User:Adil/Timeline of events in the anime/Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

The order of many of these events is approximated and debatable.



Episode Details
Get the Show on the Road
A Ruin with a View
A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!
There's no Place Like Hoenn
Cerulean Blues
You Never Can Taillow
In the Knicker of Time!
A Poached Ego!
Tree's a Crowd
Showdown at the Oak Corral
A Tail with a Twist
A Bite to Remember
The Lotad Lowdown
All Things Bright and Beautifly!
The Blue Badge of Courage
All in a Day's Wurmple
Gonna Rule The School!
Winner by a Nosepass
Stairway to Devon
On a Wingull and a Prayer!
Sharpedo Attack!
Brave the Wave
Which Wurmple's Which?
A Hole Lotta Trouble
Gone Corphishin'
A Corphish Out of Water
A Mudkip Mission
Turning Over a Nuzleaf
A Three Team Scheme!
Seeing is Believing!
A Meditite Fight!
Just One of the Geysers
Abandon Ship!
Now that's Flower Power!
Having a Wailord of a Time
Win, Lose or Drew!
The Spheal of Approval
A Different Kind of Misty!
A Poké-BLOCK Party!
Watt's with Wattson
What You Seed is What You Get
The Princess and the Togepi
  • Misty returns, with May and Max meeting her for the first time.
Training Daze
A Togepi Mirage!
Journey to the Starting Line!
I Feel Skitty!
ZigZag Zangoose!
Maxxed Out!
Pros and Con Artists
Come What May!
Cheer Pressure
Game Winning Assist
Fight for the Meteorite!
Poetry Commotion!
Going, Going, Yawn
Going for a Spinda
All Torkoal, No Play
Manectric Charge
Delcatty Got Your Tongue
Disaster of Disguise
Disguise Da Limit
Take the Lombre Home
True Blue Swablu
  • May offers a Swablu a place on her team, but decides against it when Swablu's flock shows up.
Exploud and Clear!
Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!
A Double Dilemma
Love, Petalburg Style!
Balance of Power
A Six Pack Attack!
The Bicker the Better
  • Ash learns about Tag Battles and has his first official battle of that kind, along with May.
Grass Hysteria!
Hokey Poké Balls!
A Fan with a Plan!
Cruisin' for a Losin'
Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend
That's Just Swellow
A Shroomish Skirmish
Unfair Weather Friends
Who's Flying Now?
Sky High Gym Battle!
Lights, Camerupt, Action!
Crazy as a Lunatone
A Scare to Remember!
Pokéblock, Stock and Berry
Lessons in Lilycove
Judgment Day!
Clamperl of Wisdom
Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing!
The Evolutionary War
The Search for the Legend
Training Wrecks
Gaining Groudon
The Scuffle of Legends
It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!
Solid as a Solrock
Vanity Affair
Where's Armaldo?
A Cacturne for the Worse
Claydol Big and Tall
Once in a Mawile
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt
Do I Hear a Ralts?
The Great Eight Fate!
Eight Ain't Enough
Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?
Date Expectations
Mean With Envy
Pacifidlog Jam
Berry, Berry Interesting
Less is Morrison
The Ribbon Cup Caper
Hi Ho Silver Wind!
Deceit and Assist
Rhapsody in Drew
Island Time
Like a Meowth to a Flame
Saved by the Beldum
From Brags to Riches
Shocks and Bonds
  • Ash, Morrison, and Tyson are revealed to have made it to the third qualifying round.
  • Ash defeats Clark in a Double Battle, advancing to the Victory Tournament.
  • Morrison also defeats his opponent, advancing to the Victory Tournament.
  • Tyson defeats Johnny in a Double Battle, advancing to the Victory Tournament.
  • Tyson is revealed to own a Sceptile and a Donphan.
  • Ash begins his Full Battle against Katie.
A Judgment Brawl
Choose It or Loose It!
At the End of the Fray
  • Ash continues his Full Battle against Tyson in the quarterfinals and ultimately loses, finishing in the Top 8.
  • Tyson moves on to the semifinals and wins, advancing to the final round.
  • Tyson defeats his opponent in the finals and wins the Ever Grande Conference.
  • The Ever Grande Conference ends.

Kanto (Battle Frontier)

Episode Details
The Scheme Team
The Right Place and the Right Mime
A Real Cleffa-Hanger
Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
  • Ash is revealed to be capable of using Aura.
Numero Uno Articuno
The Symbol Life
The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon
Hooked on Onix
On Cloud Arcanine
The Saffron Con
A Hurdle for Squirtle
Pasta La Vista
Sweet Baby James!
A Chip Off the Old Brock
Wheel...of Frontier!
May's Egg-cellent Adventure!
Weekend Warrior
On Olden Pond
Tactic Theatrics!!
Reversing the Charges
The Green Guardian
From Cradle to Save
Time Warp Heals All Wounds
Queen of the Serpentine!
Off the Unbeaten Path
Harley Rides Again
Odd Pokémon Out!
Spontaneous Combusken!!
Cutting the Ties that Bind
Ka Boom with a View!
King and Queen for a Day!
Curbing the Crimson Tide!
What I Did for Love!
Talking a Good Game
Second Time's the Charm!
Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part 1)
Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part 2)
All That Glitters is Not Golden!
New Plot - Odd Lot
Going for Choke!
The Ole' Berate and Switch!
Grating Spaces!
Battling the Enemy Within
Slaking Kong
May, we Harley Drew'd Ya!
Thinning the Hoard!
Channeling the Battle Zone!
Aipom and Circumstance!
The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!
Pinch Healing!
Gathering The Gang of Four!
Pace - The Final Frontier!
Once More with Reeling!
Home is Where the Start Is!

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