The Master Saga

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The Master Saga
The Master Saga CD cover.png
CD cover artwork
Release date 2006
By RTI Music
Catalogue number 0172072ERE
Number of tracks 13

The Master Saga is a CD that was released in Italy in 2006. It contained the opening themes from both the original series and Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, as well remixes of several of the songs.

Track list

  1. Pokémon
  2. Pokémon - Remix
  3. Pokémon: Beyond the Skies of the Adventure (Pokémon: Oltre i Cieli dell'Avventura)
  4. Pokémon: Beyond the Skies of the Adventure - Remix (Pokémon: Oltre i Cieli dell'Avventura - Remix)
  5. Always Pokémon
  6. Always Pokémon - Remix
  7. Pokémon, The Johto League Champions
  8. Pokémon, The Johto League Champions - Remix
  9. Pokémon: The Master Quest
  10. Pokémon: The Master Quest - Remix
  11. Pokémon Advanced
  12. Pokémon Advanced - Remix
  13. Pokémon Advanced Battle

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