encyclopedia.


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Generation 3?

Gen. 1st game 2nd game 3rd game
* Male Hero Rival Female Hero
1 Red
Blue, Yellow
2 Gold
Silver Crystal
Chris, Kris, Lyra
3 Ruby
~ Wally
4 Diamond
5 Black White ?

It seems in Generation 3 they broke this formula. Perhaps to keep the "Green" one as the rival and the "Blue" one as the female hero?

Food for thought

food_for_thought2.png Also: Trapinch -> Vibrava -> Salamence Bagon -> Shelgon -> Flygon


I don't wanna lose this bit on information so I'll put it here. Regarding DPBP...

  • Aipom and Ambipom, expected to be numbers 218 and 219, respectively, were moved to #267 and #268. It is unknown why their original position after the Hoppip family was changed. The next family, Sunkern's, occupies numbers 219 and 220. As Aipom received a new evolution and would have required a second slot, MK's hypothesis is that they forgot about Ambipom when numbering the Pokémon. The following Pokémon, all of which notably do not evolve, were moved:
    • Qwilfish, expected to be #267, was moved to #218.
    • Girafarig, expected to be #259 after Wobbuffet, was moved all the way to #489, after Gastrodon; this is where Ambipom's space would have been had he been unrelated to Aipom.
    • Shuckle, expected to be #268 (#267 accommodating Qwilfish's move), was moved to Girafarig's place.