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The Pokémon World Forums
Current banner of TPW
Language English
Status Active
Run 2009 - Present
Date opened August 2009
Creator linkandzelda
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Forum The Pokémon World Forums
Mascot None
Website Main page

The Pokémon World Forums, or TPW for short, is a small forum dedicated to Pokémon. The main attraction, Liquid Crystal - which is made by the webmaster and the creator linkandzelda - is what brought about the forums. There have been multiple versions of the forums, going up to version 5. They have been downgraded back to version 4 by popular demand.



Community Forums

In this particular sections, new users, as well as returning users, can find their welcoming wagon. Discussions about the forums as well as general discussions take place here. News, announcements, and upcoming events are revealed. There is also a topic specifically for PokémonPoint. A topic was recently added for news regarding Pokémon events and forum events.

Sub-topics include:
News & Announcements
Suggestions and Feedback
Back to the Future: Go to TPW v.5 here

Pokémon Games Discussion Forums

All of the games are talked about here, from the main games such as Red and Blue and Black and White to spin-off games like Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Competitive battles and Pokémon Challenges also take place in this section.

Sub-topics include:
Wi-Fi Battles
Wi-Fi Trades
Rate My Team
Red, Blue & Yellow
Gold, Silver & Crystal
FireRed & LeafGreen
Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald
Diamond, Pearl & Platinum
HeartGold & SoulSilver
Black & White
Black & White 2

Pokémon Discussion Forums

Things related to the anime, shipping, and other Pokémon discussions, such as the manga, are found here. A virtual Pokémon Pet can be obtained from this section.

Sub-topics include:

Creative Discussion Forums

Poetry, stories, drawings, sprites, and other websites are discussed here. Users can post their music or their ROM hacks as well as have fun role-playing with other users.

Sub-topics include:
Sprite Art
Graphic Art
Drawn Art
Pokémon Role-Playing Games
Discussion Board
The Exhibition
Tools & Resources
Guides and Documents
Team Building

Miscellaneous Discussion Forums

Here, users can talk about other shows, anime or otherwise, as well as engage in fun, time-killer games with friends. Or they can enjoy solo games in the games arcade. Member Diaries, which function as a blog system, are displayed here. Video games and computers, as well as trading cards, are also found in this topic.

Sub-topics include:
Fake Cards
Rate My Deck
Games Arcade
List of Anime
Other Shipping
TV Programs
Fan Clubs
The D-Pad
Tech Help
List of Diaries

The Games Arcade

The Games Arcade is a unique place to go to play 5 different arcade machine games. These games include Tetris, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Snake and Chopper Challenge.



  • linkandzelda (Site Founder)
  • Mizuki Emi

Webmaster Assistants

  • Flannie

Global Moderators

  • Shooter
  • Person Man

Forum Bots

  • TPW Bot
  • 1337mods
  • PokémonPoint


  • Asperso
  • Archer
  • Felly
  • Sanji
  • ShinjiLover
  • Simmi

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