Tierra (Japanese: ナツキ Natsuki) is a character of the day who appeared in Control Freak!. She is an archaeologist trying to find a secret chamber in which a magical mask and staff, which had the power to control the minds of Pokémon, was supposedly located.

Brock's Golbat led the group to Tierra, who was found lying unconscious in her dig site. After recovering, Tierra invited the group to her site office, where she showed them the ancient tablet that had inspired her solo archaeological study. Meanwhile, Brock helped repair her equipment, and he upgraded her laptop to be compatible with Golbat's Supersonic waves. After learning that Tierra's digging machine had been destroyed, Brock also used his Geodude to Dig to the underground temple site.

However, Team Rocket had already reached the ancient temple first with their Dig-a-Tron. Tierra was shocked by Jessie's belligerence after she put on the mask and began to wield the scepter's power for her own purposes. Team Rocket reduced the underground temple to rubble during their escape in the mecha, though Tierra and the others emerged unscathed from the debris. After Team Rocket was blasted off by Pikachu, Tierra acquired the mask and staff to continue her research.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 根谷美智子 Michiko Neya
English Amy Birnbaum
Czech Jolana Smyčková
European French Lydia Cherton
Hebrew אורלי תגר Orly Tagar
Italian Sonia Mazza
Polish Anna Dąbkowska
Brazilian Portuguese Raquel Marinho
European Spanish Pepa Castro


  • Tierra's name may come from the word tiara, a symbol of power, similar to the mask in the episode she appeared in. It may also come from the Latin word terra, meaning "earth". This may come from the fact that, being an archeologist, she works with earth.
    • However, in the Castilian Spanish dub she was named Marina, which means "from the sea", possibly because Tierra is not a given name in Spain, but a common noun ("earth").

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