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Twinleaf Town

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Twinleaf Town (Japanese: フタバタウン Futaba Town) is situated in the western part of the Sinnoh region. It is here that the protagonist of the Generation IV games and several other notable trainers begin their Pokémon journeys. Twinleaf is the hometown of the player and their rival, Pearl, and the first town known to the player in the games. It is also the nearest town to Lake Verity, referred to by residents as their local lake. North of the town lies Route 201, a junction which leads to Verity Lakefront to the west, and Sandgem Town to the east.

In the southern borderline of trees of the town sits a small pond where an Odd Keystone can be found, if the player can surf to reach it.


Places of interest

File:DP Players House Downstairs.png
Inside the player's house.

Player's house

This is the house where the player lives before beginning their journey. The player's mother lives here, and after the player has left town for the first time, going home and talking to her will fully rest/restore all of the player's Pokémon, just like a Pokémon Center.
File:DP Players House Upstairs.png
The player's bedroom is located upstairs. The player begins the game in here.
There are two levels to the house, the first being a living room and kitchen area, while upstairs on the second level is the player's bedroom. It contains a Nintendo Wii controlled with a Wii Remote, connected to a television, and a PC which reads: "Pokémon Basics... People live alongside Pokémon in this world. The people that battle Pokémon are called Pokémon Trainers." Due to the PC no longer having the item storage functionality, Lucas or Dawn's PC only gives hints on how to play the game. The room can also be decorated with Poké Dolls. A sign on the wall next to the stairs reads:

The X Button
opens the menu!

Rival's House

This is the house where the player's rival and his mother reside in. Like the player's house, there are two levels, the first being a living room and kitchen area, while upstairs on the second level is the rival's bedroom.


Twinleaf Town has a population of 8, not counting the player or the rival, making it the least populated area in Sinnoh.


Key items

  • Running Shoes: Obtained from player's mother at the start of the game
  • Journal: Obtained from player's mother after returning from Sandgem Town
  • Parcel: Obtained from rival's mother in player's house, to deliver to rival


style="background: #ACC9E6;" style="background: #DAA520;"
Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Surfing and Fishing

054 Psyduck D P Pt Surfing 20-40 90%

054 Psyduck D P Pt Surfing 20-30 90%

055 Golduck D P Pt Surfing 20-40 10%

129 Magikarp D P Pt Old Rod 3-10 100%

129 Magikarp D P Pt Old Rod 3-15 100%

129 Magikarp D P Pt Good Rod 10-25 65%

118 Goldeen D P Pt Good Rod 10-25 35%
After getting National Dex

130 Gyarados D P Pt Super Rod 30-55 65%

119 Seaking D P Pt Super Rod 20-50 35%

119 Seaking D P Pt Super Rod 30-55 35%

A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Map information

Twinleaf Town is a small town with the fresh scent of new leaves in the air. It feels like a place where adventures start. Your own home and your best friend's house are located here.


  • Twinleaf's Japanese motto is わかばが いぶく ばしょ.
  • Twinleaf Town is the only hometown of the player in the main Pokémon games in which a Professor doesn't live.

In other languages


Language Name Origin
Japanese フタバタウン Futaba Town 二葉 (futaba) means bud, set of two leaves.
English Twinleaf Town The same as Japanese.
French Bonaugure Means good omen.
German Zweiblattdorf From Zwei, two, Blatt, leaf, and the suffix -dorf (village).
Italian Duefoglie Means two leaves.
Spanish Pueblo Hojaverde Hoja verde means green leaf.
Portuguese Aldeia da Folha Verde Means Green Leaf.
Korean 떡잎마을 Tteok'ip Village 떡잎 tteok'ip means double leaf.
Chinese (Mandarin) 雙葉鎮 Shuāng Xié Zhèn Means double leaf.

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