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Sometimes I come across words that look like misspellings that I'm not 100% comfortable with correcting, on the off chance they're spelled that way in the source material. It's very unlikely in most cases, but I want to be certain before doing anything. If anyone who happens to read this page is able to verify whether or not these are actually typos (and correct them if they are), that would be great.

NOTE: Please only fix these typos if you are certain they are legitimate misspellings. If the typos are present in the source material, the article(s) in question should be updated to acknowledge this and should be removed from this list.

Other users are free to edit this page, as long as it's used for its intended purpose.

Not exactly typos, just unsure of policy

  • Ash's Pidgeot has Sand Attack displayed in the move infobox with its Gen I type color while simultaneously using its Gen VI spelling.