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This article is a proposed policy for Bulbapedia.

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Bulbapedia uses a wide range of color templates, to help ensure consistency across the wiki. This page shows these templates, and the colors they output, as a guide to help when building pages and templates.

You should always call the templates shown, rather than using the hex code. That way, if any of these colors is modified in the future, the change will be reflected wiki-wide automatically. All templates are case-sensitive.

List of color templates

The following is a list of the color templates used on Bulbapedia.


Physical color light: d96358 {{Physical color light}}
Physical color: C92112 {{Physical color}}
Physical color dark: 82150b {{Physical color dark}}
Physical text color: F67A1A {{Physical textcolor}}
Special color light: 83899a {{Special color light}}
Special color: 4F5870 {{Special color}}
Special color dark: 333948 {{special color dark}}
Special text color: FFFFFF {{Special textcolor}}
Status color light: aeabae {{Status color light}}
Status color: 8C888C {{Status color}}
Status color dark: 5b585b {{Status color dark}}
Status text color: F7F7F7 {{Status textcolor}}


Apricorn color light: F8C038 {{Apricorn color light}}
Apricorn color: F0A018 {{Apricorn color}}
Apricorn color dark: A05840 {{Apricorn color dark}}
Battle items pocket color light: 4880F0 {{Battle items color light}}
Battle items pocket color: 3070E0 {{Battle items color}}
Battle items pocket color dark: 2058C8 {{Battle items color dark}}
Berries pocket color light: 30B858 {{Berries color light}}
Berries pocket color: 20A048 {{Berries color}}
Berries pocket color dark: 188030 {{Berries color dark}}
Cologne color light: DCD7E3 {{Cologne color light}}
Cologne color: BAB1C9 {{Cologne color}}
Cologne color dark: 978CAE {{Cologne color dark}}
Ingredients Pocket color light: DDAE9A {{Ingredients color light}}
Ingredients Pocket color: AD3F0F {{Ingredients color}}
Ingredients Pocket color dark: 70290A {{Ingredients color dark}}
Items pocket color light: D880A8 {{Items color light}}
Items pocket color: C86890 {{Items color}}
Items pocket color dark: B85078 {{Items color dark}}
Key items pocket color light: A058E8 {{Key items color light}}
Key items pocket color: 9048D8 {{Key items color}}
Key items pocket color dark: 7838C0 {{Key items color dark}}
Mail pocket color light: 18A8D0 {{Mail color light}}
Mail pocket color: 1890B0 {{Mail color}}
Mail pocket color dark: 208090 {{Mail color dark}}
Medicine pocket color light: E88050 {{Medicine color light}}
Medicine pocket color: E07038 {{Medicine color}}
Medicine pocket color dark: D86028 {{medicine color dark}}
Poké Balls pocket color light: E0A038 {{Poké Balls color light}}
Poké Balls pocket color: C88820 {{Poké Balls color}}
Poké Balls pocket color dark: B87008 {{Poké Balls color dark}}
TMs and HMs pocket color light: 90C030 {{TMs and HMs color light}}
TMs and HMs pocket color: 80A820 {{TMs and HMs color}}
TMs and HMs pocket color dark: 709018 {{TMs and HMs color dark}}
Treasures Pocket color light: FAE8B4 {{Treasures color light}}
Treasures Pocket color: F2C74E {{Treasures color}}
Treasures Pocket color dark: 9D8133 {{Treasures color dark}}
Z-Crystals pocket color light: CAAD81 {{Z-Crystals color light}}
Z-Crystals pocket color: B48A4B {{Z-Crystals color}}
Z-Crystals pocket color dark: 7E6135 {{Z-Crystals color dark}}

Battle Frontier

Arcade color light: FFD767 {{Arcade color light}}
Arcade color: FFC115 {{Arcade color}}
Arcade color dark: A67E0E {{Arcade color dark}}
Castle color light: 83CAA3 {{Castle color light}}
Castle color: 40AD72 {{Castle color}}
Castle color dark: 2A714A {{Castle color dark}}
Factory color light: 7AB7D7 {{Factory color light}}
Factory color: 3291c1 {{Factory color}}
Factory color dark: 215E7E {{Factory color dark}}
Frontier color light: 82C7E0 {{Frontier color light}}
Frontier color: 3FA9D0 {{Frontier color}}
Frontier color dark: 296E87 {{Frontier color dark}}
Hall color light: FAA8BB {{Hall color light}}
Hall color: F87A97 {{Hall color}}
Hall color dark: A14F62 {{Hall color dark}}
Tower color light: E49080 {{Tower color light}}
Tower color: d6553c {{Tower color}}
Tower color dark: 8B3727 {{Tower color dark}}


Alder color light F0AA8F {{Alder color light}}
Alder color E88058 {{Alder color}}
Alder color dark C84040 {{Alder color dark}}
Cynthia color light 8E8E8E {{Cynthia color light}}
Cynthia color 525252 {{Cynthia color}}
Cynthia color dark 353535 {{Cynthia color dark}}


Beauty color light: 9DB7F5 {{Beauty color light}}
Beauty color: 6890F0 {{Beauty color}}
Beauty color dark: 445E9C {{Beauty color dark}}
Contest color light: EBB7C6 {{Contest color light}}
Contest color: e090a8 {{Contest color}}
Contest color dark: 925E6D {{Contest color dark}}
Cool color light: F5AC78 {{Cool color light}}
Cool color: F08030 {{Cool color}}
Cool color dark: 9C531F {{Cool color dark}}
Cute color light: FA92B2 {{Cute color light}}
Cute color: F85888 {{Cute color}}
Cute color dark: A13959 {{Cute color dark}}
Smart color light: A7DB8D {{Smart color light}}
Smart color: 78C850 {{Smart color}}
Smart color dark: 4E8234 {{Smart color dark}}
Tough color light: FAE078 {{Tough color light}}
Tough color: F8D030 {{Tough color}}
Tough color dark: A1871F {{Tough color dark}}

Egg Groups

Amorphous color 8A8A8A {{Amorphous color}}
Ditto color A664BF {{Ditto color}}
Field color E0C068 {{Field color}}
Human-Like color D29682 {{Human-Like color}}
Mineral color 7A6252 {{Mineral color}}
Monster color D25064 {{Monster color}}
Undiscovered color 333333 {{Undiscovered color}}
Water 1 color 97B5FD {{Water 1 color}}
Water 2 color 729AFA {{Water 2 color}}
Water 3 color 5876BE {{Water 3 color}}

Core Series Games

Red color light FF6464 {{Red color light}}
Red color FF1111 {{Red color}}
Red color dark A60B0B {{Red color dark}}
Green color light 64D364 {{Green color light}}
Green color 11BB11 {{Green color}}
Green color dark 0B7A0B {{Green color dark}}
Blue color light 6464FF {{Blue color light}}
Blue color 1111FF {{Blue color}}
Blue color dark 0B0BA6 {{Blue color dark}}
Yellow color light FFE57A {{Yellow color light}}
Yellow color FFD733 {{Yellow color}}
Yellow color dark A68C21 {{Yellow color dark}}
Gold color light E7C46E {{Gold color light}}
Gold color DAA520 {{Gold color}}
Gold color dark 8E6B15 {{Gold color dark}}
Silver color light D6D6D6 {{Silver color light}}
Silver color C0C0C0 {{Silver color}}
Silver color dark 7D7D7D {{Silver color dark}}
Crystal color light 8CE6FF {{Crystal color light}}
Crystal color 4FD9FF {{Crystal color}}
Crystal color dark 338DA6 {{Crystal color dark}}
Ruby color light C15959 {{Ruby color light}}
Ruby color A00000 {{Ruby color}}
Ruby color dark 680000 {{Ruby color dark}}
Sapphire color light 5959C1 {{Sapphire color light}}
Sapphire color 0000A0 {{Sapphire color}}
Sapphire color dark 000068 {{Sapphire color dark}}
Emerald color light 59C159 {{Emerald color light}}
Emerald color 00A000 {{Emerald color}}
Emerald color dark 006800 {{Emerald color dark}}
FireRed color light FFA472 {{FireRed color light}}
FireRed color FF7327 {{FireRed color}}
FireRed color dark A64B19 {{FireRed color dark}}
LeafGreen color light 59E959 {{LeafGreen color light}}
LeafGreen color 00DD00 {{LeafGreen color}}
LeafGreen color dark 009000 {{LeafGreen color dark}}
Diamond color light C8C8FF {{Diamond color light}}
Diamond color AAAAFF {{Diamond color}}
Diamond color dark 6F6FA6 {{Diamond color dark}}
Pearl color light FFC8C8 {{Pearl color light}}
Pearl color FFAAAA {{Pearl color}}
Pearl color dark A66F6F {{Pearl color dark}}
Platinum color light BDBDBD {{Platinum color light}}
Platinum color 999999 {{Platinum color}}
Platinum color dark 646464 {{Platinum color dark}}
HeartGold color light CFC059 {{HeartGold color light}}
HeartGold color B69E00 {{HeartGold color}}
HeartGold color dark 766700 {{HeartGold color dark}}
SoulSilver color light D6D6EB {{SoulSilver color light}}
SoulSilver color C0C0E1 {{SoulSilver color}}
SoulSilver color dark 7D7D92 {{SoulSilver color dark}}
Black color light 858585 {{Black color light}}
Black color 444444 {{Black color}}
Black color dark 2C2C2C {{Black color dark}}
White color light EBEBEB {{White color light}}
White color E1E1E1 {{White color}}
White color dark 929292 {{White color dark}}
Black 2 color light 848A8D {{Black 2 color light}}
Black 2 color 424B50 {{Black 2 color}}
Black 2 color dark 2B3134 {{Black 2 color dark}}
White 2 color light EDDFE0 {{White 2 color light}}
White 2 color E3CED0 {{White 2 color}}
White 2 color dark 948687 {{White 2 color dark}}
X color light 5A96C5 {{X color light}}
X color 025DA6 {{X color}}
X color dark 013D6C {{X color dark}}
Y color light F16A81 {{Y color light}}
Y color EA1A3E {{Y color}}
Y color dark 981128 {{Y color dark}}
Omega Ruby color light C87365 {{Omega Ruby color light}}
Omega Ruby color AB2813 {{Omega Ruby color}}
Omega Ruby color dark 6F1A0C {{Omega Ruby color dark}}
Alpha Sapphire color light 729ABF {{Alpha Sapphire color light}}
Alpha Sapphire color 26649C {{Alpha Sapphire color}}
Alpha Sapphire color dark 194166 {{Alpha Sapphire color dark}}
Sun color light F6B775 {{Sun color light}}
Sun color F1912B {{Sun color}}
Sun color dark 9D5E1C {{Sun color dark}}
Moon color light 90BDDC {{Moon color light}}
Moon color 5599CA {{Moon color}}
Moon color dark 376483 {{Moon color dark}}
Ultra Sun color light F19475 {{Ultra Sun color light}}
Ultra Sun color E95B2B {{Ultra Sun color}}
Ultra Sun color dark 983B1C {{Ultra Sun color dark}}
Ultra Moon color light 6FA0CF {{Ultra Moon color light}}
Ultra Moon color 226DB5 {{Ultra Moon color}}
Ultra Moon color dark 164776 {{Ultra Moon color dark}}
Let's Go, Pikachu! color light F8E772 {{Let's Go Pikachu color light}}
Let's Go, Pikachu! color F5DA26 {{Let's Go Pikachu color}}
Let's Go, Pikachu! color dark 9F8E19 {{Let's Go Pikachu color dark}}
Let's Go, Eevee! color light E3B88A {{Let's Go Eevee color light}}
Let's Go, Eevee! color D4924B {{Let's Go Eevee color}}
Let's Go, Eevee! color dark 8A5F31 {{Let's Go Eevee color dark}}
Sword color light 59C2F1 {{Sword color light}}
Sword color 00A1E9 {{Sword color}}
Sword color dark 006998 {{Sword color dark}}
Shield color light D5598C {{Shield color light}}
Shield color BF004F {{Shield color}}
Shield color dark 7C0033 {{Shield color dark}}
Brilliant Diamond color light 85D2EE {{Brilliant Diamond color light}}
Brilliant Diamond color 44BAE5 {{Brilliant Diamond color}}
Brilliant Diamond color dark 2C7995 {{Brilliant Diamond color dark}}
Shining Pearl color light E7ABBD {{Shining Pearl color light}}
Shining Pearl color DA7D99 {{Shining Pearl color}}
Shining Pearl color dark 8E5163 {{Shining Pearl color dark}}
Legends Arceus color light 7C93A9 {{Legends Arceus color light}}
Legends Arceus color 36597B {{Legends Arceus color}}
Legends Arceus color dark 233A50 {{Legends Arceus color dark}}
Scarlet color light F7837B {{Scarlet color light}}
Scarlet color F34134 {{Scarlet color}}
Scarlet color dark 9E2A22 {{Scarlet color dark}}
Violet color light AE7BD0 {{Violet color light}}
Violet color 8334B7 {{Violet color}}
Violet color dark 552277 {{Violet color dark}}

Other Games

Colosseum Series
Colosseum color light CFDCED {{Colo color light}}
Colosseum color B6CAE4 {{Colo color}}
Colosseum color dark 768394 {{Colo color dark}}
XD color light 978CAE {{XD color light}}
XD color 604E82 {{XD color}}
XD color dark 3E3355 {{XD color dark}}
Mystery Dungeon Series
MD color light DECAA9 {{MD color light}}
MD color D78144 {{MD color}}
MD color dark 7C4B2D {{MD color dark}}
MD Red color light D85C8A {{MD red color light}}
MD Red color C50C50 {{MD red color}}
MD Red color dark 840836 {{MD red color dark}}
MD Blue color light 5a91c9 {{MD blue color light}}
MD Blue color 095BAF {{MD blue color}}
MD Blue color dark 063d75 {{MD blue color dark}}
MD Time color light 6ab5d9 {{MD time color light}}
MD Time color 2190c7 {{MD time color}}
MD Time color dark 166185 {{MD time color dark}}
MD Darkness color light d76166 {{MD darkness color light}}
MD Darkness color c3141b {{MD darkness color}}
MD Darkness color dark 830d12 {{MD darkness color dark}}
MD Sky color light a6cd89 {{MD sky color light}}
MD Sky color 7bb54f {{MD sky color}}
MD Sky color dark 527935 {{MD sky color dark}}
Ranger Series
Ranger color light FA9D6A {{Ranger color light}}
Ranger color F7681A {{Ranger color}}
Ranger color dark A14411 {{Ranger color dark}}
Shadows of Almia color light 768ABC {{SoA color light}}
Shadows of Almia color 2D4B98 {{SoA color}}
Shadows of Almia color dark 1D3163 {{SoA color dark}}
Guardian Signs color light 76D1F1 {{GS color light}}
Guardian Signs color 2CB8E9 {{GS color}}
Guardian Signs color dark 1D7898 {{GS color dark}}
Battle Revolution color light FFD461 {{Pbr color light}}
Battle Revolution color DCA202 {{Pbr color}}
Battle Revolution color 684D02 {{Pbr color dark}}
Pokémon color light E2947C {{Pokémon color light}}
Pokémon color E5653C {{Pokémon color}}
Pokémon color dark A62F19 {{Pokémon color dark}}


Kanto color light ACD36C {{Kanto color light}}
Kanto color 80BB1D {{Kanto color}}
Kanto color dark 537A13 {{Kanto color dark}}
Johto color light DCD677 {{Johto color light}}
Johto color CAC02E {{Johto color}}
Johto color dark 837D1E {{Johto color dark}}
Hoenn color light 9CD7C8 {{Hoenn color light}}
Hoenn color 67C1AB {{Hoenn color}}
Hoenn color dark 437E6F {{Hoenn color dark}}
Sinnoh color light B7A3C3 {{Sinnoh color light}}
Sinnoh color 9072A3 {{Sinnoh color}}
Sinnoh color dark 5E4A6A {{Sinnoh color dark}}
Unova color light 9FCADF {{Unova color light}}
Unova color 6BAECE {{Unova color}}
Unova color dark 467186 {{Unova color dark}}
Kalos color light DD608C {{Kalos color light}}
Kalos color CB0B4F {{Kalos color}}
Kalos color dark 840733 {{Kalos color dark}}
Alola color light E89483 {{Alola color light}}
Alola color DC5A40 {{Alola color}}
Alola color dark 8F3B2A {{Alola color dark}}
Galar color light C97DC0 {{Galar color light}}
Galar color AC379E {{Galar color}}
Galar color dark 702467 {{Galar color dark}}
Orange color light FFAC59 {{Orange color light}}
Orange color FF7F00 {{Orange color}}
Orange color dark A65300 {{Orange color dark}}
Orre color light ada588 {{Orre color light}}
Orre color 817548 {{Orre color}}
Orre color dark 544c2f {{Orre color dark}}
PokéPark color light A7DB8D {{PokéPark color light}}
PokéPark color 78C850 {{PokéPark color}}
PokéPark color dark 6890F0 {{PokéPark color dark}}
Sevii color light 8debbc {{Sevii color light}}
Sevii color 52cc91 {{Sevii color}}
Sevii color dark 2b915e {{Sevii color dark}}


Spring color light c7fa89 {{Spring color light}}
Spring color B0F858 {{Spring color}}
Spring color dark 7bae3d {{Spring color dark}}
Summer color light a0defa {{Summer color light}}
Summer color 78D0F8 {{Summer color}}
Summer color dark 5492ae {{Summer color dark}}
Autumn color light fab189 {{Autumn color light}}
Autumn color F89058 {{Autumn color}}
Autumn color dark ae653d {{Autumn color dark}}
Winter color light f4e3fa {{Winter color light}}
Winter color F0D8F8 {{Winter color}}
Winter color dark a897ae {{Winter color dark}}


Attack color light: F5AC78 {{Attack color light}}
Attack color: F08030 {{Attack color}}
Attack color dark: 9C531F {{Attack color dark}}
Defense color light: FAE078 {{Defense color light}}
Defense color: F8D030 {{Defense color}}
Defense color dark: A1871F {{Defense color dark}}
HP color light: FF5959 {{HP color light}}
HP color: FF0000 {{HP color}}
HP color dark: A60000 {{HP color dark}}
Jump color light: 83EEA4 {{Jump color light}}
Jump color: 39BD62 {{Jump color}}
Jump color dark: 188339 {{Jump color dark}}
Power color light: FF9494 {{Power color light}}
Power color: FF4131 {{Power color}}
Power color dark: BD2018 {{Power color dark}}
Skill color light: 83B4FF {{Skill color light}}
Skill color: 317BEE {{Skill color}}
Skill color dark: 2052A4 {{Skill color dark}}
Special Attack color light: 9DB7F5 {{Special Attack color light}}
Special Attack color: 6890F0 {{Special Attack color}}
Special Attack color dark: 445E9C {{Special Attack color dark}}
Special Defense color light: A7DB8D {{Special Defense color light}}
Special Defense color: 78C850 {{Special Defense color}}
Special Defense color dark: 4E8234 {{Special Defense color dark}}
Speed color light: FA92B2 {{Speed color light}}
Speed color: F85888 {{Speed color}}
Speed color dark: A13959 {{Speed color dark}}
Stamina color light: FFE683 {{Stamina color light}}
Stamina color: EECD31 {{Stamina color}}
Stamina color dark: C58308 {{Stamina color dark}}

Trading Card Game

Ability color light d87f64 {{TCG Ability color light}}
Ability color c84923 {{TCG Ability color}}
Ability color dark 8c3318 {{TCG Ability Color dark}}
Item color light A6A6F4 {{TCG Item color light}}
Item color 7777EE {{TCG Item color}}
Item color dark 4D4D9B {{TCG Item color dark}}
Poké-BODY color light 5a9572 {{TCG Poké-Body color light}}
Poké-BODY color 146837 {{TCG Poké-Body color}}
Poké-BODY color dark 0e4926 {{TCG Poké-Body color dark}}
Poké-POWER color light a95263 {{TCG Poké-Power color light}}
Poké-POWER color 850921 {{TCG Poké-Power color}}
Poké-POWER color dark 5d0617 {{TCG Poké-Power color dark}}
Stadium color light B7EBAE {{TCG Stadium color light}}
Stadium color 90E183 {{TCG Stadium color}}
Stadium color dark 5E9255 {{TCG Stadium color dark}}
Supporter color light e66363 {{TCG Supporter color light}}
Supporter color DC2222 {{TCG Supporter color}}
Supporter color dark 9a1717 {{TCG Supporter color dark}}
Trainer color light FFFCE4 {{TCG Trainer color light}}
Trainer color FFE955 {{TCG Trainer color}}
Trainer color dark b3a33b {{TCG Trainer color dark}}
Trainer card base color light E4E4E4 {{TCG TrainerBase color light}}
Trainer card base color CBCBCB {{TCG TrainerBase color}}
Trainer card base color dark B2B2B2 {{TCG TrainerBase color dark}}


Day color light 96E0FF {{Day color light}}
Day color 5ED0FF {{Day color}}
Day color dark 4192b3 {{Day color dark}}
Day textcolor 000000 {{Day textcolor}}
Morning color light FFFFC8 {{Morning color light}}
Morning color FFFFAA {{Morning color}}
Morning color dark b3b377 {{Morning color dark}}
Morning textcolor 000000 {{Morning textcolor}}
Afternoon color FF9F50 {{Afternoon color}}
Afternoon textcolor 000000 {{Afternoon textcolor}}
Night color light 597A9B {{Night color light}}
Night color 003366 {{Night color}}
Night color dark 002347 {{Night color dark}}
Night textcolor FFFF99 {{Night textcolor}}
Late night color 000011 {{Latenight color}}
Late night textcolor AAAAFF {{Latenight textcolor}}

Video Game Types

Bug color light: C6D16E {{Bug color light}}
Bug color: A8B820 {{Bug color}}
Bug color dark: 6D7815 {{Bug color dark}}
Dark color light: A29288 {{Dark color light}}
Dark color: 705848 {{Dark color}}
Dark color dark: 49392F {{Dark color dark}}
Dragon color light: A27DFA {{Dragon color light}}
Dragon color: 7038F8 {{Dragon color}}
Dragon color dark: 4924A1 {{Dragon color dark}}
Electric color light: FAE078 {{Electric color light}}
Electric color: F8D030 {{Electric color}}
Electric color dark: A1871F {{Electric color dark}}
Fairy color light: F4BDC9 {{Fairy color light}}
Fairy color: EE99AC {{Fairy color}}
Fairy color dark: 9B6470 {{Fairy color dark}}
Fighting color light: D67873 {{Fighting color light}}
Fighting color: C03028 {{Fighting color}}
Fighting color dark: 7D1F1A {{Fighting color dark}}
Fire color light: F5AC78 {{Fire color light}}
Fire color: F08030 {{Fire color}}
Fire color dark: 9C531F {{Fire color dark}}
Flying color light: C6B7F5 {{Flying color light}}
Flying color: A890F0 {{Flying color}}
Flying color dark: 6D5E9C {{Flying color dark}}
Ghost color light: A292BC {{Ghost color light}}
Ghost color: 705898 {{Ghost color}}
Ghost color dark: 493963 {{Ghost color dark}}
Grass color light: A7DB8D {{Grass color light}}
Grass color: 78C850 {{Grass color}}
Grass color dark: 4E8234 {{Grass color dark}}
Ground color light: EBD69D {{Ground color light}}
Ground color: E0C068 {{Ground color}}
Ground color dark: 927D44 {{Ground color dark}}
Ice color light: BCE6E6 {{Ice color light}}
Ice color: 98D8D8 {{Ice color}}
Ice color dark: 638D8D {{Ice color dark}}
Normal color light: C6C6A7 {{Normal color light}}
Normal color: A8A878 {{Normal color}}
Normal color dark: 6D6D4E {{Normal color dark}}
Poison color light: C183C1 {{Poison color light}}
Poison color: A040A0 {{Poison color}}
Poison color dark: 682A68 {{Poison color dark}}
Psychic color light: FA92B2 {{Psychic color light}}
Psychic color: F85888 {{Psychic color}}
Psychic color dark: A13959 {{Psychic color dark}}
Rock color light: D1C17D {{Rock color light}}
Rock color: B8A038 {{Rock color}}
Rock color dark: 786824 {{Rock color dark}}
Steel color light: D1D1E0 {{Steel color light}}
Steel color: B8B8D0 {{Steel color}}
Steel color dark: 787887 {{Steel color dark}}
Water color light: 9DB7F5 {{Water color light}}
Water color: 6890F0 {{Water color}}
Water color dark: 445E9C {{Water color dark}}
??? color light: 9DC1B7 {{Unknown color light}}
??? color: 68A090 {{Unknown color}}
??? color dark: 44685E {{Unknown color dark}}
??? text color: FFFFFF {{??? textcolor}}

TCG Types

Colorless color light: EEE4E0 {{Tcg colorless color light}}
  Colorless color: E5D6D0 {{Tcg colorless color}}
Colorless color dark: 958B87 {{Tcg colorless color dark}}
Darkness color light: 767775 {{Tcg darkness color light}}
  Darkness color: 2C2E2B {{Tcg darkness color}}
Darkness color dark: 1D1E1C {{Tcg darkness color dark}}
Dragon color light: DAC266 {{Tcg dragon color light}}
  Dragon color: C6A114 {{Tcg dragon color}}
Dragon color dark: 81690D {{Tcg dragon color dark}}
Fairy color light: EA7EAE {{Tcg fairy color light}}
  Fairy color: E03A83 {{Tcg fairy color}}
Fairy color dark: 912555 {{Tcg fairy color dark}}
Fighting color light: FF8D6D {{Tcg fighting color light}}
  Fighting color: FF501F {{Tcg fighting color}}
Fighting color dark: A63414 {{Tcg fighting color dark}}
Fire color light: EC8484 {{Tcg fire color light}}
  Fire color: E24242 {{Tcg fire color}}
Fire color dark: 932B2B {{Tcg fire color dark}}
Grass color light: AAD15E {{Tcg grass color light}}
  Grass color: 7DB808 {{Tcg grass color}}
Grass color dark: 517805 {{Tcg grass color dark}}
Lightning color light: FCCE7C {{Tcg lightning color light}}
  Lightning color: FAB536 {{Tcg lightning color}}
Lightning color dark: A37523 {{Tcg lightning color dark}}
Metal color light: B3A6A1 {{Tcg metal color light}}
  Metal color: 8A776E {{Tcg metal color}}
Metal color dark: 5A4D48 {{Tcg metal color dark}}
Psychic color light: C596BD {{Tcg psychic color light}}
  Psychic color: A65E9A {{Tcg psychic color}}
Psychic color dark: 6C3D64 {{Tcg psychic color dark}}
Water color light: 94DBEE {{Tcg water color light}}
  Water color: 5BC7E5 {{Tcg water color}}
Water color dark: 3B8295 {{Tcg water color dark}}


Arceus color light: C6D16E {{Arceus color light}}
Arceus color: A8B820 {{Arceus color}}
Arceus color dark: 6D7815 {{Arceus color dark}}
Rainbow color light EA7EAE {{Tcg rainbow color light}}
  Rainbow color E03A83 {{Tcg rainbow color}}
Rainbow color dark 912555 {{Tcg rainbow color dark}}
Full-Plate color light C6B7F5 {{Full-Plate color light}}
  Full-Plate color A890F0 {{Full-Plate color}}
Eleven-Plate color light D1D1E0 {{Eleven-Plate color light}}
  Eleven-Plate color B8B8D0 {{Eleven-Plate color}}


Blizzard color light 98D8D8 {{Blizzard color light}}
Bronze color light EBCDAF {{Bronze color light}}
Bronze color DEAB79 {{Bronze color}}
Bronze color dark 856749 {{Bronze color dark}}
Bulba color light E0F2B6 {{Bulba color light}}
Bulba color C4E673 {{Bulba color}}
Bulba color dark 80964B {{Bulba color dark}}
Dream color light FFC0CB {{Dream color light}}
Dream color EF52B2 {{Dream color}}
Dream color dark C6007B {{Dream color dark}}
Fog color light A292BC {{Fog color light}}
Link color 1b45c1 {{Link color}}
Pokéathlon color light B7C6EB {{thlon color light}}
Pokéathlon color 90a8e0 {{thlon color}}
Pokéathlon color dark 5E6D92 {{thlon color dark}}
Sandstorm color light D1C17D {{Sandstorm color light}}

Location color templates

The following table shows all the availabe location colors. Call them using {{Locationcolor/light}}, {{Locationcolor/med}}, {{Locationcolor/dark}} and {{Locationcolor/text}}. For example, to use the dark Lake color, type {{Locationcolor/dark|lake}}.

Location color templates
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Remember to call the location colorscheme with a lowercase word. Do not capitalize the first letter! Only call through templates! Do not use plain hexcodes!

Colorscheme templates

There are three color scheme templates; {{colorschemelight}}, {{colorschemedark}} and {{colorschemethree}}. Each outputs a hex color code, based on a list of predetermined inputs.


The templates are written as follows: {{colorschemelight|<<input>>}} {{colorschemedark|<<input>>}} {{colorschemethree|<<input>>}}

Valid inputs

Inputs are case-sensitive.

Input {{colorschemelight}} {{colorschemedark}}
Output Color Output Color
Red, Green & Blue
Orange Archipelago
Gold, Silver & Crystal
Ruby & Sapphire
9999FF   FF7777  
77FF77   55DD55  
Diamond & Pearl
Pika E66650   FFF7A5  
FDBB99   FD7F4F  
Yellow FEEF46   FFD733  
FireRed & LeafGreen
32FA32   FF9359  
Platinum BBBBBB   999999  
HeartGold & SoulSilver
Black & White
Best Wishes
C3C3C3   2C2C2C  
Best Wishes 2
Best Wishes season 2
Black 2 & White 2
E3CED0   424B50  
X & Y
F16A81   025DA6  
XY & Z
A1D175   6FB82B  
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
729ABF   AB2813  
Sun & Moon
90BDDC   F1912B  
Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!
D4924B   F5DA26  
Sword & Shield
D5598C   00A1E9  
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
E7ABBD   44BAE5  
Legends: Arceus
7C93A9   36597B  
Almia 7090E3   2D4B98  
Fiore FFE815   FF965E  
DDE6F1   B6CAE4  
Unknown 9DC1B7   44685E  
No input C4E673   78C850  
Input {{colorschemethree}}  
Output Color  
Red, Green & Blue AAAAFF  
Gold, Silver & Crystal 88FFFF  
No input GGGGGG
(Not a valid hex code)

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